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About Jason Oickle

I thought some of you might be interested to know a little bit about me and how I got started online. If not then head on over to today’s post 🙂

So, were to start…

My name is Jason Oickle and I am from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Originally from the south shore, I was born in Liverpool, and lived in Bridgewater throughout my high school years. I’ve lived here in Nova Scotia all my life and I currently have no intentions on leaving.

There is one thing I cannot live without, and that is my music (next to my computer of course). Mostly I listen to metal and old school rap music, and my favorite bands are: Mudvayne, Trivium, Eminem, Cypress Hill etc… I dislike MOST new rap though lol. 😛

I love all things tech! Mobile tech like smartphones (mostly BlackBerry 10), Computers and tinkering with them. Even as a kid I would take things apart and put them back together just to learn how they work.

In my spare time I like to dabble in development. I’m comfortable in several web languages like HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and have done most of the programming on my websites. I’ve also done a little bit of application development and even have a couple BlackBerry 10 apps.

When I first got started online I made a lot of mistakes, but I have learned from them. I joined one of those ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes thinking I was going to make a ton of money doing nothing. Like most of you I though making money online was going to be a breeze… I was so wrong!

After that I moved on to affiliate programs and started to make a few sales here and there, but nothing major. After many long hours and sleepless nights I finally figured out how to make things work.

I owe a lot of my success to everyone that has helped me and I’ve learned from along the way. People like Craig Haywood, Ewen Chia, Gabriel Aguinaga, and Cedric Aubry just to name a few. Especially Mike Filsaime for teaching me his powerful Butterfly Marketing concepts.

I’ve since quit my job back in September 2006 and now I market online full time and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Now I spend a majority of my time teaching people what I have learned and what is working for me. And if it’s
working for me, anyone can do it.

As such, I will be sharing information with you about things that I have learned along the way that are working for me. You will NOT get any hype or bull**** from me, You have my word!

Well, that’s me in a nutshell. I invite you to leave a comment and introduce yourself to me. 🙂

To Your Incredible Success!

About Jason Oickle

Jason Oickle is from Halifax, Canada, and has been a full-time Internet Marketer since 2006. He is also known as a Blogger, as well as a developer doing most of the development for his own membership sites and apps.


  1. Hi Jason,
    My name is Ellen but everyone calls me Ellie. I live in Long Island New York,a town called Selden. I am kind of new on the internet. I did alot of surfing joined some mlm company thT SOLD emails and they made money but I did not. so I gave up for a while.Now I am back. I am a born again christian and the lord led me to other christians who are mentoring me. I currenly have 5 websites ,2of which are on the internet and 2 I am building but need some help.For instance I have the home page what do you put on the other pages? I als have 2 children Danielle 22 and M elissa 17 graduating high school at the end of January.

    • Ellen – By now your youngest has graduated and is in college. I, too am born again and involved in healing ministries at my church. I have been involved in online marketing for about 2 years. I am in the process of putting a website together through Hostgator. It should be up in a couple of weeks, maybe sooner. I like what Jason is saying and want to take advantage of working to accomplish a money making site over the next few months. I am interested in hearing from people who may be interested in exchanging ideas, information, links and other. . . . . Hopefully I am not overstepping my boundaries by putting my email here. Please mention Jason Oickle when emailing me. Thanks.

    • Hi ellen interested to see your comment

      i am also a born again christian in the UK england and
      i am have 3 websites and learning how to do this

      this system with jason looks good

      praise the lord louise

  2. Iam into affiliate marketing at the present time
    link marketing,search engine marketing and have a big interest in Networking and computer science.Iam presently a student at FMU for my associates degree in computer science I will graduate 2009.
    I have found that networking is working for me
    I have signedup at and had 120 visitors within 9 hours.I have been getting refferals,business is becoming a success
    because I joined this program.
    I think my business will do the same with Jason Oickle business also.
    Thank you Jason!
    Lisa Simpkins

  3. Hi Jason

    I am new to this. Have tried the Affiliate scene. Not impressed. Trying the PTR to generate some money so that I can then buy some TRAFFIC from the TE’s. IF it works it will be good for me.

    I have 3 married children and 5 grandchilren. I live in Australia. I am interested in Genealogy and Fishing. I don’t have a lot of time for either though.

    Looking forward to reading what you have to say.


  4. hi jason,
    my name is catzer, I’m totally newbie that really got a traffic problem to my site. I hope i will overcome it this month. Thanks for your ebook that guide me a lot. Actually i already finish my degree in chemical engineering last November. But, because I’m still unemployed i really enjoy myself learn more about internet marketing. Thanks to you again.

  5. I see your a streight shooter like myself, I have had my own business since 1970 In 1996 i started tinkering with computers and decided i would venture into the internet marketing business needless with a great many failures, Its been quite a learning curve. I am realy sold on the info part of the market however as your aware there are pils and piles of usless junk out there,I look forward to our relationship BEST REGARDS JAMES AHRENS p.S. share this with my customers.

  6. Hi Jason,
    I’m Rickie and I live in the beautiful County of Somerset in the United Kingdom. I have been married to my wonderful wife, Lesley, for 40 years and we have 2 boys and 4 grandchildren. We have a menagerie consisting of dogs, cats, rabbits, goats, ferrets, sheep and a few lizards and Tarantulas. Both Lesley and I work with animals for a local vet, as well as helping out with wild animal capture for a local wildlife charity. My main occupation is that of a dog trainer and behaviour specialist. I run a range of courses leading to certification by the Kennel Club of Great Britain, and am currently trying to achieve accredited status in their new trainers scheme. I also run a small internet business which I hope to grow in the coming year. Your views on any aspect of my various ventures will be welcomed, as long as any criticism is constructive. But there again if I don’t like it I always hae a delete button. I look forward to hearing from you.

  7. Hi Jason, Dirk Dupon here, from Belgium. I’ve been a “die hard fan” for your products and services since a long time, and I just wanted to let you know that you have been giving me “mega-inspiration” to perfect my own online business.

    I work fulltime as a hospital cook but since I’ve been reading -and more important… FOLLOWING- your marketing tips and advice, I’m seriously thinking about giving that job up 😉

    Anyway, best greetings from a fellow marketer-rocker and “Queens Of The Stoneage” fan 😉

  8. Hi Jason,
    I`ve been on and off the net for the
    last few years with no results to speak of. Like
    a lot of other would be Internet-biz seekers the cash has flowed in only one direction.But am I
    bitter? noooh, It will be all the sweeter when I
    do finally turn the tide, coz I`m not leaving
    untill this here PC cough`s up what it owes me,
    and at an unreasonably high rate of interest.
    Thanks for the chance to talk about this, I feel
    better now,LoL Tony.

  9. Hi, Jason…

    My name is Terry Riffey and I live in Alton, IL (USA). I’ve been playing with being in business on the internet for some time, but have tended to spend too much time perfecting the site with just the right graphics and words, that I never got around to marketing the business… then, became a bit disillusioned when it didn’t bring in much money.

    So, I’m trying again… a niche… images of classics cars, trucks, tractors, etc. I am learning to focus in on what my business and discard the things that distract me (know of anyone interested in a domain site – Terrific Bookstore?)

    Now, I plan to concentrate on marketing – to learn and apply the techniques to attract prospects to my site – triffey classics.

    The old cars and such bring back a lot of pleasant memories to this aging guy. Thanks, in advance for what I hope to learn from you… and, from the other comments, looks like I’m in good company.

  10. The website above is currently in process. May name is Gladys. I’m from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I’m very excited because I believe that 2007 is going to be the year that I finally have some success.

    I’ve renewed my commitment to be successful online. Like you, Jason, I have had help and encouragement from several people. My husband, Ray, and I went to retire to work at home.

    May we all have a great year in 2007.

  11. Hi Jason,
    Glad to meet you,I’m a old truck-driver with 4 children 14-26 and 6 grandchildren I lost my license and am now trying to figure this internet buisness out. With all that said you can probably figure out i’m new at this but you can look forward to seeing me around cause I don’t want to go back to driving cause I’m tired of it…

    Brightest Blessings
    Mark Newman

  12. Thanks for the great introductions guys.

    I read every one of them and want to get to know you all better so keep them comming 😉

    Yours For Online Profits,
    Jason Oickle

    • i’m a semi-retired small airplane flight instructor, i know nothing about computers. and even less about how to meke money online. anything you can help me with will be gratefully appreciated.

      since i’ve been a cfi (that’s the short way to say flight instructor)i understand that if hear anything from someone whom knows more about a given subject than i, i’d better listen.

      i’ve been a cfi for 36 years and have flown over 100 different makes and models of airplanes and NEVER have i given instruction when i didn’t learn
      from the student.

      so teach away i will listen.

      by the way i’m also 75 and counting and plan to live at least 250years,

      so i just about to start. i still drive and am the designated driver for my wife of almost 15 years. we both have pasts you don’t want to know about.

      we live in a small town in Northern Oregon near Portland, Woodburn,is the name.

      i don’t know how to set up a website nor do i know how to generate income online.

      any help is welcome.

      ron curren cfi-aismeii

  13. hi Jason,

    I am new to this game and I started out just like you, but I have not graduated out of that part yet and am looking to go in another direction. I have just now started learning how to get people signed up as soon as they see my business. I want to take it to another level. As soon as I can read your traffic secrets UNleashed I know I will get there.
    Thanks for letting me be a part of X

    Rick Zimmerman

  14. Thanks Jason. I’m a relative newbie to online marketing. I’m currently self-employed offline but really want to be self-employed online full time. So much to learn, so much noise that isn’t all worth paying attention to. The challenge is cutting through the wasted time.

  15. Kris & Scott OBrien

    Hi Jason,
    Scott & I are still rookies with the whole internet and network marketing scene. Like you we tried some get rich quick sites in the beginning and moved on to some affiliate programs and made a little money, but we are ready to make this our full time adventure. Scott has already committed to this full time and once we get going, I hope to quit my job as well. We see a great future and try to learn new things every day to become a little more successful, but I’m sure there is so much more to learn, cause we still aren’t even close to what we need to make financially.

    We hope to learn a lot from your programs and look forward to working with you in 2007.

  16. Hi Jason,

    I am fairly new to internet marketing. I tried some affiliate programs, that lasted about a month and I got fed up with seeing no results, I was led to believe that I would see results right away. I decided to do my research and find a company that I truly believed in and am happy to say I found it after a very short time searching. The personal rewards are even better than the amazing financial potential. I’m hoping that the experience that you are so generously passing onto us can help me get going with a bang.

  17. Hello Jason,

    Just joined and am soooo glad to know you are from Halifax. Got to LOVE it and East Coasters big time when I did basic training in Cornwallis, N.S. in 1967…probably before your time. haha.

    I am eager to learn what you have to share.

    I KNOW $$ can be made online and am going to give it my best. Just wish the technical part was easier…newbie at all this stuff, autoresponder set up, store front, etc.

    My website is not live yet but can be visited at lovesopenhouse.homestead.com if you or anyone else is interested.

    Thanks again for all your sharing, Jason.

    Eager to get started.

    Caroline, C.S.E.
    Chief Spiritual Electrician
    Reaching into people’s hearts to turn their light on!

  18. Hello Jason,
    With just a quick browse of the comments I see that a number are new to the internet. I would be classed as an “experienced” newbie to the internet but yet to find that pot-‘o-gold at the end of the rainbow. Your Web site denotes experience and wonderful simple sense of control. Right now I need to get ready for my Toastmasters Club so indepth browsing throughout will have to wait another time.
    from Australia

  19. Hi Everyone,

    Vic and myself have been married for 41 years and have been organic farmers. Our business went belly up in the last drought. This current one has caused us to sell all our stock. So now we are selling our expertise in marketing and farming. Must say this is easier than mustering 300 head of cattle in 35 degree heat!

    We have a website for our thoroughbred horses at chittering-gullystud.com and we did Personalised Santa letters for Christmas.

    Rickie Haughton, our daughter is putting up a dog site, maybe you should get together.

    Always enjoy your emails Jason and years ago a 90 year old man told me that you never stop learning. Have never forgotten that. Knowledge is power.

    To everyone’s success.

  20. Hi, Jason
    I signed up at TrafficSecretsUnleashed a few days ago. I was Blownaway! You certainly covered all the bases. With all the promo material you have set up for your affiliates to use. I put some of it to use and already have 3 referrals. I have not finished reading your e-book yet. But the information is Fantastic! I can’t wait to put some of the strategies to use. I have been a newbie since 2002. Can’t wait till I can walk into the boss’s office and say c-ya! Keep the good info coming! Have A Fantastic Day!

  21. I’m a Recovery Blogger from Malaysia. I’m glad to be one of your subcribers. Hopefully I can learn a thing or two about Internet and Traffic.

    Keep up the good work.

    Greeting from Malaysia.

    I Can Do It, But I Can’t Do It Alone,
    Noor Azman Bin Othman

  22. Anders Lagerstrom

    Hi Jason,

    my name is Anders Lagerstrom, on the net called “alagers of Sweden”. Thanks for invite me. I have work as Affiliate sins 2002.I own many sites and blogs. I’m friend with Ewen Chia to, and a coupel of other guys.I have done some JV to.

    I looking forword to work with you Jason. I must say that I’l be very imprest of your presentation. I never heard abouat you before, but I really like your stil. I think you place in the Warriors Pro.I hope to See you on the inside.

    P.s Hope you understand my English

  23. Hey Jason,
    My name is Terry Terreteta.I am trying to make money online.I have several things going on.I haven`t made a dime yet.Ready to quit.I like building computers for people.I just lost my wife of 33 years to cancer.Looking forward to working with you maybe togeather we can make some money before I am totaly in the poor house.Almost there now.

  24. hi jason
    i am sherrie from kansas city missouri.i received
    a special healing from God.i owe my road to success to many of the internet experts shawnand
    mike,matt and gary,bill now u. lets put it all
    together and roll. thanks.

  25. Hi Jason, It sounds like most of us (from all over the world) are having similar problems as to trying so many programs that don’t work. I’m a 72 yr old retiree who is trying to make some extra money before it’s too late. What bothers me is that I seem to making headway on a program, make a few sales, and then it dries right up. One month I earn a little and then the next month I’m back to square one. I do have my own site and am working on improving it.

  26. Hi Jason,

    I am trying desperately to find someway to make some serious money. I’m not greedy, but the U. S. government thinks I am rich. I have to pay them $200,000+ and I am only working part-time. I don’t have a driver’s license and I’m not married. I live in Emmett, Idaho. A small town 42 miles away from Boise. I have only a dial-up connection so it’s hard to do much at such a slow speed. I am also still learning how to do business on the Internet. So I really hope you can help me. I will everything I can from my end. Thanks!


  27. Hi Jason,

    We are in the process of building a series of websites that help people move toward what they want in life.

    Many people are so busy trying to get away from what they don’t want in their lives that they don’t stop and think about what they truely want to achieve. Its a critical step and many people miss it.

    To promote our courses I am looking for list building and marketing help.

    Thank you in advance for your help with this.

    Cynthia Goranson

  28. Hi Jason,

    John Proulx here. Love your sites. I am retired on Disability and Looking for Success on the Internet. I have tried Internet marketing for a Long time and ( some good Some Bad Results ) the one thing I belive i have been lacking is FOCUS on one thing at a time. My 2007 Resolution is to FOCUS on one thing at a time. Whenthat thing becomes a self-supporting bussiness then Branch to the next.

    I am also building a Free Membership Site to be able to share with others the tools and skills i learn along the Way.

    My Slogan and my true Belief is that NO ON SUCCEEDS ALONE “We Can Succeed We Can Do It Together ” Hence my New site Name is we-can-doit-together.com Son of we-candoit.com This Site while under constuction right now will have a FREE DOwnload area for all members to enjoy Quality Free Tools and will have a Free Gift Page for all who wish to share their Tools by the end of the DAY TODAY 15th of January 2007 ” THE YEAR OF OUR SUCCESS “.

    PS: Please feel free to add me to your list of Friends. That goes for all who read this.

    Bless you all in One.
    John R Proulx

  29. Hi Jason!

    I just received your welcome email and headed over to read all about you! It’s nice to meet other Canadians who are online marketers. I’m in Victoria, BC! About as far west as you are east!

    I’m a single mom of 3 teens and have a LOT to learn about this internet marketing stuff, so I’m looking forward to learning from you.

    Take care,
    Chere Oldhoff

  30. Thomas Gauthier jr

    Hi Jason,

    I’m not much of a writer. But here it goes.

    I’m from Hayward WI, Been doing online for 9 months now. I been a logger sense 79 to 2000. Now I’m at a Casino, in the vault.

    I’m 50 years old. My body is breaking down. So I’m trying my hand in the online biz in hopes to go full time. It’s going slow for lack of funds. So if you have anything that might get me there sooner please let me know. I know there are no get rich fast schemes. Although there are people that say their biz is. When someone tells me that I get out of there FAST. I’m in GDI also.

    You see it all over the net. Me I’m not doing much there myself. I have a autoresponder, It’s easy to set up and to use, It’s working to.

    Well Thats enough for now. Please send any help if you can, I don’t close doors before I open them first.

    God Bless
    Thomas Gauthier jr

  31. Hi Jason.
    I was made redundant 12 months ago when my company went bust and I have been struggling to build something on the internet,so far it has been an uphill struggle.I live in the U.K.
    I do hope with your help we can build something together.
    Kindest regards
    John Thompson

  32. Hi Jason

    I am a country person at heart. I was the first child born after death of the only child and followed my father behind the horse drawn plough. We never had much money so were always doing things for ourselves so I guess this was how I am today. Back in the 1980s I bought my first computer, a MAC and taught myself to use it and fix it. Along the way I think I’ve had 4 MAC but unfortunately couldn’t afford another one so bought my first IBM, a second hand laptop which I gave to my handicapped son when I bought this one. I’ve been on the net for a few years, trying to find something that I could do to make dollars.I fell in the trap too and have yet to get out of it! I don’t like all the hype, prefer to the point info so it is nice to find someone who is providing just that. I’m a bit further advanced in the repair field-I did do a course where I put together several different computer packages and had them working and then pulled them apart and left them for the next person. I forgot to tell you, I am 71. My love is genealogy and research but that doesn’t make me money so now I am trying to get traffic to y site. I’m yet to learn about autoresponders.

    Thank you
    Josephine Wyatt

  33. Hey Jason,

    Just a quick note to say thank you for your willingness to share your experiences. I have attempted to earn online, I know this is the future for small business and I have a burning desire to be a part of it.

    I grew up on the family homestead, located in the extreme northwest corner of Washington State. Yes, where it rains 300 days per year. My Grandfather was raised in the old ways of the Northwest Coast Native American Indian. My father and Mother attended Indian boarding school and I graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Masters degree in Business Administration. My MBA features a unique twist — a concentration in eBusiness.

    Roswell Cline, MBA

    PS: Looking forward to reading your intersting posts.

  34. Hi Jason,
    My name is Pamela. I currently sell on ebay. I am currently interested in learning search engine optimization, affiliate marketing and website building. I am a mother of five with lots of ambition.

  35. Hi Jason,

    my names Norman Macey and I live in N. Wales in the UK. You sound like a younger version of me. I got into computers about five years ago, took one apart and since then Iv’e built my own.

    I run two at the moment a 3.8 and a 3.2 one upstairs the other downstairs, can’t get the file sharing to work yet, but I will.

    Started looking at the net twelve months ago when I put a village website up, the first one I tried, Iv’e got six sites up now and I am still chasing my tail.

    Hence my turning to you, I hope our relationship will be an honest one and last for many years.

    By the way It’s my Birthday on the 27th of this month and I will be 74.

    Talk to you again sometime.


  36. Hi Jason,

    My name is Frans and I live in a small city called Bloemfontein,(translated directly into English it literally means Fountain of Flowers), South Africa. I am a lecturer in IT at the Central University of Technology, Free State. I am currently busy trying to supplement my income online as I am retiring from teaching in 2008. I actually have been selling (or trying to) for a year or two, without much success. Paid advertising gobbles up my profits and getting free, or very cheap, traffic is driving me nuts! 🙂

    Have a great day,

  37. Hi Jason, thankyou for the personal touch, it’s nice to know who one is talking to. I am 61 years old on 20th January 2007 which is almost upon us. I have had a pleasant week of children and grandchildren popping in to see me which I appreciate for they asll live many miles away from me. I live with my husband Trevor and my 94 year old mother lives with us. I have a chiahuahua dog and a fluffy ginger female cat. Both, like me, are getting on in years. When Mum is gone Trevor and I wish to travel hence the interrest in accumulating some money via the NET.

  38. Gary Sorenson(kagar)

    Hello and would love any online education you may give this is not the easiest of areas and have spent some time and money this last year but Ican say I have learned some and want to know more would love to make my living online Thanks again for mentoring and offering your services and product.

  39. I spent a lot of money on the internet trying to make money. I have found out that I need to build a list to be successful on the internet. I hope you will be able to help me build a One.

  40. I am a 78 year old Australian who grew up during the Great Depression and World War Two, without Gramaphones (Record Players), Radio, Television, Telephones, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Motor Cars, Showers, or Hot Water Services, when we chopped the wood, and boiled water in a copper, for our once a week bath, before going to the Saturday night movies, the one night of the week for entertainment.

    I worked for Australia’s leading bank in a country town that didn’t even have electricity, and for two universities, in the years B.C. (Before Computers). Like many of my age, I did not take personal computers seriously when they began to appear. e.g. ‘Commodore’ and Tandy’s computer; in my mind they were mere toys, and I did not have the foresight to look into the future. I can identify with Nova Scotia (Blue Water)and Bloemfontein (Prester John) from books I read in the 1930’s and 40’s.

    My wife and I now live in a 1BR Granny Flat and do not own a motor car anymore. We pay rent for our
    Granny Flat from our Age Pension, leaving us with circa $262 USD a week to live on.

    We have had 2 family business bankruptcies, the last in 1996, when we were forced to close down my wife’s private college ($500,000). I obtained a job as a cleaner when I was 72, (telling them I was 52), and was working over 60 hours a week when I developed pneumonia 18 months ago.

    I have tried for several years to try and earn an income on the internet without much success. I had accumulated circa, $3000 USD from surfing just before last Christmas, but the program collapsed, so I lost all I had gained.

    Currently I have a program called 1StepSystem, which I am only just getting under way, trying to get the traffic I need to get sales, with commissions of $500 per sale. There are some ‘big’ ‘well known’ names of successful promoters of this program.

    Ken Langdon
    Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

  41. Hi Jason,

    My childhood is simular to yours. I too like to take things apart to see how they worked. I went to college to study Computer Science. I love working with technology. I like looking through magazine to see the new technology.

    Thanks for letting my take this time to join in with your “family”.

  42. Hi Jason,

    I am retired from the US Air Force. I live in North Carolina. Married for 27 years and have one “16 going on 30”, year old daughter. I enjoy gardening and golf, not necessarily in that order.

    I have been trying to create a presence online since 2005. Like you, I have joined every program out there and downloaded, $100’s if not $1,000’s worth of ebooks, software, articles, templates, etc. Virtually all of them are on my hard drive gathering dust. I have resolved to organize these products and get them all up on the ‘net this year.

    Unfortunately, I am addicted to downloading free stuff, thinking I will sell it or use it later. One thing leads to another and all of a sudden, I have bought something else. Can’t seem to stop the cycle. I get about 200 emails a day. Only about 10 are helpful. I read thru them and get caught up in the hype, spend my money, then do it all over again the next day.

    The thing I need the most help on is getting all of these products up on the web. I have purchased several domains. My host allows multiple domains as well as sub-domains. However, everytime I try to upload a site, something doesn’t work. I get frustrated and tell myself I will do it tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes and I’m back reading email and buying the next cure all.

    Well, that’s enough about me. I look forward to a long an profitable relationship. Take care.

    Rudy Roesel

    • Rhonda Tardif (From Jason Oickle site)

      Hi Rudy: I just came across Jason O last night and am reading some comments to him today. Yours reminds me so much of what I’ve been like. I see you wrote it in 2007. I’m interested in knowing how you’ve done since then?? You probably have it all figured out by now.

      It certainly can get discouraging at first. I’ve been online a little over a year, but I also own and operate a Special Care Home, so my time is limited. I think I’m finally getting on track. I’m going through a little training course with Liz Tomey, and I’m committed to finishing it. lol

      I’d really like to hear how you’re doing. When you read something online and they say they fiddled around and failed, you don’t know if it’s true. (And then the ones who seemed to figure it out right away, without wasting all the time and money, makes me feel sick.) As I said, your experience resembles my so much.

      Rhonda Tardif

  43. Hi. Jason,
    I am a little surprised of your choice of music,
    but I suppose I am showing my age[62 tomorrow}.
    You like computers and IT .I on the other hand
    couldn`t switch acomputer on a very short while
    ago. I`m still strugling but, I`m a stubborn sod,
    I just will not give up.
    That`s it for now and have agood one.

    Comment by Charalambos-January 24 2007

  44. Howdy neighbour, Sue here from Dartmouth, NS

    I have been kicking around online for 7 years now, you would think by this time I would know what I am doing, doh!

    I am working at getting myself more organized and focused, if anyone can relate. I get side tracked too darn easy, especially when they always sound like the perfect answer to your marketing needs, hence my problem of being in a million different programs.

    I so relate to Rudys post, I have around 900 emails just waiting for me to go through, if you don’t check them everyday they just pile up and you don’t want to miss something that could be important, lol.

    Hopefully, with a little help, we can all get on track and making some money, right Jason 🙂

    Be Safe and Prosper

  45. Hi Jason
    Greetings from a not to sunny Spain. I’ve been retired now for some time and around 2 years ago started trying to earn a little extra cash from websites. Like so many others on this listing most of the earnings were one way, in the wrong direction, but I’m revamping my main site at present and remain confident of earning some cash in the future, particularly as I’ve now got you onboard! Looking forward to learning from you.
    To everyones online succeess
    (The Badger)

  46. Hi Jason,

    Alan Richardson from Shropshire in the UK here.
    I have been online for about three and a half years now and feel that I have picked up a decent amount of knowledge after trying different money making schemes,but the one thing that always seemed to evade me is proper traffic techniques.Html,graphics,ghostwritten articles,autoresponders,oto’s,backend sales and most other things seem a breeze but a constant flow of traffic to a site seems to be harder so hopefully when I have read your e-book I can eventually fit the final piece of the puzzle together.

    Here’s to the future.


  47. Hello, Jason,
    I’ve been using the computer since about 1992. I enjoy doing research on the computer but a few months ago I went and got a Wholesale store on the internet. Been working very hard to get sales and trying to give the stores away free. I would think that with all I know about advertising I would be doing good by now, but something went wrong. My husband thinks it because my mind on adopting my grandson next month well in about 3 weeks. I’ve downloaded a lot of ebooks and free software but some I haven’t read yet. Thanks alot for helping me, I believe things will turn around now. With your help my store will take off like a rocket.
    Thank you

  48. Hi Jason,

    I consider myself a newbie, because I have a lot to learn about doing business online. I am married and have two small children, which we just adopted in October of 2006. I live in a rural town, about 45 miles west of St. Louis, Missouri. I have joined a lot of Affiliate programs and am trying to learn how to market these and build myself a list, as I understand that is how you make money through the affiliate programs. I started out as an Independent Business Owner with a well known company, but just couldn’t make a go of it, so I decided to just work for other companies instead.

    I look forward to working with you, I have heard a lot of great things about you and have been receiving emails from you for the last couple of months. Thanks so much for being there for us Internet Newbies.

    Diana Crowe

  49. I am retired law enforcement. I always check every thing before I get involved, plus I still work fraud ant where it is found.
    I am raising my grandson got him at three weeks he 15 months now.
    I am looking for a straight forward company where there really get to talk to a live person.
    I do verbal alot better than reading.
    Please advise if you can help…..Thank You….Gene.

  50. Hi there Jason Trudy here from Sunny South Africa. I hope you go from strength to strength that is my wish for you in 2007.

    Kindest regards

  51. Hi Jason,

    Gordon Best silver surfer from darkest Geordie land. I am a retired marine engineer now living in Berwick upon Tweed learning to supplement a pension from the Internet. I remember Nova Scotia from the early 60,s listening to the spring ice thaw battering the hull of our bulk freighter as we battled our way up the St. Lawrence to be one of the first British bulk carriers to negotiate the tandem and triple locks of the St Lawrence sea way. After discharging our cargo of sugar from Trinidad at Montreal we headed on up the back door of the Niagra and crossed the lakes to a grain mountain in Duluth on a charity charter for Sierra Leon. This benefited everybody except the poverty stricken families we thought we were supposed to be helping.

    In those days only the wealthy could afford to cross the Atlantic. Everybody else had to work their passage so as a newly qualified engine room manager, I had joined an elite professional class whose life would be one long adventure or so I thought. So I was glad to see that you did not try to impress me with your wealthy life style or your get rich quick schemes.

    To me the measure of a successful marketer is not the money they are making but the number of clients or students that are achieving a measure of success. I look forward to receiving the comments of some of my team as I endeavour to explain your systems.

    Best wishes,
    Gordon Best

  52. Hi Jason,

    Nice to see another Canadian doing so well with internet marketing. Up until now Rosalind Gardner has been my role model. I live in Ontario, but have ties to the East Coast. I have a close friend in Bridgewater, NS and my father was a Newfie.

    As for myself, I took an early retirement and returned home from the States to look after my 91 year old mother. I’ve been on the net searching for an income for just under a year now. In December I bought a partnership in a network of audio book sites. (www.audiobooks-centre.com)

    So now I can offer other web site owners a chance to set up an affiliate arrangement where they can add a profit centre to their web sites by linking to my downloadable audio books centre. Anyone in this group who’s interested in such an affiliate arrangement can reach me at info@audiobooks-centre.com.

    I have a good product and a functioning web site, but I need your help (and the help of affiliates) in driving traffic to the site.

    Wishing us all success in 2007,

    Nancy Howse

  53. Hi Jason, I am new at this game (I call it that because it is so much fun) I am a stay at home mom in Peace River, AB, Canada and have 4 children my oldest is 3. So as you can see I really have to stay at home. I am the type of person who is independent and learns rather quickly (don’t get me wrong I also get frusterated very quickly) I can’t just stay home, look after my kids and clean, I need more out of life. I need to use my brain. So here I am. I hope to learn from you so in the future I too can be valuable to others. Thank you for the opportunity and welcome to my circle!!! Leanne

  54. Hi Jason
    Thank you for what you are trying to do for those that are struggling to make a go of things on the Internet.
    I have been trying for two years and have met with very little success. I ran an information site and did no advertising. I did not expect to earn any income. What I did achieve was my site was on the first page of Google for a long time. No 2 and 3 on Yahoo, as well as Altavista and several others.
    I later shut the site down. Why? for financial reasons. It was costing me too much with nothing coming in.

    What started out as a hobby has become a passion. I retired twenty years ago – retired at an early age. Regarding the Internet it is an unfortunate fact that one must be careful because of all the sharpies out there. On the other side of the coin there are some good ones as well. People like Dr Ken Evoy, Bryan Winters, Yannik Silver and several others. This comment is already far too long.

    I enjoyed reading all the comments.
    All the best from South Africa.

    Chris Nagel

  55. Hello Jason,
    Thank you for letting me join your team here.I want to learn how to be great online plus try to help as much as I can to be successful.I really hope we all can help each other to be the next million’s online.
    I have waisted my SSI monthly check’s trying to do what other’s do online but as you all know it there is no help except only for you to buy more crap to make other owner’s richer.No disrespect but when is enough enough?
    I thank you again Jason and the whole team.

  56. Jarrod W. Hastings

    Great website you have!

  57. HI JASON

    Greetings to you and everyone here, from me in Northern Ireland.Yes internet marketing is great when things are going well but it can be a struggle when starting out. You have to learn a lot and take advice from people that are doing well and i have met many friends a long the way who have taught me many things and i owe them for my success today, and every day i am still learning. I used to work as a plumber and i was not the best plumber in the world after 1 month working, it took me a couple of years to learn and be confident in what i was doing. So internet marketing is the same you have to learn and listen to people who can give you the best advice
    and then see results. I have bought books, dvds and listened to great marketers for advice and this has been my platform. Rubbish advice floods the internet marketing world daily but after a while i got to learn the good from the bad and relied on the ones i can trust and they are still around because they treat everyone well while the rubbish people are never seen again. Jason i thought your report was awesome in getting traffic and people here have someone great who they can look up to for great advice. Good luck to everyone here.

  58. Hi Jason, Iam a senior internet addict, I know theres lots of money in internet marketing IF one
    KNOWS how, unfortunatly I’m slow at picking it up!I have been TRYING so hard to find a program that I can stay forcussed with and make it WORK!
    I have however learned alot.I have downloaded sooo many teaching programes I’m on overload!
    None yet have been that good for a beginner,
    Mostly they start with ra ra ra but basicly if you dont know what ra ra ra is eg, put your banner here,use ensign,ect ect, but if you Dont know how well its timewasting,I would love to see a programe for beginners that really is what it states, and take you through step by step
    eg cut&paste, how to set up a website up of your own NOT an affiliate but yours to start yor own campaignes, ect.
    I will follow your web page and let you know how
    yours compares.
    Paul Taylor (down Under)

  59. Jason,

    You have a long list of people who are your readers. I own a web site. I have no interest in selling Internet marketing material, I do have an interest in health issues and health related items.

    I do have a potential multimillion dollar software project under development that I need someone like yourself to possibly help me tie up some loose ends on.

    It is written in Foxpro and has a potential user base of 30,000,000 users that grows by a new potental user every 21 minutes. I have been involved in some way with the Internet since 1982.

    Ralph Dreifus

  60. Hi Jason, been reading your material for a while now. Here in “Old York” I’m trying to come to grips with the internet as an earner. I’ll keep reading and trying, success is out there somewhere!!!

  61. Hi Jason,

    I’ve just started to make a living online.
    Through last year I have been studying the foundations of IM.

    I have learned VERY much through my mentor!
    (If anybody have any interest of this, please contact me through my website:
    ItalyExposed.com and I will get in touch with you.)

    Jason, I think your PLC membersite is composed in a very professionally way!
    I’m very exited to put everything I have received into practice.

    Keep up your good work!
    Ketil Sjavik

  62. Hi Jason,

    First off, thanks for the unique way of welcoming folks to your online business. It has made me very relaxed instead of the usual feeling of getting deeper into an already dense fog. I am a heating engineer in the UK (soon to retire), and am looking to find my own ‘niche’. I have been putting computers together and repairing/upgrading for years, but alas, I now find myself in a ‘jargon-jungle’ on ‘information-overload’. I have signed up for a click bank a/c, but would like some info to get a website that would do the job. I look on Google for some direction, but just get more confused. What I need is ‘take-me-by-the-hand’ BEGINNERS instructions, cos all I have at present is a heap of info with no beginning and no end.
    Once again, Jason, thanks for this chance to aire my views.

    Roger Armstrong (UK)

  63. Hi, Jason
    The website I list is still “under construction”. I’m a newbie. Thinking I’ll start with Affiliate Marketing and see where from there. I tried MLM, but got on the wrong “team” – too dishonest for me. I live in the country near Billings, Montana, USA. My first goal is to allow my husband to “fire his boss” and do what he WANTS to instead of what he HAS to. I’ve found some pretty good “lessons” in my searching. Getting Traffic will be the biggest challenge, I’m afraid, when I get ready for it.
    To Success for All of Us!

  64. Hello,my name is Curtis and I’ve been marketing for a few years now and things are coming around slowly.I like the products you have out Jason,they really do catch one’s interest.I’m a big skeptic and you’ve broken through that line.You come across as a trust worthly person.I look forward to working with you.I got interested in the internet when the nerves in my spin where damaged.I know longer can work in the work force,so I’m trying the internet to supplement my pension.If you want to talk about penny pinching;I probably could write a book on that alone,HE,HE,HE.I wish you all the best.Thank you for your time.

    Curtis Pfeifle

  65. Hi Jason,

    I stumbled upon your site whilst I was searching about for some new programs to offer to my club members “The Gowinners Club” that is. I started ‘messing about’ on the internet some years back and decided that as my part in life seems to be helping others I would start ‘The Gowinners Club’to help people to join winning programs without having to search the web themselfs. It’s not for gamblers but for the average ‘Jo Blogs’ who wants to be a ‘WINNER’ in life. By far the best program winner to date is v-w-d.com/gowinners The syndicate wins regulary.
    I’m looking forward Jason to hearing all your words of wisdome.
    Dee from Liverpool in the UK.

  66. Hi Jason,
    I am a married white guy, living on a small farm, outside Pietermaritzburg in South Africa. Sally and I had 2 children, Cindy and Clinton. Cindy was tragically killed in a car crash at the age of 18 in 1998. Clinton is now 24.I have worked conventional jobs all my life as Mechanical Engineer, Production manager, Business Manager, then retailing, then I went contracting to the forestry department. This all came to an abrupt end when I injured my neck and suffered nerve damage from a pinched spinal column. Being self insured, I never had medical, so had to sell the house to cover medical costs. It took 2 years to put me flat and another 3 to recover. During this time I got a computer, taught myself and then got involved in the internet gold rush. I have tried all sorts of things, spent loads of time and money, been caught and struggled on. To get back at the scam artists, I built a website where I revealed these schemesand warned others. I packed it up, but received numerous requests to revive it. I have just finished the new site and recommend a few programs that I have tried. Trying to earn and run a successful business and advertise and get traffic and so on is not easy and a very time consuming task. I am determined to make money and hopefully hit the big time, but get really despondent sometimes. I have dealt with, read, or marketed for some big boys like Mike Filsaime, Derek van Dyke, Jim Daniels, Michael Rasmussen and others, but they have not given me their big secret! I have a flair for writing, think info products are the big thing and want to srtart an ebookstore. I have joined Dirk Dupon and think he is quite switched on, but why oh why do these guys spoil things by running on auto responders and NEVER answering emails? I am busy writing a report on a marketing experiment we ran for 9 months, using only free resources to see if we could make money without spending any. Very interesting! As I said, I really need to hit the bucks, but with an exchange rate of R7.14 to the $, I find everything too expensive. Another gripe I have is that Paypal, EGold, Stormpay and all these “banks” they use for payments are only functional in USA, GB, Australia and Europe. We can’t draw our earnings because they don’t cater for our part of the world. Well you wanted to know about me, you got my life story. I hope you can help me make a success of my internet business. Oh, one last thing. My number one passion is also music, but I’m from a different era to you. I still like the “heavies” from the late 60s and early 70s, like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Uriah Heep, Pink Floyd, Bad Company and so on, my favourite is Golden Earring. I started playing at functions in 1967 and have kept this up since then. I collect all types of music. I have over 13000 tracks on my system and possibly another 36000 or so in my cupboards.Regards and good luck with your business.

  67. Hi, Jason,

    A couple of months ago you turned up in my inbox. I don’t even know how I found you, but I’m glad I did.

    I’ve just read through all the posts and what strikes me is how much we are all alike despite differences in countries, cultures, etc. Somehow in these times of hatred and war, that is very comforting.

    I will be turning 68 a week from Monday. I live along with my computer, but have two children, two grandchildren, and one great-grandson whom I rarely get to see because of the distances involved and day-job committments.

    I bought my firt computer 10 yeart ago and didn’t even know how to turn it on. I’m totally self taught. Right away I got an internet coection and became completely addicted to the web. I have been legally blind since birth so I can’t drive. Amazing how restricted one’s life is in America where the car is king and in the soouth where I live public transit is an unfulfilled dream.

    Like most of you, I played around with online business for four years. I joined every scam out there and put myself in the poor house buying marketing courses. I have spent well over $10,000.00 with nothing to show for it but a large bookcase bursting at the seams with the printed and bound treasure of the gurus.

    However, shortly after Christmas I found a site called Marketing Beginners by which I now swear. It is truly a newbie’s dream. It is a huge site with three levels of membership and a terrific forum. The webmaster, Randy the Hermit, actually responds to the postds personally and is the most helpful person I have found online. Thanks to him, I have finally gotten focused and have a site up and am working on a squeeze page which I’ll have up in a couple of days (if I manage to get through all my email by then) for starting my list. I have decided on affiliate marketing primarily because I am fearful of messing up a merchant account somehow. As I become more confident that will perhaps change and at some point I may develop my own product. Right now, I’m in the process of revising the site that I have up and I’ll perhaps even change the domain name. Anyway, I now feel I’m headed somewhere. My next focus will be driving traffic to both sites.

    I wish all of us the best of luck and the fulfillment of our dreams whatever they be. Great work, Jason! Thanks for letting us vent.


  68. i feel your spirit!!finding life’s meaning.caring
    and sharing.i thank GOD for uuu.

  69. Hey:
    I reside in Halifax, too. It’s a small world!


  70. I just signed up for your PLR stuff and now am on my way to purchase the article submitter…. Thanks for all the great stuff….


  71. Jason I am still a newbie I have seen your sites before but was afraid and still just did not understand things about the internet Thanks for putting so much information out John

  72. Rafael Angel Santamaria Boza

    Dear Friend:

    I have read all you have written about you. Let me tell you that, by this moment, I feel a little bad, thinking I am being a real fool. I have spent money trying to have some profits on internet. Now they have my money, and I have even more debts.
    What can I do? I want to keep trying.

  73. Hi Jason,

    Great system you’ve put together. My wife and I have been working online for quite some time now. We’ve integrated several income streams including both Affiliate Marketing and an ebay business. We offer a 7 Day e-course to help others.

    We look forward to moving some of your product.

    Every success to you and all in the group,


  74. Hi Jason

    Hello from Vancouver Island in Beautiful British Columbia. Always nice to meet another Canadian Internet Marketer. I’ve been an Internet Marketing Coach for the last 10 years, and enjoyed great success in the industry.

    Much Success To You

    God Bless

    Roger Johnson
    Internet Marketing Coach
    The PowerTeam Network

  75. Hello Jason,
    My name is Matt. I just started learning about IM recently. I know just enough to get me in trouble. I just we can have a solid working relationship.
    Take care

  76. Hi Jason,

    I was delighted to see that you’re from Nova Scotia. I live near Bridgewater, on the south shore of the province.

    I have several websites and publish a bi-weekly email ezine called Natural Healing Talk. The link to its companion website is given after my name, below.

    Anyhow, I’m interested in creating and selling information products in natural health, self-improvement and spirituality.

    All the best to you!

  77. Hi Jason

    I am from Denmark, the smallest country in
    Scandinavia, but the history is big.
    You want to repair P C , ok. I have been repairing machinery most of my life, ( radio , radiotelephones, Bally and Jennings amusement and plastic machinery ) until I started insulation (Tecnical) saving energy, noise and fireprotection. I have worked from Moscow in east to Greenland in west, but never been in Canada, I would love to do it. I have been in most countries in Europe, and to day , My favorites is Ireland and Scotland. I have only been online for 3 years and have a lot to learn, so I hope to find some usefull goldcorn on Your site.
    all the best
    Eigil Larsen

  78. G’day Jason,
    A quickie to say hi. I live in Brisbane on the east coast of Australia….work long hours offline….would love to be able to replace my income working from home.
    I am working on it without too much success.
    Have a good one
    Bryan McHeyzer

  79. Hi Jason My name Is Timothy Leyfer and I live in Sacramento ca USA. I have been involved in internet marketing for about a year so I still have much to learn.

    I do business as VR5_Marketing

    I hope to learn more from your website and to begin earning money insstesad of just spending it.

    I do believe that I have some quality programs listed on my site and I am always seeking hot opportunities to promote.

    Hello to everyone possting to this site. I will answer all who write to me at my website


  80. hey man … this is some crazy stuff . nice to c your dooin alright for yourself

  81. Hi from Israel Jason.
    Nice to be here and see the multi national gang who frequent your site.
    I’m a mother of 5 and I just recently quit my corporate selling job (August 2006) after 25 years!!! It’s great to be out of the rat race.
    Here’s to our success.

  82. It was a pleasure to read about you, and to see just how similar so many of our stories are.

    I spent a fairly good lump of money around 2005 to learn about Internet Marketing, gave up as is seemed too hard (yes, I’m BI – Before Internet vintage) but decided I really had to do it – so about a month ago, I started reading and buying more information products. It quickly became evident that it isn’t lack of information but the possibility of being buried by it all that could kill me. However, in all candor, the quality of information and presentation (what with videos and audios) is far superior now – and I feel that I will indeed be successful in building online business. There is still a lot to learn and sort out.

    I’m delighted to learn of this program, and I’m looking forward to applying what I learn here.

    This is my very first time in a forum.. or is it a blog? And for sure, my very first “post.” Wow… I’m coming of age! 🙂

    Wishing all the best to all participants, and of course to our host, Jason. I don’t blame you for wanting to stay in Halifax. It’s a beautiful place.

    Kitchener, Ontario

  83. Hi Jason,

    I’ve been “working” at internet marketing For about 1 1/2 years now with very limited success.I’m looking forward to working and learning from you. With you learning from the people that you have especially Mike Falsaime,I’m an affiliate or J/V in many of his Programs and Craig Haywood also.

    To Your Continued Success
    and hopefully the beginning of mine,

    Sam Kelly

  84. Hello Jason, as you see my name is Wendy. I am pretty much a newbie to this internet online business’s. I have wasted quite a chunk of cash trying several “get rich quick schemes” and even some that don’t promise it to be quick but I have yet (after over 5-7 years) made a single penny. I am the type of person who, when I obligate myself to something I give 110%. I have no problems follow rules or instructions and very open to new methods and opportunities. I hope we can actually work together and I will finally “MAKE” something instead of “PAYING OUT”. Here’s to a new opportunity.
    God Bless,

  85. Hi Jason!

    Finally I decided to sign up as an affiliate for your products. Lot’s of good stuff you guys came up with. Internet is very competitive and sometimes unpredictable. Need to diversify.
    Good luck to everybody,

    Joe, aka ‘makeyurdough’

  86. Hi Jason
    Iam from those never know how to begin.
    I have a few internet skills and too much to learn. Ihope this opportunity will bring me “the chance of the biginner” like saying in french.sorry my english is very bad cause Iam french speeking. hope to hear from you soon

  87. Hi Jason am I glad I found you. I too am from Halifax NS, And I still live here only in Upper Sackville now. I was born and raised in the north end by the NSIT. I would Love to get help from you as to what all this is about. I have been trying to learn but there is so much information but so much junk as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated. You can also e-mail me at rick.bungay@gmail.com
    Thanks Rick

  88. Hi Jason. I am totally new to this, so I’m still trying to figure things out. I have a degree in Biology Education, but currently work as a computer trainer and technician. I’m also going back to school to get a BS in Information Technology. I need another source of income and hope that this can help out in that arena.

  89. Alfred Fernandes

    Hi Jason,
    Nice to come across your good-looking affiliate program. I am in online business since one year, right now a bit confused. With useful tips from you some of my online aspects might find the right path. Let me be optimistic and gladly wish success to all.

    Alfred Fernandes

  90. Hi Jason
    Bruce here from Texas I also have been doing business on the web for years. Have made plenty costly mistakes along the way. I have learned a lot from the stated names also. I also learned if anything sounds to good to be true it most likely is.
    Here to learn all i can and helo anyone in need

  91. Hi Jason,

    I’m Dave Fullmer and I live in a rural area in West TN. You can read my bio on my site http://davefullmer.com/aboutme.html

    I started messing with computers back in the middle ’70’s when I was a service technician for a 3M dealer working on microfilm and copy machines. We had a 16K computer indexing system that was used to find microfilm pages. That is correct, the system had 16k of memory, used 16″ Winchester disks and cost $250,000.

    In the 80’s I started tinkering with the first IBM PC and soon the clones were being developed and in 1985 I started to build and sell cloned IBM XT’s. I would buy my parts from all over the country and assemble them.

    Unfortunately, I resisted Windows and dropped out of the computer service business in the early 90’s and before I knew it I was so obsolete, it was unbelievable.

    I have been involved in automated manufacturing equipment ever since 1980, programing the machines with PLC’s (programable logic controllers) and am looking forward to learning what you can teach me so I can finally retire.


    Dave Fullmer

  92. Monique "Nicky" Evans

    Hi Jason,

    I really do not like to talk about myself, but here it goes: for the first time ever. I was an Auditor for a major Hotel for years until Novemder 2005. I went to see my Doctor because I was not feeling well. I am diagnoused with COPD which stands for cornic obstructive pulmenary desease. Or, as I call it: “It is’nt easy to be wheeze” LOL. and diabetic all in one visit. Things have gone down hill from there.

    So in early 2006, I started looking on the Internet for things I could do, Like, Marketing, jump full feet into some forums and studied everything I could get my hands on for free. I have a business plan, I have a website ready to launch, and I know what I still need to do. Why is my site not launched yet? Well it’s a money issue for hosting. However, watch out for Choices9 to Launch.

    To everyones success,


  93. Barry Ngaheu (Bazz)

    Hey Jason,
    Greetings from Aotearoa, or otherwise known as New Zealand. I have been dabbling in this for about a year and it has cost me an awful lot of money and an awful lot of junk ,however it is people like you that tend to show us newbies the way out of the internet jungle. I have 4 websites that I am working on first and 9 simple money machines to convert.Yeah I know , build them one at a time ,earn money before you build the next one.Hey but it’s great to touch base with you,
    see you on the beaches of the world.
    Bazz Ngaheu
    Funtimes USA LLC

  94. hi jason.my names kelli and i live in a small city down in nz.im completly new to marketing and have already figured out that it doesnt matter what product you have it all comes down to advertising.what do you suggest when it comes to not being ripped off with leads and what really is the best way.ive only been at this a few months and dont seem to be getting anywhere!i also have a limited budget.

  95. I’m totally new to internet marketing and am trying it out of necessity. I was one of the traditional go to work someplace, come home, have supper, watch a little TV and go to bed so I could do the same old thing day after day people. Then I developed some medical problems and became disabled, It wasn’t work related so all I get is Social Secirity Disability (dificult to get) and I’m not used to having such a low income. I really need to learn how it operates and don’t have a whole lot of money to invest in it. In fact, I didn’t even have a computer until January of this year, so the whole internet experience is new to me. The Power Mall was something that I became interested in, along with a few others, Because it didn’t cost anything to start. But after a few weeks it hasn’t produced anything for me. It is their website so I cannnot modify it in any way even if I knew how to. I don’t know how it is promoted, if any at all. I personally have sent emails and invitation cards to individual freinds and relatives and recently printed out flyers and placed them in some high traffic areas. I have limited mobility so that is not helping me.
    I downloaded the items from you but really have no idea what I can do with them. As I previously stated the Mall is only one of several sites that I have but all the others are company owned and cannot be modified. They all make great “promises” to you but untill I can actively promote them myself it’s apparent that none of them are going to produce the desired effect–INCOME. I need to learn how to do that or everything will turn out to be a flop. I can’t afford to spend much but it’s beginning to look like, to me. that unless you spend a lot you get nowhere A lot of it confuses me. To give you an example, I wanted to opt in to your intial “deal” of %1.97 for three days and then the upgrade after that. I have a PayPal account but I didn’t want it to go through that but through a credit card instead. As I tried to do that it kept coming back stating that I had a PayPal account and for some reason it kept trying to push that on me, which was not what I wanted since it would be a monthly charge (I have my reasons)
    I’m not sure why I want to do it but I keep thinking that I have to have my own website where I can promote several others and that these tools that you promote would become useful in doing that. But then, what do I know? It’s a whole new ballgame to me
    I’d like to ask you not to publish this as I feel like a fool but I am asking you for advice and guidance since it appears you know what you’re doing. I’m 60 years old and have had to put a whole new direction in my life and try as I might I feel as though I’m just going in circles. Please respond.

  96. Hi Jason,

    Like yourself, I made a major decision to change careers. I’ve been a Registered Pharmacist since 1974 and owned my own drugstore for a number of years.

    In 1999, I decided to start a Home Based Business through Network Marketing as a full time venture. Needless to say, I have not regreted it one bit and haven’t looked back.

    I’ve had the fortune of being informed of a 23 year old High Technology company that has recently changed their channel of distribution to the network marketing format.

    The main principle of the company is the same guy that invented Caller ID for the telephone and Picture in Picture for the television, Greg Dockery.

    Greg has over 240 patented hi-tech products he has made available to the distributors.

  97. Hi Everyone,

    Glad to have found Jason and this place months ago. Just now getting around to posting.
    I have been doing the internet biz for quite a few years and aquite a few dolllars all going one way. Not my way! Jason and another fellow I found by accident, Dr. Lant, are internet genius’s. Dr. Lant at World Profit is making people that have never earned a dime on the internet very wealthy people.

    I am retired from the US military, having served in the Marines and Army. I am presently employed on a military installation with a
    civilian contractor. Money and job is good, but not GREAT. I intend to quit once I am financially independent.


  98. Hi Jason,

    I am a retired telephone employee trying to earn some extra income on the internet. Like you, I have tried some of the scams with no success. I believe your program will help me in my current direction. I am always looking for information and help on getting going on a very strict budget. I look forward to getting more information from you and would gladly accept any suggestions you have.

    Greg Greer

  99. Hi

    I have been married for 30 years to my wonderful husband. We have 3 beautifal daughters One works at Michigan State University . My middle daughter is school at the University of Michigan. My little one is a junior in High school. She is leaving in 2 weeks for a month school trip in Europe. I have been out of work for about year and have taken up trying to bring in money this way. So far, Nothing going on but, I keep trying. Thanks for listening, Nancy nf1la@aol.com To your success

  100. Catherine Anne MacNeil

    Hello Jason-

    I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw you were from Halifax! I live just outside Bridgewater, close to some very beautiful beaches on the South Shore. It was also great to read the other posts and see several from Nova Scotia and across Canada.

    Do you ever offer seminars or coaching? Even though I’ve been at this awhile, I’m seriously struggling with it and have “information overload”. I could use some guidance.

    Here’s to everyone’s success,
    Catherine Anne

  101. I taught myself everything I know about computers, and that’s a lot just by being online and learning from anyone who would teach me. I would love to have your suggestions. I write a magazine online that has become very popular in a short time. It includes a blog I write every month. I’m a singer and a travel agent in my spare time. I’ve been married going on 44 years and have 4 children and 9 grandchildren. I live in Florida.



  102. Hi Jason

    I have been on your mailing list for a while and I still read all of them. I get dozens and dozens of emails every day from people wanting to sell me “the magic key to utopia”. I might be fairly new at internet marketing but I am not stupid, some of these approaches are so amateurish that you can see right through them, yet they claim guru status and the wisdom of the world. The truth probably is that they are out of work, no money and trying the internet for a quick buck.

    When will they realise 5 emails in one day gets people mad and their emails don’t get read, delete button, goodbye.

    Information overload is a real problem because I have learnt so much from people like yourself who do provide real good advice. But you quickly learn which emails could be of interest and those that just want your money as soon as possible for providing rubbish.

    I’ve now learnt that it not wise to absorb the total workings of the internet in 7 days, even God apparently got one day off.

    My approach now has changed. ONE THING AT A TIME!!!!.

    To be a good affiliate you need a LIST!!! We are repeatedly told this.

    To get a list without spamming you have got to get people to join this list.

    So I have a website, that’s great, now I need visitors. I’ve thought long and hard about this because I nearly needed to be sent to the funny farm with all the stuff I was trying to absorb.

    I decided the real traffic could come from the search engines. So I am now concentrating on links, articles and press releases. It seems to be paying off because I have just started to get people coming to my website from the search engines, not a lot but it’s a start.

    So by this strategy maybe I will get a list and then maybe also I can think about affiliations.

    If my strategy is right who knows, one day I might be a guru, if not Jason then it’s been a pleasure knowing one.

    Keep up the good work.

    Kindest regards

    Chris in Spain

  103. William Roberts

    Hi Jason.
    Well, let me introduce myself. I live in rural South
    Georgea. I farmed for the first 25 or so years, and then bought a truck and drove it for about 25 more.
    Then at about 62 had a couple of heart attacks and had to quit. Well needless to say the medical bill took all the savings, after about 2 years I finally convinced the gov. to give a little SS check. That is not enough to live on and buy medicine so here I am maxing out credit cards. I have tried some of the big boys programs none have worked so I am here to give you a try. I have had some help with the web sites and so on. Looking forward to working with you. I haven’t been online about four months Warmly William

  104. Hi,
    I live in Texas, not far from Texas A&M University. That is where I retired from 3 years ago. I am a grandmother five times over and very proud of that. We live on a lake and I have a Boston Terrier, he is the scourge of the neighborhood. LOL. I started on the internet highway in Jan. of 2007. I have no idea what I am doing, but having a lot of fun doing it. I still cannot do a website, LOL, no matter what instructions I get. I just cannot get the thing to come out right. But I will….Yes, I too am looking forward to working with you. But I must admit I hope you have a lot of patience, because working with me, you will need them….LOLOLOLLOL

  105. Hi Jason
    I am from Calgary and am in my mid fifties. As a overworked small business owner I decided there must be an easier way to get my products out to potential customers instead of just the ones I called on. I used mail to build up a good client base but it only worked so so. I then thought about the internet. I always thought websites were an extension of a business card. All businesses had to have to say more about who you were. I am now on a mission to put up sites of my better products and I also discovered a whole new world. It have been very difficult learning all that is required to put up sites. I am looking forward to learning from you all that I can.
    It is great to know that ther is someone who want to help and give back. Thank You

  106. Hi Jason. I am in the Dallas,Texas metro area. At 65, retired on disabilty, you may be assured I am the best newbie of newbies. Absolutely no one is as dumb as me on this internet marketing journey. :o) I have a new site, but have no idea as to how to get the first page up or anything else for that matter. The cPanel is useless to me at the moment. I now have Front Page, however the learning curve is massive for me. We sell on eBay but that’s easy compared to setting up sites, autoresponders and digital delivery is also a nightmare. Perhaps I can learn something in the club you have. Hope so. If anyone has any ideas as to set up, please HELP. :o) I really need to learn this stuff. Thanks.

  107. william j higgins

    hi jason just like jim 06/13/07 i am a very very newby to the internet if he thinks he is the dumbest well i`m not far behind i am hoping to find someone in australia to teach me about web pages & such.hopefully someone at your site may know of someone,someware,somehow,to teach myself.i have bought some web pages but don`t know where to start.thaqnks in anticipation.

  108. Hi Jason,
    Apart from making money on one website with a solid product base.
    I am selling since jan 2007 personal marketing software and will have one i have had my software guys create coming shortly, that will take getting traffic to your website to a very NEW level, which i hope people will be interested in purchasing as it will rock the internet as many $$$$s will be eraned from thsi for everyone with this software.

  109. Hi jason, Like many of your friends I am a newby and that is gr8 to say at 69 years of age Yes you can teach an old dog new tricks I believe that with all my heart . I retired a few years ago and as I was very active and ran my own private hire company for many years I like to keep busy. I am very interested in learning all I can about the web and of course earning some money to help out my pension I have joined a few sites I think you call them affiliates? like e lottery which I hope will let me win huge amounts of money ha ha but also evolution on july 15 you probably know all about it as it is all over the web but I find the biggest problem is getting a list going so this is what I hope you can help me with asap. I hope I havent bored you too much but you did say you wanted to know more about me. looking forward to hearing from you soon anne

  110. Hello Jason:
    It really burns me up when I am offered something free and then under the steps to get the free stuff I have to buy something. I have paid through the nose for every kind of internet business that is suppose to make great deals of money at least in the first month if not sooner. Has not happened where I am concerned. I have been trying to find something that would generate some kind of income since I have not been employeed in the outside world for over a year. I keep hearing overqualified and overeducated. Well, those terms do not seem to be relevant in the internet business. I do not know what it is but I just can not seem to get it all going my way. I have used up all my savings and my retirement trying to find one that will work to generate some income that will help me maintain my house and food on the table. I am down to doing only the free stuff because of giving money to these guru’s that promised everything and I got nothing and they got rich on my money and others. I am a single mom with children and grandchildren that need my support we will all be in the poor house if I can not find something that works. I hope your site is the one that really helps me to succeed. Peace be with you forever.

  111. My name is Terry and I live in Albera. Things have changed over the years and nothing has turned out what I wanted, but I am content.
    I am tired of freebies that turn out to be traps of some sort. That is the reason for upgrading my site and offering the truth. It is filled with different things and I hope to make it possible to build it even more to offer resources and encouragement in life.
    It will always be growing and hopefully blessing those who grace my home with there presence there.
    I am hoping this site here is the help I need to make my site a long term possiblity.

  112. GMT: 01.58am 29/06/2007

    Hi Jason

    Thanks for your email. My name is Leonie and a young lady of 63 yrs old. I am a pensioner who has two beautiful daughters who gave me 4 lovely grandchildren, three grandsons and one beautiful granddaughter. I have had this computer since February 07 so you can say that I am just learning about the computer and the internet. I have already lost about £2000 to three (what do you call them, I don’t know)they were suppose to show me the ropes to get me going on the way to riches. I at the moment have got one website up and I don’t think I have it set-up properly yet. I don’t know how too. I also am getting another one ready to be set up with the help of Mike Antoni vs Boa Method. Mike is very genuine, he does help every one on his team. I am busy now getting my Blog ready to go on the site which will be called “cookingrecipeforyou . com” I really do hope that I will succeed with this as I am heavily in debt and a mortgage to pay. Well I think that is all I can think of to write. I hope this will give you some insight of me. Oh!! by the way I am a newbie at this internet/computer game.

  113. Hi Jason from another Haligonian!

    I’m really just starting to get out from under all the stuff I have downloaded over the last while and learning to FOCUS and not jump on the next latest and greatest thing to arrive in my inbox.

    I am currently in my second career – a self-employed programmer (FoxPro – I’m suprised to see another VFP person here too) and planning to move into Internet Marketing world as my main source of income.

    Looking forward to what you have to offer.

  114. Patricia Quackenbush

    Hi Jason!

    I’m a Newbie, so have no experience except 9 months of trying behind me.

    I’ve purchased the PEELAWAYADS and am looking forward to the results of this new product. I have pushed myself for many years in self-improvement and, you would think, at almost 70, one would tend to slow down, but people think I’ve bit off more than I can chew. I’m still plugging away, though and intend for this to be my biggest push yet in life.

    “A go-getter”
    Patti Q

  115. Hi Jason

    I have been trying various things for the last 6months, spent quite alot of money and got no were. So I signed up for a course with Russell Brunson as I wanted to learn from the experts.
    Looking forward to working with you aswell.


  116. HY,JASON ! WELL,buddy- you’re the first one that I
    meet being a rocker! I like also metal-music,so I
    thought I would drop you a line! Well,my favourites
    are Deicide and Judas Priest! So,do you think you could help me make some money? Maybe go to a concert with them after?? Let me know if you can do it !
    Greetings !

  117. Carlton Holliday

    Hi Jason,
    I have set up several websites devoted to bass fishing. I am an expert in this field and have written three e-books which I am offerring on my website. The problem I have is getting traffic to my website. I have been involved with several other schemes on making money through the internetnone of which were successful. I need to build a list and don’t know how without the traffic.
    Thank you, Carlton Holliday

  118. Hi Jason,
    I acquired my initial education in Pakistan, then I went to U.K and studied Business Studies, and later on for Cost & Management Accountacy and worked in U.k as an assistant accountant for 5 years in head office of a limited company based in London. Then I went back to Pakistan to set up a fast food chain, in which I failed. One of my brother was a Homoeopathic doctor, I tried few homoeopathic medicine perscribed by my brother, which gave excellent results, so I became a strong believer of homoeopathy, So I took addmissin in a Homoeopathic College and took a four year course and became homoeopthic physician and now I am practicing as a certified hypnotherapist & homoeopathic physician. I had a desire to sell homoeopathic medicine through internet, so I developed interest in internet marketing. In march 2007, I bought a readymade web site and acquired about 25 affiliateship from variuos website but I could not load their links in my website due to lack of corporation of website builder. The proceedures he had provided me to load those links through cpanal does not help, so if you visit my website you will find it empty apart from a few adsense adverts by Google. A few days ago, I joined List Bandit, through which I was introduced to you. I found your offer quite convincing, so I decided to join you as a platinum member, but the problem lies with payment, as click bank does not have banking relations with local & foreign banks doing business in Pakistan, so I would like you to provide me some other source where I could make payment through credit cards. once the payment is made I willbecome a platinum member with a hope to develop fast with your help. In the end, I thank you for your welcome mail, which is quite incurraging with helpful and warm feelings.

  119. Hello Jason,

    Brian Lawrence (bmlawr)
    I live in Ohio, USA with my wonderful wife.

    Have been online since January 1999, after
    becoming totally disable the year before.

    Tried my hand at a lot of different ways to earning some extra income here on the Net. Cash flow has been a big hold back for me, plus; how to setup sites on my hosted webpage. Just cannot seem to understand how to use PHP, CSS and CPanel functions, to setup sites for all the items that I have acquired through purchases, gifts, and giveaways.

    About sums it up ina nutshell……

    To Your Success All,

    Brian Lawrence
    From my name, not Baltimore lawyer)

  120. Hello Jason,
    Don Goldwyn here from Southampton.U.K.
    I have enjoyed reading the comments and I can relate to most of them,I have been Retired now for 10yrs.Tried to make some money online to supplement my State pension.”There’s no fool like an Old Fool” Lost £100s Never made 1cent.Read many ebooks on how to make money,tried nearly everything out there,this course,that course,and every other course.Never made 1 cent.
    What I can say is that this site has the MOST HONEST people and peoples comments I have come across.
    In conclusion I wish everyone success in all your Net Adventures.Good Luck.
    Regards Don Goldwyn.

  121. Hello Jason,

    What a coincidence; I, too, like metal music — except in my case, the “metal” is brass — and the brass is playing jazz, classical, things like that…

    Just bought your WSO and am looking forward to digging in and learning more.

    Best regards,

  122. Hello Jason,
    It’s cool that you are in Halifax. I am from a town just outside of the city. I am currently living in Moncton.
    I am new to the IM world and looking forward to making a go of it. I can’t wait to start using the info you provide.

    Take ‘er easy!

  123. Hi Jason,

    Thank you very much for adding me to your esteemed
    family as a Platinum Member. I am proud to be
    associated with a group of sincere and honest
    people here.

    I am from Miri, a city in the island of Borneo,

    Have been a teacher all this while and am due to
    retire at the end of this year. Now my dilemma is
    what do I do next on retirement?

    Planning to embark on IM. Thus currently I am
    reading ebooks, visiting websites, participating
    at forums (passive observer). More a newbie so to
    speak. I am yet to apply the knowledge gathered.
    That would indeed be a steep learning curve. I
    look forward to learning more through Jason and from everyones help.

    I also take this opportunity to wish you Jason and
    all members here the very best of everything.

    Positively and Successfully,

  124. Hi, Jason…it sounds like you went full time in internet marketing about the same time I did…I went fulltime in August 2006 by launching this site: http://www.secrets-of-internet-success.com and have not looked back since.

    Using it as a lead – generator, I started by promoting affiliate products; now I promote primarily my own products that I have created to show others how to do what I have done in the last year.

    SEan Mize

  125. Hi Jason,

    My name is Rashid Abidi and I am from Karachi/Pakistan. Professionally I am an IT Techie covering almost all the areas to RUN an IT Department/organization.

    Now I am being transformed into an IT Marketer and that pushed me towards online marketing, though I have earned a single dime as yet but, I am sure I will succeed and should be able to produce a nice testimonial for others.

    I am trying a few things right now.

    Hope to succeed with you 🙂

    Kind regards,
    Rashid Abidi

  126. HI , Jason.

    I have read all of the comments up to number 59 plus one hour. I am 57. I have caught HIV and I cannot afford to work full time anymore. I have lost my had-writting. I am in a very good health but I am sure I would become hill just having to stand the other employees at work. I much prefer to stay home and earn some money to live a comfortable life !

    I have spent one year now, reading all the maketing litterature that came to my eyes but very little came out of it !

    I have quickly understood that there were people selling their souls to making money, no matter what they think of themselves !

    Well. If you can teach me how to earn money, I’ll be so thankful, you can’t think how much!

    Thank you in advance from all of us,

    Raymonde Danlos, Sète, France.

  127. I am learning as much as I can as I go along.
    I have a few websites up.I just put up my first blog
    site.I have been building a list. Its up to 987.
    It should be over 1000 Before the day is over.
    I am using clickbank and other affiliate programs.
    Have made a little money.When I got my first payment through Paypal it was only $9.95. Big moment for me because I knew at that moment this works.More money comes in just about the time I start doubting.So day by day I know am getting closer to a break through.

  128. Hi Jason,

    I recently began in this internet marketing business. I produced my own produce, and then learned how to set up a website to promote it.

    But this is only the beginning – just because it is there, doesn’t mean they will come and buy.

    I am looking for someone to teach me how to progress from here. I hope that you will be able to help. I am happy to follow instructions, read whatever is required, and put in whatever work is necessary – I just need a guide.

    Can you help?

    I also notice Sean Mize has written to your blog. Perhaps he can help me with this growth as well.

    Please get back to me with any recommendations or questions you might have.

    Thanks and Best Wishes,

  129. Jason, I’m no stranger to work, but my life is a REAL CHALLENGE right now…

    I’ve written some good eBooks (Axolotl Reports); have a website for them, got my autoresponder set up; enrolled in 3 JV-Giveaways, one of which was to start Aug 17, today, but I haven’t seen it yet…

    Now the difficulties: after buying and setting up My Digital Delivery to work with eBay, I find I cannot SELL at eBay without a credit card! I need to sell to get a credit card, but need a credit card to begin selling there! (Aaargh! I’ve asked 3 friends to help, and they’re thinking, but doesn’t look good… even revenue-sharing doesn’t seem to move them).

    And I worked all this week to set up a JV with a lady in Kentucky; JV offering MY reports to HER list, 55%her/45% me, through ClickBank, and 3 hours ago she emailed that her father suffered an intracranial aneurysm, and we’ll have to wait on the JV…

    I still have $23 in-pocket, but I’ld LOVE to have a miracle! Got a miracle handy? An angel nearby?

    Karridine at gmail.com

  130. Hi Jason,
    I’ve been online for 6 years now and I also tried many of the get rich quick schemes until I finally took the time and actually read the program policies. I love marketing, advertising and meeting interesting people. I’m not successful yet, but I’m on my way. Looking forward to utilizing your site.

    See you at the top!
    Karen Gates

  131. H’lo Jason–

    Thanks for the warm greeting.

    I haven’t even visited the membership site, yet. But I know we’re goin’ to do lots of business together.

    I liked your picture.

    About me? Check it out on the “About” page at my site lmwinebrenner . com. No pic, though. I tried to call it from my gallery [where it is located] but my web building program won’t pull it up. I’v gotten some pretty nasty remarks about my visage from people, but this is the first time a computer has been repulsed. Oh well. Live with it.

    Thanks again for the greeting.


  132. hi jason ben here in north carliona new to this internet thing and haveing night mears i restore classic cars as you can see from one of my sites am having a new one bult as i cant get any work out of that onei also paid money to get some outher sites and got stiffed on a few as well i moved up here from fla last year after my mom passed and bought this place 400,000 and now am loseing everything as iam flat broke thats why i didnt buy the outher stuff you offered i pray evey night to get thru this and make some money on line as there is no work here ive tried selling the house i really dont want to but iam looseing everything i havent eaten in 2 days iam going to the churchs on mon for help no one will help beacuse of the house i cant even get a loan so its one day at a time and hope tommrow will be better years ago when iwas a teenager i went to prince eward island and around that aera it was breath taking and ill always rember how wonderful the people were and the cooking was asume perhaps if i get thru this hard ship ill come vist you but first ive got to figure the next move here i only hope you can work with me and make some money to at least get by sorry this is so long but god bless ben ps hope you hit me back.

  133. Hi, I’m Maya. I come from the Philippines, but live for 24 years now in The Netherlands. I’m actually very new into internet marketing, as in really new. My website just went online today! So, I hope you will visit it and tell me what you think about it. You can also read a lot about me in my website. So, I guess I better refrain from telling more about myself, so you will get curious about me and visit my website instead.

  134. I’ve been online for about 4 years, but unsuccessfully. I’m an information junkie and trying to break the habit. I’m broke and trying to make things work with the free advertising, traffic exchanges, stuff like that. Haven’t gotten anything to work yet, but I am almost ready to launch a new ebook I wrote. I’ll keep trying.

  135. Hi,
    Great site, glad I found you. Just joined the PLR site and sent a message via my autoresponder, to my mailing list, and got 2 immediate sign ups.

    I’ve been affiliate marketing for a couple of years – no big money yet though! I’ve written one of my own ebooks and had some success with selling it but not from the affiliate links promoted in it?!

    Hoping with the PLR, I’ll be able to get some more ebooks together, with affiliate links that actually get a response.

    My problem is getting sidetracked!! I start something then something else comes up and I move on. Just realised that my biggest earning came fron creating an ebook, a website, a blog, and then writing articles to promote them all – at least I’ve realised my “wasted” time and will now knuckle down and do what I know works! Best get back to some of those blogs I’ve been neglecting….

  136. Hello Jason,

    Have just joined your site. I’m rather new to online marketing and like many, I’m trying to earn extra income for my family. I’ve just recently joined automaticbuilder and until now, no signups. So sad! Have already spent some money but have put a stop to it.

    I’ve just visited Ewen Chia’s website and am actually contemplating about it.

    I’ve just separated from my husband and am supporting two children, age 13 and 8. I have a pile of debts to clear and hopefully through hard work and some luck I’ll be able to make an extra income on the net.

    Will be reading some of the information you sent and put it to work. With your help, I think I can make it.

  137. Jason,

    I am wrapping up a three year software application project. I am on a mission to save lives.
    I would not be an affiliate selling most of the junk e-books I have seen if I were starving to death. It is an ethical issue for me. I will just leave it at that. It is the what overeducated people call the Tom Sawyer effect also as I see it. If you do not know what that is, read the book. Gee that is a novel idea for some people

  138. Hi Jason,

    I just wanted to tell you a little about me. I am a disabled mother of two adult sons (who still live at home) and my husband got disabled at work and suddenly our income dropped to almost nothing. I started thinking about internet marketing and did some research and my husband and I decided to try this out. We are definitely newbies and have been scammed by some of the so called gurus, then I met you through an email about the PLR ebooks and I knew you had a great idea. I was so impressed at your honesty about only being full time for a year now that I knew you would be honest and you have kept your word. I have gotten so many great deals from you and our website will be up and going within a month or less (I hope). I know that with your tips and products we will be sucessful so I will keep you informed. Thank you for showing us a way to get on our feet again. We lost our home and everything dear to us in the hurricanes of 2004 and were left homeless with two sons in high school. We are finally in another home now and with your help and our hard work we will see you at the top. May God continue to bless your business and your family as you help others learn how to start making money.

  139. Hi Oickle,

    Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to know you trough Internet.
    I start to be busy with Internet just for looking a new life because I don´t have a job since 2 years.
    But I notice that they are so much scams online every one want to get better or use some one another.And every marketer is a Millionnaire!! my question is why a millionnaire will like even telling lie looking always another profit.
    I am really confuse I don´t know exactely who can say the true that some one can make money Online if he don´t say lie.
    Anyway I will really like to help me too to success.


  140. Hi Jason,

    First let me say that I am very thankful for the multitude of information that I’ve learned from you over the last few months.

    It’s truly amazing how much you can learn just by paying attention and reading whatever you get your hands on. Sad to say that there is a lot of junk on the internet but there’s also a wealth of valuable information and you just have to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff!

    I don’t have a hard luck story, I have been a successful network marketer for a more than a decade but just started paying attention to internet marketing and what it can do for my business.

    I’m hopeful that we’ll have an opportunity to work together to help a lot of people. Keep up the good work and I’m excited to learn even more from you than I already have!

    Scott Miller

  141. Stacey Blankenship

    Hello Jason,
    This is Stacey from StaTone Products & Services.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to put out this great product.
    I like your Traffic Secrets Unleashed.
    It has become very helpful to me in promoting my website.

  142. Victoria Hickman

    Hi my name is Victoria,

    I’m a kiwi moved to the gorgeous Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia 3 years ago with 3 children and hubby eeek next year is our 10 year wedding anniversary and I would love to have cracked the internet by then as I want to whisk him away somewhere fabulous and renew our vows. I have a traditional business, I hand pour natural candles soy and also palm wax. I am seriously addicted to my candles, I built my website myself not bad for a beginner, I do realise that now I need to learn about traffic..well.. hmmm what traffic? also about how to cope with this feeling of overwhelm so I’m on a self journey also and learning some wonderful things. I am also a computer nut, just love playing with Camtasia studio, and other audio packages, playing with putting audio on websites and creating squeeze pages, teleseminars. I have been reading, watching, learning, online for about 6 years but as I mentioned above not quite cracked it yet, I’m not scared to admit I’ve landed on my ass more times then I care to imagine and the $$ I’ve spent well… we won’t go there, all in the learning on the path to success, but a persistent mumma am I and so onward and upward – DARN IT! BRING IT ON! I was lucky enough to see Mike Filsaime when he came to Brisbane a couple of months back, blew my mind. He has such a wonderful energy and he is so calm and giving, in fact on the Sunday at the chat session, he was in his jeans and black tshirt – so normal just like you and me, he was inspiring – Loved him!!! hehe, caught Stephen Pearce also….excellent…. I look forward to joining you on the path to internet success “Working it Baby”. Sorry I rambled on a bit I’m always excited about the endless possibilities of the internet – I would really love to record my candle making workshops and market them only etc – oo oh the mind is going off now I have to disappear and go and do some writing while these ideas are swirling in my head.

    I am looking forward to getting to know you and thank you for sharing your knowledge and heart with us all.

    Love and Light


  143. Hi Jason,
    I’m 61 years old and a letter carrier in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. My objective is to earn enough money at Internet Marketing to retire from the Post Office(I,m eligible but can’t afford it) and suplement my retirement check well enough that we can live comfortably and I can be my own boss.

    I, like some others, have worked at some affiliate progams for a couple of years with minimal success. Of course as most people know the advertising is the most difficult part. It looks to me like your program and great info will solve that problem.

    I’m currently trying to work a business called “Send OutCards” and now I’m very interested in promoting your program as well.
    I have only been working at this as I had time, so I am still actually new at this and have a lot to learn. I’m certain that we will be a successful team.

    I only joined you yesterday (Oct 6,2007) but from what I have seen so far you have a great deal of info and products to offer to get someone like me off to great start!

    Thanks in advance,

  144. Dear Jason,
    It’s great to be a part of your team. I am not a newbie to computers becuase i’ve grown up with computers all around me and had my first computer at a young age. I am new to the Affiliate market and am glad to be referred to your site. I have always wanted a business on-line and until recently, I have not made any money although put forth great effort to do so. I’ve lost many hours of precious sleep and a ton of money trying all kinds of different internet schemes! I’m tired of that and finally found something in the area of e-commerce that I love.

    I love to sell exciting products on-line! So I decided to open a web store! lo and behold I realized that a store means you need customers and traffic to your site! It was a rude awakening for me. There are so many great products out there to help solve my problem.

    I want to become a successful internet marketer I can learn how to generate more traffic to my site and at the same time promote some essential products and tools that are necessary for success!

    Thanks for welcoming me to your team!


  145. Hello Jason,
    My name is Gode,I’m from Malaysia.
    Have just joined your site. I’m rather new to online marketing and like many, I’m trying to earn extra income for my family. I’ve signups
    about a few dozen of affialiates and promote but as of now no signup yet,hope to learn some tips from you.

    Thank You

  146. Hi Jason,

    I have been living in England for the last 40 years or so.
    Having retired for many years, I got started again after attending a
    Seminar and got all fired up about 6 weeks ago.

    I decided to learn Internet marketing. I joined SuccessUniversity, a Multilevel Marketing Company and decided to use Internet to do my recruiting. To treat this as a big business, I dug deep from my saving to enlist a Guru to be my Mentor, that was 6 weeks ago, unfortunately, still waiting to be mentored.

    In the meantime, I invested in some marvelous Audio and Video training courses from Greg Caesar and Armand Morin. It is taking a lot of
    effort and time and only scratch the service. I must say it is worth every bit of it! Just hope my concentration can last and I won’t get information overload.

    I also like to add that all this time I lost count of Emails trying to sell me things. Some no doubt were well intended but I must admit
    some of these folks I found too eager to the point of unscrupulous.
    Don’t they know to succeed in the long term the requirement is to deliver value and treat the customers right!

    John Ng.

  147. Hello Jason!
    Glad to meet you & Join the “Family”!

    I am close Montreal in Quebec province. I was tutor (1985-98) at Laval University and Freelance Translator, but at 51, i have the chronic sickness Fibromyalgia and now i… really try since 2 years: to “Work at Home” with different “Home Business”. YES, for sure you guess: I had been scammed… tried: Free Ads, Traffic Exchanges, some Affiliates Programs!! haha

    I really like to visit “Cabot Trail” and Maritimes in general, got lot of friends all around and as Biologist i need to go to Atlantic Ocean sailing when possible!

    …reading comments: i have almost same story I am a “Newbie” in Internet Marketing but, i am interested and want to learn!

    * I hope a day to be able to contact Maya, my husband is Dutch from Groningen, North Holland, i stayed 4 years there.

    Thank you very much to offer us all you give on your nice Site!
    Best Wishes for your Next Projects!

  148. I have to say that its a very humbling experience to read through the comments above. I have been working online for nearly a year now with mixed success. I made my first webpage with NVU and when I uploaded it the header was at the foot of the page and I couldn’t figure out how to fix it!
    I’m pretty good with html now but there is still so much to learn. I wish everyone magnificent success with your so very different ventures – keep the dream alive.

  149. Hi Jason,
    My name is Tom, and I’m from Denmark.
    I have just joined your site.
    Online marketing is pretty new to me, but I hope to get the catch of it. It would be nice to add a little extra income.
    You can find my site here softwarebomber.com
    I will be adding lots of extra stuff in the near future.

    Thanks for the welcome!

  150. Hey! Another Canuck! Rock on man…

    I’ve heard alot about the BM program. I’ve got to admit I’m quite intrigued…

    I’m gonna keep snooping around to see what this place is all aboot. Looks interesting.

  151. Hi Jason–
    I just signed up a few days ago and am in the process of settling down enough to explore your site more thoroughly.—I am a complete beginner to internet marketing and it is quite the jungle out there–not only because of the technical stuff but also just trying to figure out which programs are legit and which are not. (I am learning the hard way!) It would be nice to make more sense of all this, because I want to get my own site up and running.
    My challenge right now is five months of unemployment (starting the end of November) and pretty much a zero budget. I am trying to establish multiple sources of income so I can retire in 5 years and start building my own non-profit organization. I will need to be self-funding at the outset, so I am working my tail off now. I feel the internet has the most opportunity for multiple sources of income–I just have no clue where to start or how to do it most efficiently. Your ideas will be most welcome!!

  152. hey jason my name is matthew but you can call me matty i am 22 years of age. i live all the way down the bottom right corner of australia in a little beach side town called portarlington. i was a bit of a rebal with out a course for most of my life but now trying to use my brain and make some money.

  153. I’m pretty new at all this. I live in CA and if I get a job as an MT, I won’t have time to do all the blogging and affiliate stuff. However, it has been interesting. I love Jesus Christ more than my own life. I am married and have 4 adult kids. Thanks for being an online marketing friend. 🙂

  154. Hi Jason, my name is RonGomes.

    I’ve read your info and have to say, it sounds like
    the same old story, which in most cases today is great because you at least have the experience that everyone who may follow you needs.

    I’ve been online learning for a while and know exactly what you’ve been through and I’ve noticed your name, and picked up a few tips or tricks.

    Jason, RonGomes says you have a great day, and
    remember that guy has his eye on ya…

    Good Luck & Success
    The sleeping marketer 🙂

  155. Hi Jason,

    I am like you. New to this game, but plenty of knowledge of how many programs and systems are out there. My methods of marketing don’t seem to be working too well yet, but I guess time will tell.
    I like your straight forward approach and wanted to take a few minutes to introduce myself. I am one of your closer competitors. I am in Debert, just beyond Truro on the way to Amherst.
    Please feel free to email me anytime. You can also view my other sites anytime.
    It has been nice chatting with you. If you have any simple formulas I may be overlooking feel free to contact me anytime at 902 899 3708

    Richard Yorke (CEO)(CAO)

  156. Rev. Curtis Kittrell

    I was born In Oklahoma, Raised in Oregon. after the service I stayed mostly in Texas. I got my ministers license in 1975. Have been doing Computer repairs etc for 27 years now. still at it. I found the best thing one can do to ahve a good computer is build it themselves. and match all components that goes in. The computer will last longer and stay running fast longer than any purchsed off the shelf in walmart or any where else. The reason is like HP they use their own motherboard and a cheap box. plug in intel or AMD and yell we got it. where actually in 6 months or less the thing slows to a crawl and wont speed up. due to the CPU and mother board are not fitted together properly. Where as you take a Intel CPU and a Intel board built for that CPU and it will not waver off the peg. same with AMD, Asus now builds all of AMD parts for this very reason. everything is matched board and all and all peripheals. Makes a world of difference.

    I hope I can make a little off this endeaver as Social Security surely doesnt make it. And I am retired and still having to pinch hit. lol

    God Bless,

  157. Hi Jason,
    Sam Billings here from New Zealand. Thanks for adding me to your list and also adding my products to your market. I make a lot of music under the name “RedWaterDub”. It is experimental electronica with influences from Alternative Rock, Pop Grunge, Country and Punk. I currently have 4 CDs for sale,
    I have not had a lot of success with the internet as yet, but hope to change that soon. I have an E-Book store and am selling ebooks and my CDs there aswell. I am just exploring different methods for marketing and affiliates are a new concept for me. But I like your style already as I see there is hype or lies and you seem genuine.
    Thanks again

  158. Hiya Jason,
    Wow I hope there is room for me here. :o)
    I spend so much time online when not at the day job that I have a permanent kink in my neck.

    What can I say? I love the day job but I would rather be home based biz full time. I am a Luke Parker Fan and have moderated some of his forums. He is an incredible person.

    I coach for Mastermind Pros (.com) and I love teaching blogging classes.

    I am looking forward to 2008 to being the year of freedom.
    I will be taking a serious look at using your articles since I love to write and publish.

  159. Hello Jason1 this is coach from or in Tucson, AZ USA.
    I been on line for a while, just online not tyring to make money, not until now, and here’s why. 3 months ago had a heart attect, lost job, bad health, lose restaurant, could not pay rent, went down to bottom of the pits.

    I teach and coach fighting, karate and have for over 30 years. love the net, so back here to publish and sell ebooks on fitness and weight lose. needed pl writing sign up for your membership. look realy great you offer a way out for me, thinks……

    I play bass, keyboard and sax….. jazz and blues, did promo for metal for ove 12 years I love to support the cause……Hellday… America death trip…. maglinist youth.
    big dave delux…. vodo glow and a few other got their start with me………
    Think your blog is heavy….

  160. Yo Jason,

    My name is Jim Hinck. I am retired from the U.S. Air Force. I am disabled because of the job I had in the Air Force as it required a lot of heavy lifting. I was however, able to serve my 20 years.

    I got involved in Internet Marketing back in 2000.
    I am an affiliate for many good programs. I have made a few sales here and there,but the only program I received checks from was Good Health Supplements.

    I don’t have a web site yet, but II am tinkering with one now. I am practicing on a Bravenet web site, and when I have figured out all the little gizmo’s and how they all work then I will go big time.

  161. Jason, thank you for your about me. I am very new at this internet marketing but I want to learn.I will need to be lead by the hand. I have been told by other promoters they would do that. I must have lost my hand because I never received any help even after I requested support. I am not to good at setting up a site since I am a newbie on the computer. I am excited about having someone to help me that hopefully make it almost painless. I didn’t enter a website because I have several that make no income. I look forward to working with you. I from Texas.

  162. Hi Jason,
    My name is Andrea. I am from Michigan. I have 3 boys and I’m totally new to all of the internet marketing. I don’t have a website, but, alot of what I read says I don’t have to have one. To be honest, I signed up because it was free and I would love to invest and grow, but, right now it’s next to impossible because I don’t have alot of money. I don’t mind promoting someone else’s website though if I think their product will be useful to someone. I think yours are. I look forward to using the information and I hope it will bring me some gain. One day, hopefully soon, I will be able to stay home with my boys and make money online. I’m looking forward to some freedom. I wish everyone much success.

  163. Hey, it’s Alyssa from Selma N.C about 30 minutes from the capital Raleigh.I have 3 grown and out of the house children (thank God).I got into the internet when I foolishly went to a StoresOnline seminar. I had never attended one of those and they sure did hoodwink me. I have 6 sites nothing yet to put on 4 of them. 2 are in the works Newhearthandhome.com a home decor and gifts site. the 2nd site in Meetyourneedshome.com which is a promotional and custom logo site. I am getting alot of visitors to NEWHEARTHANDHOME BUT NO ONE IS BUYING.If any one needs a site I will sell them one.I need alot of questions answered that I don’t understand. If there is anybody who can help me understand this stuff pleaaasee let me know. I found out I have Addison’s Disease 2 months ago.Right now I am in bed most of the time so I have alot of time but no experience in certain things.Addison’s is a life threatening disease because my adrenal glands are non existent and now because of that I have many more problems. I need to learn how to make money to afford my new disease.Sorry if this is too long sometimes I get going.

  164. Jason, You are really great. I am inspired by you and definately with association to you , I can also reach there one day.

    Thanks a lot, Jason.


  165. Hello Jason,

    Thanks for inviting me to be one among your circle of network and friendship. I have read and learned many things from many marvelous gurus, but I have not yet succeeded if the success is measured by how much money I have piled up in my bank account. To me, success has many dimensions. Knowing so many successful people like you all here is a success to me. I have learned many things in the last two years about internet and internet marketing. I learn to write for e-zines from one of the gurus. And I am happy to know that my articles are used by others on their websites. It is also a success to me. I hope by knowing more successful people like you, this year I will succeed in a real sense.

    Best Regards from Indonesia.


  166. I’m just starting out today…Website made just mins ago,hoping it pans out,it shuould though…
    My name is Sharon Brown I’ve bought into several
    “ONLINE BUSINESSES”that promised big things…I now just go forthe ones that will get me something in return,anything in return …folks don’t fall for the get rich quick scams they’re a bunch of hooey,you have to at least administer your business if you want to make money…

  167. Hi Jason,
    Thanks for all the help. I am 47 and a mother of five, just started 5 weeks ago in this internet marketing business(feels like 5 years ago) I have already been burnt twice by people out there who don’t give a damm about who they hurt.

    I try hard to keep me and my children afloat and you have helped me heaps thank you.
    I am currently trying my hand at a merchant store(well two in fact) so wish me luck.


  168. hi jason my name is art vaughan
    i am new to this and i need all the halp i can get so i see you are form halafix will so am i i am form fletcher lake so it is good to see some one form down home and i m glad to that some one can do this me im not shour how to but with a little halp i think i can lol

    ps my hame # is 416-623-5295 if you aver can find the time to talk plz gave me a call

    and by the way i dont spale so good will i hope to haer form you on the phone bye for n art vaughan

  169. Hi Jason,
    I am Earl, and I am all the way here from the Philippines. I am a nurse, but is also interested in working online. Though I am a newbie in online marketing, but I acknowledge also the potentials of working online. I am still starting and trying to figure things up. I am looking forward to working and learning from you. Thank you

    Kind regards,

  170. Hey Jason,
    I’m having a tough time myself. who would of thunk it!!!!! Internet marketing has been a short but very expensive road for me to travel. Looking forward to chat. In need of your expertise. Thanx

  171. I am Storm. I have been earning money online for a couple of years now. I have a degree in broadcasting and computer programming. I recently started a blog of my own to try and help other people who want to earn a living online. I have decided to use my programming skills for the same purpose.

  172. Hey Jason,

    It’s so nice to see a fellow Canadian becoming successful in such a competitive market as the internet.

    It is also very motivating to know that one could possibly quite one’s job and perform online marketing on a full time basis.

    Jason. What would you say was the number one factor to which you would attribute your ability to quite your day job and focus all of your attention to your web business full time?


    Daniel Tetreault
    Sidney, BC, Canada

  173. Hi, Jason

    I guess I’m your latest downline! Another real newbie at this game – I’ve been doing nothing but spend for the last 2 months, until I realised that I now know what it is that I don’t yet know! So I’m spending about 14 hours a day trying to get my head round this brave new world. And I guess it’s right what everyone tells me: the money’s in the list! Best wishes from sunny Abingdon near Oxford in the UK.

    Mike Cahundy

  174. hi! I was puzzled receive your email and wonder how did u get my email add? question mark Or i maybe have anyhow click for free report anywhere online.
    I hail from singapore and began on journey of internet marketing last year dec. Though i hardly earn any income from site i paid membership fee, promote products and sign up various free sites to learn how to do. I must say i have learned alot of methods and ways which top marketers use. I hope to work at home earn income full time and now currently unemployed.
    Though i not sure whether i got read your report or ebook somewhere. Not too sure already i have read and digest lot of details online. O.O stoned at screen. Must stay motivated all the way till i succeed. Oh for how long? My motivation wont stay long because i nearly broke. But i found 2 programs are good ways to learn. that’s all. Let us all Newbies may succeed in yr 2008 =D

  175. Hi Jason,
    You must be great with your name. I have a third son named Jason and he is great. Phenix City, Alabama is presently my home, have traveled the world 89 foreign countries all states but Maine USA. Poor as a church mouse, but rich in life, great kids, grandkids, greatgrandkids. 30 peacocks,15 turkeys, 15 geese, 6 gueanies, 4 goats, 2 dogs and a bueatiful wife that will celebrate our 50th wedding aniversity this year. Can’t spell a lick. can’t sell a bit, I have lots of fun and friends who make my life great.
    So what’s this all about> I have no idea but have made money in Net work marketing. but having a rough time in all this computer marketing . signed OLD MAN GOODMAN

  176. Sounds like it was me talking there Jason.

    Been on line since Adam was a boy (it seems)

    Tried many things without a lot of success but it seems that I am turning the corner now.

    Regards and warm wishes.

    Calvin B Simper

  177. Hi Jason,
    My name is Bob Reid and I live in south Jersey, I am an ironworker, I work in northern jersey and commute back and forth to work.I also am doing an on-line business to suppliment my usual earnings for construction and to help make ends meet.So far up to now,I haven’t made any money on-line and hope to do that soon with help from who ever would like to help and then i can also do the same when I start to make things happen……….I am an avid hockey fan and I like to watch wrestling even though it may be fake.I enjoy the outdoors and like to go for walks and try to enjoy life to its fullest.I was born on halloween in 1961 ad when halloween rolls around,I go and take the kids out for trick or treating.We also go on the haunted hayrides and also hayrides that are not haunted.I like most music,I grew up with the 70′ music mostly then I started listening to metallica,They were awesome back in the 80’s.I collect and sell sportscards on ebay and enjoy buying and selling.I try to educate myself and keep occcupied with doing stuff on the computer,I have two computers,one is a desktop and the other a laptop which my wife and daughter use most of the time.I am the main computer fixer when it comes down to problems and I am good with problem solving.I am lookig very frward to helping others star their businesses also and to donate to those less fortunate.
    Yours in Business.
    Bobby Reid-NJ

  178. Jason,

    I didn’t receive my download from the product I purchased. The files was to big to complete. I would like to know if I can get that on CD,and shipped to me. I will pay for the shipping if you would send the product by mail.

    Please let me know soon. You can email me with the information and we can take it from there.

    Thank you for your prompt attention. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


    Christine Jackson

  179. Hi Jason,

    I am impressed with your products you have created so far. I am working on a myspace marketing tutorial that will be awesome! I have been internet marketing for about 6 months, what an awesome ride. I specialize in cash gifting ideas, feel free to visit my authority blog

    All the Best,

  180. Hi Jason,
    I live near Brooksville, Florida, on 32 acres of wooded property with my husband, my adult son and 97 year old mother-in-law +plus+ a dog, 2 donkeys, a bunny, and a whole bunch of cats!

    My work experience the past 9-10 years was office manager in a doctor’s office. The first doc I worked for was the boss from hell–but I really loved the job. The second doctor was one of the nicest bosses a person could have, but I hated the job so much, I just finally “couldn’t make myself do it anymore.” I left that job about 2 years ago. Last summer my son and I were offered a deal to buy a couple of laundromats, from his boss–who made some, what turned out to be outrageous, claims of income–he carried the financing. (Kind of like many of the over-hyped cyber liars!) They never made enough money to make the payments to him–I worked my tail off 7 days a week, many days for 10 or more hours, and never drew a salary for myself. After 4 months we gave them back to him.

    I’ve been messing around online, trying to figure out how to make it spit out dollar bills, for close to 2 years. Like most people, I got ripped-off a few times, lost money we couldn’t afford to lose. I am currently signed up in Affiliate Cash Secrets, but have yet to see any income, although that’s probably my fault. I suffer horribly with BRAIN SPIN, aka information overload. I’m mildly ADD (attention deficit disorder) and it’s difficult for me to stay focused, I’m very easily distracted by every little thing! So that’s my biggest battle—ME!!!!

    I’m really looking forward to generating some income soon, hopefully lots of income!

    Thanks! Kathi Harris

  181. Hi Jason, I appreciate your attitude there is quite enough of the alter on the Net as it is. Former musician (drummer) 1965/75 active gigging
    but when lucid and employed the majority was in corporate. It seems to me that I’ve been and done most things originally the Internet came to me in 1998 when I retired. However, I REALLY became side tracked then got started in 2006 with intensity increasing from there on. I’ve earned but it seems more of a hobby really there is so much to lean I find it difficult allocating time. Currently I’m involved 8-10 hours a day down from 12-16. I find it fantastic but I seem to be convincing myself I’m to old for all of this special education.

  182. My wife and I have a small “mom and pop” business for the past 25 years. Within the last year (2007) I have decided that it’s time for me to do something else. I have heard about internet marketing and have decided this is what I want to do. The past 2 months have seen me go through an information overload with all this “internet marketing” stuff. Have not had any success and I don’t want to be part of the 95% (I hear about) that fail in this business.
    My greates joys are my grandkids, the beach and golf although since I started this internet stuff I have had no time for golf or the beach.
    In addition my wife and I are still working our offline business.

  183. Hi Jason,

    Recently quit a very stressful J.O.B – 🙂
    Coming to marketing and affiliate programs with a little knowledge and a LOT of enthusiasm.

  184. Hey Jason,

    Just wanted to say hi. I’ve been receiving your
    emails for awhile now. I’m live in Jacksonville, FL, my home town. Although I did spend a lot of
    time in Canada between 1961 and 1984. I was an
    entertainer traveling from club to club. Glad
    you still have your music in your soul.

    I’m working on getting into networking; IM; affiliate Marketing. But it’s not easy. I don’t
    have my own website yet, but working on that too. Had to buy a new computer couple of weeks back. Kinda took all my $$$ to do so.

    Anyway, just wanted to say Hi!

    Jimmy or Jim

  185. Hello Jason,
    My name is Linda Silverio and I am for the most part discouraged at the way things have been for me I haven’t lost any money online…I just plain do not have any to lose. I am on disability and am struggling to figure out the affiliate marketing stuff cuz as they say the money is in the list well I don’t have one! and I have joined listjoe and viralurl and since I don’t have the money to upgrade I am overloaded to the point of near insanity with emails…and thinking to myself “what the H**L
    do I do with all these, I just try to comprehend it all, and can’t. Jason since you know computers so well, would you email me and tell me where is the clipboard? and once I save something to it how do I retreive it? Thanks man, I really appreciate your help. Thanks for listening. I know that I will get the hang of it one of these days if I stay close to the good guys like you. God Bless and Much Respect.
    Linda Silverio

  186. DD
    howdy! Jason;

    I’m in 47$/67$/97$ overload and nothing to show for it, relative to profit producing. some of these rascalions have let their true colors surface, that being two-faced, double-
    speaking…..They offer little or no implementation of their great, never need another program, the cat’s meow system.

    I’m hoping you’re the one who can bring fresh hope that the Internet really can work for everyone that needs it. I’m sure most of us need a crash course on how to setup the computer and associated programs that set the necessary bells and whistles that make online marketing click in perpetual motion.

    I’m retired from one job, but retirement for me doesn’t mean to quit working. I let too many of the so called money experts manage my retirement until they almost transacted all of it from me to them. So, here I am (not totally broke)needing your help and progressively moving forward so I can help others as well.

    Thanks for your caring and best regards to you;


  187. Hi Jason,
    It was a pleasant surprise to get you email. I’m lookibg forward to working with you. I’ve been struggling trying to get something happening with our business (my wife and I), mostly have just put out money with little in return. but…

    I’m hopeful and still plugging away.


  188. Hi Jason;

    I am a newly published author at the young age of 68. I write fiction in the suspense genre. My first book, Troubled Nightmares, was released in Dec of 2007 by Publish America.

    As you see above, I have a website that is for my writings, books, and articles that I hope to write soon.

    I have just bought your program. I will try it out for a month and get back with you on how well I did.

    I have one question, however. After going over the membeship area I noticed that it mentioned that I should rewrite some or all of the articles I use or else they may not be accepted, via my website, by google, etc. Is this correct?

  189. hi Jason,

    I am new to this game and I started out just like you, but I have not graduated out of that part yet and am looking to go in another direction. I have just now started learning how to get people signed up as soon as they see my business. I want to take it to another level. As soon as I can read your traffic secrets UNleashed I know I will get there.
    Thanks for letting me be a part of X

  190. Hi Jason,

    I also have been in the internet marketing game since 1997. Am also very into the guts of PC’s have been doing custom builds now for about 8 years, mainly for friends & their friends. I too have had plenty of failures in this business, but I am looking forward to much success with this program. Onward & Upward to success for us all.

  191. Hi fellow Canadian
    I am originally from Montreal, but now live in Trenton, Ontario. I am a real newbie, and know that I have a lot to learn. My website is one that I (foolishly?) entered upon..no luck so far.
    I am looking forward to learning from you.
    Take care,

  192. Hi Jason:
    We are just a couple of senior citizens trying to do something to make retirement a little less scary. What we don’t have in technical experience we make up in dedication and hard work. Look forward to your instruction

  193. I am a writer with a 97% finished manuscript and I want to find enough business online to allow me to make the transition to author and write the sequel and a few more series of books. I’ve worked as a computer tech, high school and college teacher of English, a webmaster, a clothstore associate, a technical writer and a telephone psychic. Never a dull moment.

    I’m ready to learn.

  194. Hello Jason,
    I am margie Sharpe and live in the USA on the west coast ,Washington ,State, and near the capitol.
    I do not recall asking for anything from this site so am sort of in the dark, I ama senior[80] and have been trying to do affiliate marketing for a yr now and have very little headway. I was advised with the program I chose to do the 30 days training and I tried to do most and finally after about 9 mos, decided I was trying to do too many tasks,so I have been stopping and cutting down to a couple,
    Now I need to get some steam up now and concentrate as I also have no knowledge how to make any changes to my website??
    here you have a bit about me, and thanks,

  195. Hi Jason,
    This is Bill here,just a few lines to say hello and thanks for the download.I’m just an ole fart trying to make a buck or two and it
    is harder than most people think. I have been
    messing around with this computer for several months and I can’t seem to make anything work for me. I have learned what most of the procedures are as far as the basics are concerned,I just need to get the proper secquence of putting everything where it needs
    to be.I’m 70yrs. old and it is not as easy as I
    thought it would be.I know there are older people using the computer for E-mail but that is not what I want to do.Any good ideas for an
    ole cuss would sure be helpful,if you have the time.Keep everything straight up there in that part of the world and thanks again.


  196. Hi Jason, I subscribed to your letter partly because you are Canadian, so thot I wanted to see what you are up to. I have been trying affiliate marketing for some time with limited success. There sure are a lot of programs offered that are very incommplete. won’t do the job! This list building is very difficult if you have none to begin with, and the sales letter makes it sound sooo easy! Hope to learn somthing here.

  197. Hi Jason
    I live in City of Palmerston, in the Northern Territory of Australia. I am married with a son and two grandchildren. I am a Children’s Librarian at the Palmerston City Library and entertain over 180 children a week with my storytime sessions. I love to sing to children, use puppets and tell stories. I have been in the profession for 26 years and absolutely love it. I am an artist and paint all NT birds, lizards and landscapes. I have had an exhibition lately and sold almost everything. We have always lived on rural properties (farm) but had to make a lifestyle change when my husband suffered a stroke 4 years ago. We purchased a lovely little cottage in Palmerston and am enjoying suburbia for the first time. Since my husband had the stroke I have been the prime earner and have been struggling trying to keep my head above water. I started looking at affiliate programs and have had my fingers burnt numerous times. I have just joined this affiliate and am hoping it will get me started finally. I have two websites, 1 is a free google website that is still being built and the other is my CBMall website, I haven’t done anything with this because it is very difficult knowing what to do. I have to admit your welcome is the best I have come across and very encouraging. I hope it all works.
    Cheers Sally

  198. Hi Jason

    My name is Teboho Macholo and I am leaving in South Africa town called Welkom in Free State Province.
    I am an Accountant by profession and I have been working for the past 19 years for long long hours traying to earn so meat. One has been working for the salary to put a bread on the table for the family and I am sick & tired to work for the boss and now is about time that I become my own boss.
    My dreame is to be a successful business man and help others to be successful as well.

    Jason, with this business opportunity and working with you, I strongly belive that I will archive my dream.

    Thank you for the opportunity that you have given to me and god bless you.

    Thank You and let us continue with this good Business.

    Best Regards
    Teboho Macholo
    South Africa – Free State

  199. I am brand new to online biz, have some setup skills and am looking for a way to make a quantum leap forward. I am trying your products to help with content as were suggested by a friend. I live in Spring Texas.
    I have developed a squeez, and download page, I have a couple of ebooks that I have been working on and I am ready to jump out there.
    I look forward to learning alot going forward.

  200. Hi Jason,

    I am Frank Mendoza and I am glad to have reached here.

    I am a retired information systems manager. My last work was with American company here in the Philippines called Dole Philippines Inc.

    I am mainly involved with mission work now. I don’t like asking donation from people so I am exploring internet marketing to help fund the mission.

    Thank you very much and God bless.

  201. Hello Jason,

    I am kind of new to all of this networking marketing. I have had an internet business in the past. Nothing like this. I am interested in getting to know this end of the internet.

  202. Hi Oickle,

    Me is a person without any job at the present juncture. So, naturally interested to earn something for maintaining ivelihood.Seeking sincerest and valued guidance and assistance to start with the Internet venture methodically and properly.

    That’s why requesting for such a bold and proper help which will surely help in generating some earning to start with.

    Ur achievement has moved me to step forward in the matter.

    Will u pls help me so ?

    Thanks a lot.

    Truly urs,
    Sengupta Mihir

  203. Hello Jason
    my name is Tony and i work in a factory and trying to raise two teens.my son 17 who is leaveing to the mariens right after graduation my daughter 14.my job puts us in the poverty level i dont know how we make it by if i didnt sell a few things on ebay we would never make it .im asking if you can help me learn how to do internate marketing.and actully make money at it. i think i have spent enough trying and i just dont understand it. please any help like step by step would be nice im sure thats imposable though know how buisy you are.
    god bless and if you ever have time im willing to listen
    god bless

  204. Hi everyone

    My name: Jacques, 36. Living in South Africa.(Best Country – no matter what other people say – see it for yourself) Married to my best and only friend for 4 years but know her for 11 years. No children (Two legged kind) But have 2 of the 4 legged kind
    Employment: South African Police(Working with horses. Loving the horse but the people….)
    I’m still trying to sort out loose ends(Paying end) to this great business.What a way to wake up.
    Any and i mean any advice will be appreciated.

  205. Hello,
    My name is Maisoon and I am stay at home mom for my 11 month old boy. I was in the corporate for 6 years as a Corporate Trust Supervisor. I have been involved with internet marketing before with not much success, but I do believe it was me and not the systems so much. Currently I am in a program that walks you step by step which is unusual but wonderful. No matter what program, it ends up being a numbers game…the more you advertise the better the response which eventually means signups. In order to get different results we must do things differently.

  206. Margaret Mauldin

    Thanks for your help. I am new to e commerce business and need traffic to website.

    Margaret Mauldin

  207. Hello Jason,

    Thanks for sharing the personal information about yourself. I really feel that in doing so, you add a more personalized view of yourself, that yes, you are a real person and touchable. You know what I mean?

    Anyway I am a happily retired woman working online in the marketing of information software, web site services and other related products and services.

    I too have made a few mistakes with the “Get rich” schemes and have learned from them. I’m here now to learn all I can and to have plr content to sale.

    I’ve heard it all over the internet how important it is to publish your own content, so that is one of my present goals.

    I wanted to also personally thank you for this web site and the resources you’ve made available.

    To your continued success,


  208. Hi Jason:

    This is all new to me. I’m retired from the Corporate world, trying to make a living as a self employed bookkeeper, which I’m not enjoying in the least. So I’m trying to re-invent myself. Right now, it’s a big learning curve, but one I hope to master. Looking forward to working with you.



  209. Hello Jason my name is Alvin Couey and I am replying to an e-mail I received from you.
    I went to your web page at http://www.jasonoickle.com/about and thoroughly enjoyed
    learning about you and some of their people that helped you get started online.

    Like I said my name is Alvin Couey I live in Keystone Heights Florida in the United States.
    I am a native Floridian and never lived in any other state. I am paralyzed from the neck
    down with no functional use of either hand. The doctors classified me and lay quadriplegic
    incomplete, which means all four limbs were compromised by my injury to my neck.

    I have been trying for several years to make a steady income online with very little success.
    I use voice recognition software when I use my computer. The program that I use helps me
    a lot. My goals are to get out from under the government’s regulations and rules that have
    been put upon me. I try to be as self sufficient as possible.

    Thank you for your e-mail.
    Best Regards
    Alvin Couey

  210. HI Jason,

    I am also very new to the internet marketing world but I believe I found a really good program, and its going to take some patience and due diligence. I could always use some tips on getting people to at least look at what I have found.
    Looking forward to working with you,

    all the best Satoya!

  211. Hi Jason-
    I am Cate from Ireland- I have written a book and am trying to learn how to network so as to market it.
    I am also a member of GDI – which is fun and lucrative.
    Where you get hosting/server and ten email addresses for $10 dollars a month plus fantastic affiliate offer.
    My biggest prob is lists – and group emailing!

  212. Hi Jason,
    Just a couple months ago I got serious in the home business arena, but I’ve been studying like crazy and want to learn some more. I have had much experience recruiting people and I am learning some much better techniques. I’m excited about this and am posting what I learn on my website.

  213. Hey Jason – I so enjoyed hearing your east coast accent in your promo video. I am originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia and am hoping to succeed in the affiliate marketing business so I can return back east this fall and be able to at least partly support myself through affiliate marketing. I must confess I have been getting pretty discouraged with it all … everyone promises life changing secrets but it is either too complicated or too costly for newbies like myself so I am really hopeful you will help and our common origins will be my lucky charm. Abundance and Health for all, DonaRita

  214. Hi Jason, My primary problem is how to increase public awareness for my new toy product “Todd’s Origami Paper Airplane PuzzlerTM (patent pending)”. I decided recently to get involved with affiliate marketing programs and eProducts in order to drive traffic to my toddsshopboard.com and toddscreative.com websites. I could really use immediate help & ideas to get revenue traffic streams working in the next few months. My long range goal is to brick and mortar sell my new toy into retail.
    Why is it that affiliates seem uninterested in real toy new products?

  215. Jason,
    What a breath of fresh air. Great to read that there are so many of the mature age group having a go at the internet. I, too, am in that category and have been trying to supplement my income for only 10 weeks so far. What annoys me most is that there is so much information out there that is a waste of time. And the numbers of “hoops” you have to jump through for what whould be a relatively easy task.
    In my “other” life I manage a dairy farm for a New South Wales, Australia, government body. I have been working with dairy cows since my birth well over 50 years ago. I enjoy this work immensely, but the years of hard slog have my body wearing out. My plan is to try to make enough money online to be able to retire a little earlier than is otherwise possible.
    To everyone out there trying the same, I wish you all good luck and hope that around the corner is what we are all looking for.
    Jason, thank you for the personal touch and good luck

  216. Hello! I’m Glenn Ellis. This name will be famous on the internet one day! But for now I am really just getting Started. I have been “fooling” around with online businesses for a few months. I am learning a great deal very rapidly. I am really concentrating my efforts on generating traffic which in turn will generate sales. I just downloaded your ebook and I can’t wait to read it! Before I do though, I wanted to drop you a line to let you know a little about me. I WILL be a success story! Please add my email to your personal address book. If there is ever anything you would like to share with me I am quite willing to listen. Thank you in advance for all you do!

  217. Hi…my name is Joe…and I am an Internet Marketing Addict…..I’ve been hooked for a while now, and…I just can’t seem to break the habbit!

    Lol, really, I just like to surround myself with other successful people, in hopes of reaching the same status myself.

    I just found out about you, but, from the looks of your website, we will be getting to know each other very well!!

    Thanks for the inspiration.


  218. Hi Jason its been a plaguer to do business with
    you .
    please check my web site you will get a good idea
    about me.



  219. Hi Jason,
    It is nice to meet you. I have just joined your Private Label Club, and am recommending it to my list. It is nice doing business with someone real! Thanks for all your help and advice. I look forward to learning more from you, as Internet Marketing is a profitable business.

  220. Hi Jason,

    Like many of us who came into Internet marketing trying to find our way, I know what you mean. That was my story.

    It was almost embarrassing. I’ve been an marketing strategist and consultant for 30 years. How hard could this Internet sales stuff be, I thought.

    I bought so-called “newbie” stuff that was like buying a basic math primer and you got a book on physics instead. I was lost!

    Fortunately, through trial and error, a lot of error! I found my way.

    Two friends of mine had the same experience. We looked everywhere and bought a lot of stuff, hoping to get a step-by-step guide to start marketing online. Since we had to finally learn it. After we got going we decided to create one.

    We spent 9 months building a course for the true beginner in Internet Marketing, First Step Internet Marketing.

    Like all good marketers, we’re giving away a value based special report on the state of Internet Marketing and how or if anyone can expect to profit today.

    All the best,
    Tom Justin

  221. Hi Jason

    My name is Shirley and I’m from a small town in South Africa called Harrismith., which I think is very beautiful. We have our own mountain called Platberg (which translated means Plate Mountain) and the countryside is really beautiful.

    Like many I am also in my sixties ( although in my mind I like to think I am still 20) I have three children who are all married 2 sons and a daughter, I also have 7 grandaughters, My youngest Son has been married for only 18 months, so we are hoping he will have a Son to carry on the family name. My daughter emigrated to Australia a year ago with her husband and four daughters and is doing extremely well so far, so much so that my youngest Son went over for a holiday at the beginning of April an is coming back in 2 days time all ready with a job there, he is also leaving to improve his lifestyle.

    I started looking for a business opportunity in Novemeber 2007 and have to date not started anything yet, I am also suffering from information overload and finding it difficult to understand many of the opportunities out there. I am at present more interested in Affiliate programs, and have joined two or three on a Free Start up basis, but will soon have to upgrade in order to earn anything at all, I just wish someone would come up with a genuine FREE signup where you could start earning immediately in order to earn enough to upgrade, I personally don’t have the finances to upgrade in many instances, as I do not work after having suffered an accident in October last year which left me incapable. I am still waiting for a compensation payout and the medical bills broke my husband of 45 years an myself. I am hoping Jason that your information is going to help me make money as I want to go to Australia in December and visit my family.

    Lets hope we can all realise our goals with your help.

    Kind regards

  222. Hi Jason
    My name is Jeff and i am from a little town in Texas called New Boston. I just moved here a couple months ago from Madras Oregon to be close to my 2 daughters and granddaughter. About 5 years ago i came down with a disease in my spin that just rocked my world.After fighting with social security for 4 years i finally got my disability pay. And now i barely get by living month to month.So not being able to work i thought i would try the internet.As of today i am spread all over the place and not sure what I’m doing in most of them.
    So I’m hopeing thru your teaching that i can learn a lot of winning ways to succeed.

    Best Regards

  223. Hermawan Susilo

    Hi Jason…
    Thanks for your Information and your offer to joining with you family. Oc, Please give more about your lesson. I will happy be waiting..

    Best Regards,

    Hermawan Susilo

  224. Hi Jason,
    Great to know you through the book Email Secrets. Trying my best to earn something online but unsuccessful until now. Which is better Affiliate Marketing or PLR?

  225. Hi Jason, I may one of be your oldest newbies and on paper I’m already a $MM. At 60 in the UK where the property market has had another temp. down turn I build new using my own cash (big mistake these days), but no debts. I also have a lot of properties to refurb in France. I am facing a potential cash flow problem. In anticipation I helped a fellow bro. (no we dont’t kiss turkeys’ butts) who was having problems financing his huge bungalow but he has not been able to sell his old house to raise the money owed, hence, and with the fact that I work hours that would kill some youngsters, I need to find an e-bus. that I can run to compliment my existing bus.. I currently have a site as in box above but the 10 products are not cutting edge and I do not expect to make a single penny without a lot of work which could be better employed elsewhere. The company and site oganizer: NSA tech..LLc, myproductcentre. I feel Newbies should avoid, I have concerns. No CS and no mentor as promised or they are just incompetent/overloaded. I have a few affiliate sites under others such as John Denton and have a lot more confidence in these, if I get the time to learn and act. My test for all potential associates is how well they manage to stay in communication. Time is the enemy, as a part time job I cannot recommend such ventures yet others appear to have done it. Initial research took 2 weeks of long hrs and total concentration signing up to all the free stuff. I’ve also signed up for surveys, anyone contemplating this should be female and US based.

    Anyone with earth science coffee table books by Messrs: Mitchell Beazley, Dorling Kindersley, Readers Digest and Random House Encyclopedia etc., will discover my old identity in the credits; I used to illustrate books, on and off from 1969-1995, and also worked freelance within advertising from 1977-90. Then came along all that software. From about ’93 I also worked as an engineering consultant(yes I have done RS). I have a small farm that has turned into a nature reserve. I can’t even sell the land at the moment. I retrained myself as an architect and taught myself French, and also qualified as an electrician. I do all the building trades single handed on my own projects in both countries. I also am looking forward to your instruction.

  226. Richard Trumps

    My name is Richard, and I am about to celebrate my 42nd anniversary to the most wonderful woman I have ever met. We started sitting together at church when I was eleven, and before I knew it, I was grown (17) so we got married. She is disabled with muscular dystrophy. She is in the final stages and is dependent on a ventilator and not able to safely leave the nursing home. But the good news is that God allowed diabetes to ditch me and we both entered the nursing home at the same time. We are having a ball in the nursing home, teaching Bible classes, counseling whoever needs and wants it, and being with one another.

    After 37 years as a minister, I was not able to continue. However, the brethren had another idea. I preached several more years with someone walking me up the steps and putting a stool behind me so I could preach. I now send sermons on CD to my beloved brethren. I still communicate with those I preached for in 1970. Maybe I did something right, lol.

    I have a job that keeps me a little busy, and am looking forward to getting leads legitimate.

    My wife gave us three children, one of each, oh no, wait, two boys and one girl. Well that wasn’t even, so we adopted a girl, so we have four children and eighteen grandchildren. Whew!!


  227. I am just getting started in internet marketing. My pre-retirement work was always for somebody else (Software engineer), so there is a long, hard learning curve to being a business owner.

  228. Hi Jason,

    I purchased your Google Adsense course three days ago and signed up to your membership club from the link in the first pdf file. I like your style and will be adding your products to my site asap!

    Best wishes,

    David Hurley

  229. I am currently roaming on the internet looking for the right system. I have joined other system and spent more than $500 on other system another $300 on other but still havent recieved any good news like “Notification of Payment Received”, you have leads and prospect.

    I hope that I chose the right system.

    Thanks and best wishes.

    Toani Kamatie

  230. Hello,
    Thanks for the welcome. I’ve been trying to get something going online for a while and have not been successful. Am hoping something will work soon. I live in Texas and have all of my life. I’ve bought many programs that were worthless and REALLY need to find something that actually delivers! I want to help a lot of people and can’t without something that works!
    Just became “grandparent” to four little Cocker Spaniel pups Monday night. Our precious little dog gave birth while we all watched. Now I don’t know if I can let them go when they are old enough. Three of them are already spoken for but we are madly in love with them!
    I can use all the help you can give. Advertising is my biggest problem, I think.
    Kathy Prickett

  231. Hi Jason,
    I,ve read a few posts and I too like your style.
    I’ve been online now for about 6 months and have a few websites built (when I started I had to ask how to send an e-mail;0) weluvbabies.com is my best website completed so far.I set it up to sell some affiliate products.I’m working on a new website,will be building a list ect. ect. ect.
    So much to do.I learn something new everyday and one day I will be successful online!!!
    Anyway I’m glad I’m on your list Jason,and look forward to hearing from you.
    To Our Success,
    Jerry Lindenburger

  232. Hmmm. I can see where you come from since even I have had similar experiences. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Hopefully will learn useful things over here.

  233. Hi Jason, I see that I posted on your site a year ago January! I have made some progress since that time but am still not where I want to be. I believe I tried too many different progams and have been diligently streamlining what I get involved in. Looking forward to working with you.

    I am 73, retired but spending most of my time on the internet. Can’t get bored that way.


  234. Hi Jason

    Just want to say hi and intrioduce myself. I was born in Halifax also. I have relatives there still. I am just outside Truro in Debert. I am interested in making contact with people like you who are devoted to their craft.

    I’m not much of a techie, but have played around on the computer now for a good many years.

    I’ve been testing the waters and studying internet marketing or networking for a few years now.

    In the last year I have reall taken the plunge and invested a lot into building my own within the web. I am looking for qualified people to join my team and hope you may consider being on my team as well.

    I am just startibng to apply the knowledge I have gained am looking for the shortcuts that can speed up the process.

    If you find tghe time I would appreciate hearing from you again. You will have to remind me of how we got connected as I do a lot of surfing and joining others to broaden my scope and horizons. Before actually going full throttle at the marketing I have been stealthily and strategically been setting up many income streams that all will have to be networked together to complete the system I am creating. Any suggestions are welcome.

    Have a great and profitable day and go for the gusto. I wish I had started learning about computers much earlier in life, but have been busy in other business as well as, studying everything I can get my hands on. This new venture is my dream and I intend to see it through. I require the very best in all fields that will help promote and develop the system I have planned. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Yours in prosperity and marketing success.

    Richard Yorke (CEO)

  235. Hi Jason
    I’m Lillie from Mesa, Arizona. I have been around the internet for a few years now and have also tried the affiliate programs with little money made.
    I now have my own internet business, but if you visit my website it leaves a lot to be desired. I am still learning. Marketing is the real issue that concerns me most at the preesent.
    Right now I am going to college and taking Information Technology/Visual Communications. It will include web design using Dreamweaver, a program that loses me to be sure.
    Looking forward to working with you.

  236. Kathy McMillan

    Hi Jason,
    I am a newbie… I have been working so hard at making this business work and have not been able to create traffic so far.
    I am looking forward to a breakthrough….
    teach me 😉


  237. Lorna Rosalie Petty

    I’ll tell you about me in an email as I cannot cope on here with small print and no spell checker I only type one handed and my good hand was badly damaged when I took a nasty toss 10 weeks ago and I have a frozen shoulder and too much pain and a dodgy internet connection!
    Thank you for offering to help – I graciously accept and mayhap one day I’ll be in a position to repay your kindness if not to you to a proxy.
    bye for now
    lots of love ec etc etc
    Loverly Lorn aka lorna rosalie
    I promise in the next day or two I talk on m favourite subject – one which O am undisputed master of – ME
    and the ongoing trials of a budding millionaire if only I can raise enough money to pay the courier ransoms holding my just won lotteries and specal awards – I refruse to believe they are all scammers

  238. Andrea Lacey-Payne

    Hey there Jason, just dropping in to say hello.

    I was really excited to see that Mr. Dupon had posted up there! He has been my source of inspiration as well as Jimmy Brown for a long time now.

    I am glad to meet you! Take Care!

  239. My wife, Yvonne, and I live in beautiful Ventura, California USA. Married almost 30 years with a 23 year old daughter. My wife’s background is in the medical field and mine was in print advertising until I had a double lung transplant in 2006 due to pulmonary fibrosis. We’ve been on the net for a while – without much success. We’ve tried a number of get rich quick scams – some mlm. We finally found one we really love – healthy chocolate – however it is still hard to get it off the ground. All that I’ve read said articles are one of the best long term ways of getting traffic, but since I’m not much of a writer – this will be ideal. Thank you for putting this together.

  240. Hi,
    I just joined and looking for way to help other people like you and your members’s income GROW.

    I think this is an good tool to start with.

    Thank you

  241. Hi Jason,

    I’ve just downloaded your “Traffic Secrets Unleashed” and I’m going to read it carefully tonight. From what I’ve read, it sounds interesting and promising. I’ve just ventured into online affiliate marketing and I hope I benefit from your free manual. I never thought I’d ever find people in the web who would be generous enough to share their knowledge for FREE. I think I’d be communicating often with you as I feel you can help me get off the ground with my internet endeavor. May your tribe increase!

  242. Jason Oickle !

    Good to know more about you.
    I will study your
    insights about Adsense
    and find out how to
    profit of it.

    I work with indirect
    marketing methods, design,
    topic research and evaluation.

  243. Hi Jason,

    I’ve just joined your business via Streamline Magic. Very excited to get started with your business.
    I have been doing Internet Marketing for about 5 years. Never made any money worth talking about except for my Ebay site known as ‘beautyfulthings4u’ which I’ve had for 5 years.
    I am looking forward to my new venture with Streamline Magic.

  244. Hi Jason,
    My name is Jackie and I live in Florida. I am retired and therefore have time to spend on my internet businesses. I work each day but do not get very far. I am hoping to meet with success here. One of the problems is that I don’t have a lot of extra cash to invest. I appreciate anything you can do.

  245. Hi Jason,

    Nice to know you.

    I am a self-employed person. Part of that, I also involved in internet businesses since year 2006. I also actively in Stocks trading in SGX.

    Previously, I failed in FIVE Off-line businesses especially in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)(year 2003-2005).

    With my present internet businesses (as a free and paid members in several internet businesses), I have seen the good results so far and have build great downline. I really hope that my downline will grow and grow unlimited in future. 🙂

  246. Hello Jason-
    I have spent the last 20 or so years in Direct Sales, but when I got this opportunity I found that advertising on the internet is NOTHING LIKE I’VE EVER DONE. In 2001 I became disabeled due to some cancers, and after I’ld recouperated enough to sit for prolonged periods, I started to promotye this Gasoline/Diesel program. Since it offers 10% to 25% INCREASED mileage PLUS 40% OFF retail when you buy gas, I thought it would be simple. Boy was I wrong. (There are too many crooks on the internet. Everyone suspects you are trying to “steal” their money!) I’ve been doing this for the past 4 months now, but haven’t personally sponsored anyone.

    I really hope that you will be able to help me learn HOW to get this across to folks. It is not that I don’t work long hours on a consistant basis. I am at the computer a minimum of 9 hours a day, 7 days a week. I do have some problems:
    1.) Because I am on disability, and my wife is on S.S. retirement, we are on a very FIXED INCOME. I can’t afford the types of programs that promise to advertise my site,and:
    2,) Because of the fixed-income, I can only afford to have dial-up ISP. Because of that I can’t watch videos, hear audio, or do 75% of the things that people on the net take for granted.

    I am REAL GLAD I found your site. Now maybe I can get the kind of HELP I need!

    Thanks for being there-
    Raymond E. Gay

  247. Hi Jason
    I have been trying to earn a living on the internet since losing my job (boss was a real toerag), as a technical support supervisor. I live in Spain but am British so getting a job here (other than dishwashing or waitressing) is impossible.
    I was so chuffed yesterday when one of the products I affiliate for SOLD 1 ITEM, I have earned a grand total of 63$ in 6 months, oh Im dying. Hope your system is going to help me further.
    I look forward to hearing more from you.
    All the best

  248. Hi Jason

    My name is Octavia and I am living in Sweden.
    I don´t have my own website. I know that I need one but I have wasted time and money trying several programs whithout positive results. I am retired and I need a extra income for me and my loved ones.I don´t give up and I will try again with your system. I have just sign up for your system and I think that you will help me.
    Thank you for give me hope.
    Best regards

  249. Hi Jason, I have come to realize that all of us have basically the same story about our online trials. I have slowly come to understand that about 97% of us spend money on the net and make no money. I am retired, and got on the net because I was bored. It didnt take me long to get hooked.I was self employed in the car business and pretty successful most of my life
    That also makes me a stubborn person.I was about to call it quits when I got an email from Dirk Dupon,and I really believed he would help me to finally make money online. He referred me to your website and I signed up.I also believe that you will help many of us who have left comments to make money.Thanks for a really good looking program for a great price, and I look forward to a good, long relationship.Good luck and God bless all of you, and smile on all of us. John, just a good old Georgia Boy.

  250. Hi Jason, I’m very new to internet marketing. My goal is to earn enough online so that I can quit my job and do volunteer work with Juveniles caught up in the “system” and seniors left in nursing homes by their families. I look forward to working with and learning from you. Jill

  251. Hello jason,

    My name is Jerry parks. I live in Orlando FL. I am a full time home based buisiness peson. I do several Businesses form home that spam several Industies and markets. I spend most of my time as a Real Estate Wholesalers of New Condos, Townhouses, and Single Family Homes. I also work a couple of MLM programs in the Travel Indutry and Cell Phone Industry. I also started a Publishing compnay recently with a couple of associates and we are publishing eBooks about spiritual truths and educational topics. I have been studying Spiritual life fro over 30 yers and am a member of the Family Federation for World Pece and nification. We have millionns of members that are trying to educate people of all faiths and nationalities that we are all God’s children and we need to live and work together to build a world of peace and create One Family Under God.

    I am happpyh to meet you and hopefully we can work together and you can teach me how to become a better marketer on the Internet. I really need to get bettere becasue I know it’s all about marketing.

    My Home business tel number i 407 -282-4056 EST. Please call me and we can get to know ech other. I have a very close friend, like brother, named Justin George, that lives in Cape Britton, NS and He’s from Antigonish.
    I jniw he would like to get to know you as well. I’ll send him yur info.

    Once again thanks for the intorduction and I hope you can read this brief bio of me as well.

    Jerry Parkls
    407-282-4056 EST

  252. I am into the earning money online to better our life and to become financially stable. I have been doing paid emails for years now, just getting into the marketing thing and would like to become as good at it as i am at reading emails (lol). I love being at home on the pc earning money and the thought of having the money to be my own boss and possibly stretching to where hubby can retire early is my main goal.

  253. Hello,

    I am a 51 year old guy who worked in IT for 25 years and got sick of all the problems. The only time someone would come into my office was if their email wasn’t working or they couldn’t print.

    I left my job in Nov 2007 and am working part time and trying to do this internet marketing thing.

    I got to tell you – it is very over whelming. I am trying to figure out where to even start. I am getting so many emails a day its nuts. I would love to find a mentor to teach me how to make a living as an internet marketer.

    Thanks for reading.

  254. Hello Jason- I currently live in beautiful Arizona. Just moved here from Connecticut for my husband’s job but that meant I had to leave mine. I am a massage therapist and a healer. I am Cherokee Native American also.
    I have been spending the last couple of months reading and trying to learn what you have to do to have an online business. I have learned a lot, including not to spend a lot of money on some of these programs. After a while, you can pretty well sort the good from the bad. I don’t have a web site yet but I am nearly ready. See you at the top.
    Nice to meet you.

  255. Hi,Jason. Mike is here.I presently working in the United Arab Emirates. I have 24 our on call duty, the reason why I tried to look for another way for a living in order to give ample time to my family.

    I am new to this online business and not good in computer either.However I develop my interest on this field.

    Hoping you can help me. Thanks and more power to you.

    Best regards,

  256. Hi Jason,
    I just got your email today and have to say that I’m impressed with your website. Over the past few years, I’ve grown weary of all these moneymaking pitches filling my inbox, but yours has that personal touch and I can’t wait to try it.
    I started a site that is a listing of great programs that I’ve come across called cool money online. It is growing gradually and hope you and your visitors will visit! All the best!

  257. G’day,Jason.
    I’m one of those people who keep signing up for the Next Big Thing,hoping that one may be an honest business that I can work,to supplement my Age Pension,which,in Australia,isn’t much.
    Some advice on how to pick good’uns and toss out the scams would be greatly appreciated.

  258. Robert Richardson

    Hi Jason,

    You know my son’s name is Jason I think it is a good name. just wanted to say that, well here we go I am a Computer Technician and Have done this for all my life. I am 50 years old and looking to work at home. I had started the affiliate thing and it’s been about three months and nothing. Then I picked up some info from a webinar and after searching the web and places to print articles for marketing. I found your site and now I am trying your systems hoping to get some return. my site L.L. computer repair is also my affiliate site after doing some reading I found out that you should not put all your affiliate links on one site. But since it is already up well! I am now making one site for one affiliate and looking to get into some other lines of work at home systems. the info I got from you about traffic secrets was very informative and open my eyes to new ideas. I have implemented a lot of it and now I am waiting to see how I did. Also the clickbank was new for me too I thank you and will be waiting for more hints and tips to help my business.

    Robert Richardson

  259. I have tried many things. I have tried pushing
    health items, video E-mailing, I have joined
    many things on the internet and wasted a lot of money, trying to make money. I have had no success yet, but I know I will succeed , because I don.t give up. I work a full time JOB,
    and I have a Vending Service Business. My new
    venture is HUGE and I know I will make it a
    success with this. I hope to learn from Jason.
    To all our successes,

  260. Hi Jason,
    My name is SAHAROM.I am Simple,Active,Hardworking,Appreciative,Relaxed,Outrageous,Mystical.My location is shah alam,selangor,MALAYSIA.I joined your program coz I like to learn and share the opportunity from you in making money online.I hope we can share and work together on how to build a good income online.
    Hoping you can help me.Wish you all yhe best!!

  261. Arnoldo Echavarren

    I am retired vet, I have been working on medicinal plants for more than 20 years and a complete newbie on internet marketing. This can be easily seen if you visit my websites and blogs (all is in the URL stated). I decided to start from the scratch and wait to see what I can get. Kind regards from Montevideo, Uruguay, South America.

  262. Well been struggling now for a year. Not that i do not try as time goes by it is a learning curb and i will get thier. I am glad to see your doing well and i know i am going in the write direction with you and Mike F. Anyway have a nice day all the best

    regards Qamar

  263. Hello Jason,
    I am glad to meet you. I am an retired hotel service worker from Anchorage, Alaska. I now make my home in Pennsylvania.
    I first advertised you ad with clickbank, and decided to click onto your website and I am glad I did. I have a dear friend that built my website for me and is helping me to build a list. But I felt I needed more info. Thank you for your kindness.
    I enjoy gardening, walking, church and sewing and I do enjoy my computer. I have only been able to get to the internet for about 4 years. Have alot to learn.
    One of the links in my website is something I am very passionate about. They are all very special, too.
    Well, I am closing for now will write more as I will succeed and you know it!

  264. HI J,

    I’m a ‘baby’ when it comes to internet marketing. Computers used to scare me a little because I was a bit clueless. Having said that I’ve gone from novice to OK within the last couple of months! Good job since I’m planning to make a real go of Internet Marketing.
    I just wanted to say thanks for VAU. That, single-handedly, is probably the most successful site for me getting enquiries.
    Thanks again.

  265. Jeff"Spiderz"Martin

    Hi Jason
    Thanks for all the links and tools,I am trying to get a home business going,but I’m failing miserably…the past 2 years…….
    I been learning affiliate marketing the past 4 years,I have an online mall,a game site,but still trying to really break it open,I am a member of over 20 social marketing sites,and various ptc sites,I have my master business licence and I am able to sell on E bay,so many things available for me, but I have no money to invest in anything presently, which has stalled me the past year,as I live on a small disability,I expected to get some$$ by now for all my PTC activity,but no$$ as of yet..
    Now I have started promoting “PRIVATE LABEL” in hopes of some change in my position,thanks for your help

  266. Hi Jason
    I have red all the your website and didn’t understand how I can start to earn from your program ? maybe because my English lang. is the third lang. !!!
    But really I need your help to raise my family,
    May you help me !!!


  267. Hello my name is Rhonda and I live in Dickinson, ND. I have three children and a awesome husband. We both have always love the idea of network marketing and the stay at home business. We struggled for many years with this, but found a program that helped us find the best company out there. Now we help others find their right company and love mentoring. It is awesome when you work with great people.
    Thanks for your site ListBandit, I am sure to see results soon, I just started. My goal is to help as many people possible with the frustrations of network marketing. With your list building, I will be able to! Again Thanks!

  268. Hi Jason,

    This is Chithra from India. Glad to see u on the net. I am working for a limited company with a small income, hardly making both ends meet.

    I am really looking for online business opportunities and getting many emails everyday regarding the smae. All of them give a big say and promise so many huge profits. Ultimately what they can offer – not very sure. With my small income at present I cannot afford to start with a investment/payment. I don’t even have a credit card for me. I am yet to have a website of my own.

    At this level what best solution/opportunity can u provide me?
    Seriously looking for a real online business.

    Hope u can help me, guide me to become successful.

    See u,


  269. Hi Jason,

    I am a struggling network marketer who is still trading time for money in a full time job unfotunatly. My goal is to replace my income and a wee bit more and finally say know to the man. I hear you saying Halleujah and amen to that brother.
    I know I will succeed its just a matter of time.
    Look forward to hearing from you Jason.


  270. Hi Jason,

    My name is Zunizam From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Juast call me nizamadib. I am very new as a blogger. I already develop a blog but until now, very sad to say..not much traffic go thru my blog. I’m doing a program that can make all the people get a better live and financial free if they really understand the program. Thankyou very much for the chances that u have be given to me. Tq

  271. Hi I am a retired loger from alaska I was eingerde so I came hame and stated remodaling
    homes but my back and lages got worce,so know
    I am trying to work on line but I know nothing
    about a computer so i am haveing a hard time
    a monton man using acomputer its not a chansow
    but I am trying, if you can help me please I
    need some help. I am 63 years of age I live on
    disabelate and it dont pay the billes I got to
    move out so I need to make some money so if you can help please my nomber is 408-679-2496 or email me I will do anything to make it.
    Skip Slaymaker

  272. Hi Jason, I am brand new myself.Mother of 8 grandmother of 4,am having a hard time figuring it all out.Hoping you can help

  273. Hi Jason
    Thanks for your site ListBandit. I am new to this, so hope I get some results – have been very frustrated with my launch into network marketing, without much success. I am determined to make it work, so I hope this will turn things around.
    Thanks very much

  274. Jason,
    First I want to thank you for sharing, now here’s mine. I am currently working in a job I don’t like and I am looking to make money on the internet.
    Thank you for your time,

  275. Hi Jason,
    My special thanks for your email and its contents.I have been on the Internet for a while now since I retired three years ago.I was also involved with a lot of Internet businesses that promised ‘heaven and earth’ and eventually delivered nothing.You are not alone, and we have all at one time been victims of these Internet scams.I soley do Internet marketing with particular reference to ‘Niche Marketing’.Your tips,experience and dedication will be most invaluable.

    Best regards,

  276. Filomena J Serraino

    Hi, I would like to introduce myself, I own and operate seolinkmart. My message to newbies is quite simple, Using one way links for your Web Promotion gets results. WHY? Link popularity is one of the most important factors in search engine performance. Increasing the number of links to your Website will get your site listed higher in search engine results, generating more Website Traffic, increasing your Google PR and improving your site’s overall strength.

    Wishing You Much Success

  277. Hello there;
    I was in your part of the world this summer. Really enjoyed it.
    Your new computer adventure looks good.
    Best of luck,

  278. Hi Jason
    I read all your website and I still don’t understand how I can start to earn some money from your program. Maybe because my English is not to good.
    I hope I get some results,I have been very frustrated with my network marketing, without much success.
    But really, I need your help to raise my family,do you can help me?

  279. Jimmy and Marshell

    Thank you for inviting me here. I am Marshell Russell. My boyfriend, Jimmy Wooley and I started selling on eBay to realize our dreams.

    Now, with all the problems eBay is having, we have decided to diversify…we still sell on eBay, but we are also getting into other venues.

    We want to get married, and buy a home, or some property in the country. We want to have a small farm and teach our kids and grands about taking care of themselves; being self efficient, growing there own food.

    Jimmy wants to start his own junking business. I would love to breed dogs to sell.Animals are my passion.

    We are living in a small city in Ohio. It is poor and run down, and we want out! However, at this time we are barely making it…that’s why we are here; to make money.

  280. Hello Jason: All of this is new to me. Thought working off the internet would be different and hopefully be profitable and may I say fun. It will be meeting new friends, as I see even from other countries. I am excited. Right at the moment, I don’t know exactly what I am suppose to do. Think I will let it be up to you to tell me where to start. Enough for now. Hope to hear from you soon. Dr. Donna

  281. Hi Jason
    I read all your website and I still don’t understand how I can start to earn some money from your program. Maybe because my English is not to good.
    I hope I get some results,I have been very frustrated with my network marketing, without much success.
    But really, I need your help to raise my family,do you can help me?

  282. Hanne Laub Silavwe

    Thanks. Ian a feamle, born in Denmark and I have 2 brothers and 4 sons. My husband is born in Zambia, Africa and we came to Canada together in 1992. We have lived in Victoria, BC, ever since. We have 6 chickens, 1 dog and 1 cat and a huge yard and we grow all our own vegetables and fruits, also lots of flowers. Wonderful neighbours, quiet street, many children play here. I have a univeristy degree as an Architect; but have just retired, also I am diabetic – which is a quite boring disease. I love life and allmost all activities and am a good artist, painting and drawing and writing. Few; but very selected friends. I am a happy person, always with a smile to spare! That was about me. Hanne

  283. Hello Jason,
    Nice website I see you’re from Canada so we’ve got something in common before we even atrated out in business. My sister lives in Yukon Territories and I’m based in the UK. Been marketing online for a few months and it’s been one hell of a rollercoaster ride. Before I joined this business I was stracthing my head and sobbing because I knew I had a desire to build a business but could not really understand this list building thing. I stumbbled across MLMsquezeepages after a good sob. The link to James Grandstaff site was within another site that I had bookmarked four months ago! When I saw mlm squezee pages and how this system of building a list came on I knew I could exponentially grow a massive residual income with very little know how. Jason I’m proud to be a part of this growing team and I’m looking forward to making money with you and countless others! Thanks for introducing me to plr’s etc…

    See you at the top

    Youpele Ekpedekumo


    United Kingdom

  284. Hi Jason, I’m Annie,36,from the U.K. and I’m pretty much a frustrated newbie. Like you,I have spent loadz of time & money on “scams” or businesses’ that promise things you don’t get. I worked as a psychiatric nurse for 17yrs & desperately want to turn my back on that job. Unfortunately, while trying to learn about earning from my computer,I have found myself signing up to approx. 10 businesses’ and am now up to my eyeballs with e-mails (100s a day!) & am not getting anywhere! I am looking forward to hearing what you have to say, and thankyou in advance for “teaching” us.

  285. Hi, I’m Don McNulty, and I am just getting restarted online after some months of disability due to injury and illness.

    I own several domain names.I have some plans for them, although I only have a couple operating so far as redirects.

    My biggest asset is my 46k+ mailing list from before the involuntary vacation. I sent a mailing to them recently explaining my absence and included an unsubscribe link if they were no longer interested. Out of 47K+ subscribers, I lost only about 1k, so I guess they’re going to stay loyal. Therefore, I plan to work that list as the basis of my restart.

    My plans include a “newbie” membership site and book, along with a “newbie” blog. I’ll also be trying to develop affiliate marketing, along with some small niche sites, so as to create multiple streams of income. Having “all my eggs in one basket” does not seem wise to me.

    Oh yeah, for “fun”, I maintain a creche exhibit blog and website (for free), plus my own personal blog, which is sometimes good for a chuckle. The addresses are below my signature.


  286. Hi Jason,

    I really am not making money on the net right now. I am investigating what to do and so far have only confused myself and thus haven’t done anything.

    I retired as a high school principal from several large schools to have the opportunity of taking care of my grand children and it could not have been a better decision. The rewards arn’t monetary but the love is forever.

    Anyway, I am looking to do something to be able to give my grand kids many of the things I could not have for myself, such as; cars and an advanced education which I had to pay for on my own. They are only 4 and 7 years so I figure with good health I have the opportunity to do this. By the way, my third grand child is on the way so I have one more that I wish to help.

    Oh well, that’s my story,


  287. Hi, Jason
    Thanks for welcoming to your family! I guess you got my email address from listbandit. I live in Chicago, Illinois. Been trying for 6 yrs. to make a living online. I am starting to make money now, though not enough yet to give up my wage job. The most important thing I learned is one must learn how to drive traffic to a website and build their own list. Without these two basic skills you are probaly wasting your time and money. No matter what you are trying to market.

  288. Hi Jason,

    I’m Justin from malaysia and just started venturing in this online business. I’m working as a full time engineer and now i’m venturing into online business..

    I’m hoping i’ll get a good result. With so much information out there, i am positive that the best way to learn is by sharing the knowledge with other people.

    This will be fun and exciting. And nice knowing you…

  289. Hi Jason,

    Just stopped by to say hi. My name is Dale Thomson and live in the South jersey area. Been online now for about 4 years. Looking forward to reading your material and learning. Take Care, Dale T

  290. Hi Jason,

    Like yourself, and so many others, my wife and I have bought into other programs offered by “gurus”. All in vain. Either we have missed the boat or someone forgot to tell us the whole story. We live in “steeltown” (Hamilton, Ontario) and like you, have no intention of moving. Being retired now adds to the determination to succeed. Look forward to getting help from your websites.

    Have a great day!

  291. Hi Jason,
    I am excited to have an opportunity to read your program and I am more excited when my Photo
    appear in your “Recent Visitors” top left, that is me., wonder how my photo got there.
    Anyway I am from Singapore Retired and Newbie, that my knowldge of Internet Marketing is none, thus, I loss all my saving for the last 2 years
    trying. I am keendly seeking someone someday will come forward to give me a helping hand. THANKS YOU ALL.

  292. Hi Jason,
    I live in St Louis, Mo. I am very glad to be working with you. I am new to all of this. I hope to learn a lot from you and hope to make money. I have been wanting to do this but was afraid because there are so many scams out there. I hope you will be able to shed some light on how this is done. I look forward to working with you.

  293. Hi Jason,
    Apart from being declared medically unfit to work after I broke my neck in a swimming pool. Thanks to the Grace of our Heavenly Father I can still walk and help myself and others, I am also a newbie trying to supplement my pension with Internet Marketing.
    It is just astounding to see how many people over 50 are hoping to make a decent income on the Internet to make up for the inflation and interest rates that spiralled beyond our wildest dreams when we earned a salary and made somebody else rich.
    Many of us thought of the computer as a glorified typewriter when it first came on the market and now that we see the value, we have so much to learn, we get bogged down with so much info that info-overload is just normal and we can get scammed because we are desperate to make a success and earn real money instead of spending what we do not have.
    I am hoping to find a site or forum where us as newbies can communicate and inform each other of programs or packages to steer clear of, without the fear of legal actions, as these people make their money by taking others for a ride.

    Yours in Prosperity and Marketing success,

    To each and everyone, may You experience a Blessed and Prosperous 2009


  294. Hey Jason,

    First off I’d like to thank you for the kind welcome. Secondly, let me tell you that I am probably the newest person you have ever seen on the internet, trying to get a business going. You spoke of your mistakes, geez I’ve spend hundreds and even had to fight for money back, some were sizable amounts. I am a disabled veteran and every penny I have counts. I am fighting for my disability, but, after 4 yrs of not working things are tight. I feel I have all the products and materials anyone could have, I just cant seem to get them out there, if you know the feeling? Anyway it was nice to meet you and I’m sure we’ll talk again soon.


  295. Hey Jason,

    Thanks for the intro. I am a relative newbie to the world of on line marketing. I got into it two years ago and I am just now getting my feet totally soaked. I have lost more money than gained, trying to do this business, but I am so stubborn that I don’t give up too easily.
    I have been doing businesses on my own for most of my life and one of my babies is a site I created called TalkHasIt. I put this site together for the purpose of writing and receiving comments and rumors from people who join me at THI. The site is a free tool that I offer to the public for the purpose expressing opinions on the world around them.

  296. Hi Jason,

    Thank you for your email.I have just moved to Atlanta, and spending a lot of time on the internet due a new Business I have joined. I need help to drive traffic to my website. The only thing is I do not have much money, as I am out of work. Any ideas?

  297. Hello,
    My name is Tracey and I am a nurse. I love touching the life of others and making a huge differnce in others life. Last Feb I broke my back and went through all my credit cards and savings just to take care f my three children! I am going under very fast and can not seem to to the daylight. Until this happen my family never had to go withought anything and now I feel so low I cant get us back ontop. I can use all the help I can get before we lose our home.

  298. Dr. Robin Beaumont

    Glad to see an Atlantic Canadian at the helm.

    My experiences on the ‘Net have included being charged twice a month for a costly newsletter and being overcharged by an autoresponde’r, which hit me for both annual and monthly subscriptions at the same time. The annual subscription cost killed my membership in StormPay. In both these cases my complaints were almost totally ignored by the proprietors.

    I was more successful with my music. 50 years ago my first published song in England, “Out of Town”, was #2 on the Hit Parade and won an Ivor Novello Award.

    I am happy to think that Viral Ads Unleashed may unleash my success on the InterNet.

  299. Hi Jason,

    I’m also a newbie to all of this network marketing stuff. Although I’ve tried affiliate programs in the past, I gave up due to lack of sponsor assistance and just not knowing where to go. I am fortunate enough to get involved with a program where the sponsors are AWESOME!!!! I look forward to learning more and more and more!!!
    Thanks Jason!

  300. Hi Jason,
    Just stopping by to thank you for the wonderful products and ideas. I am an ITT Tech student due to graduate in Sept 2009 with an Associates degree in computer networking systems. I am a 50 yr old Netpreneur as well. I have several sites up and ruuning. I love affiliate marketing and to tell you the truth the only problem I’m having is generating a contact list to put in the autoresponders. Thanks to no spamming, its hard to get your message out there. Once I have a list, I’ll be in great shape. The sites are all up just waiting for people to come. I look forward to working with you especially since my favorite “niche” is e-books. Happy Holidays to you and yours,
    Roxie Don
    Newburgh, Indiana

  301. Hi Jason
    My name is Stuart and I live inFlorida South Africa. I am new at this whole internet bussiness. I am looking forward to all the help that I will receive from you.

  302. First I would like to say thank you for this chance to help me learn.I have been trying for over a year to get my web site working for me.I am looking forward to reading and applying all you have to teach me.I am a 58 year old truck driver for 37 years. It is my hope to retire soon and if I can get my site working right then this will happen.I will work hard with all the material from you and I will let you know how it works out.Thank you again for your help.
    Paul Benedict

  303. Hi Jason,

    My story sounds like everyone else. I wanted to introduce myself and quickly say hi. Thanks for the information. We appreciate it.

  304. Hi Jason:

    I’ve been exploring the internet for about two months now trying about everything from surveys to sales. I hope to find the answers with you.

    Bert Daniels

  305. Hi Jason,
    I’ve just joined your private label club & I’m kinda stuck as to how to use your plc rights & how to do up the webpage for promo tools.
    Tried to contact u at support centre but it won’t accept my login details even though I used the same login details to enter the member area successfully. I’m very much interested to be an affiliate for plc but I need ur help on a few issues. I hope u will be able to find the time to reply me on this.

    Thanks & warm regards,

  306. Hi Jason
    I live just down the road in Sydney Mines,NS
    I have been am retired from Marine Atlantic after 35 years service. I have been trying to get my online business going for several years with not much success.I am looking forward to success with the ” private label Club” . I have a cabin cruiser and my wife Sheila and I love to cruise the Bras d’or Lakes in the summer and fall.
    Looking forward to working with you
    Best regards

  307. Hi, I am a single mum who is trying to understand this whole internet marketing strategy. I find it all very confusing at the moment and just need a bit of a boost in the right direction. I am a stay at home mum and want to earn money from home and this seems like the perfect way to do so, however, I am in a rut and would appreciate a bit of advice on a good way of getting started. I am usually pretty clever, once I am showed something once then I can do anything.

  308. Martha Richardson

    Hi Jason,

    I have just joined with the biggest package. I am a nurse-RN. I have been working at the hospital in Waycross, Ga. for 31 years. I will be 60 years old on Thursday, and I want to retire, but I know that I cannot without some extra money, and that is why I totally invested in the highest one. I am going to need some help because I am not a genius compare to thinks like this. I want to retire and do the things that I have always wanted to do with enough money to do anything that I want to do.

    Martha Richardson

  309. Hi Jason,

    Thanks for welcome note. Sorry for my English but I’m not native English speaker. I’m from Bosnia, somewhere south Europe. As I remain without job I’m trying to find some net solution for some income. Thanks again for your sincere approach.Looking forward for our collaboration and (hope)great success.
    Best regards

  310. Hello Lason. I’M retired.Have a wife and two kids. All live in a other country and like to live whit them,but not enuff money to retire foll time.I live in Powell River B.C Canada. I’m green in thiss, I have tride manny other things on the internet,and no money.Payd lots. So I need help bick time. Thank you Larson Yours Herman.

  311. Hi Jason, I live in Darwin in the Top End of Australia’s Northern Territory. I have been online at home for about nine years now and it’s taken me that long to figure out what I really want to do in Internet Marketing. I have been learning from everything I see on the internet in that time and my “I want to” has changed from affiliate marketing to owning advertising sites to freelance writing to what I am doing now with my site which is nowhere near finished. And I can still think of a few more things I would like to investigate…

  312. Jason,
    I can relate to the “Get Rich Quick Schemes”. I have been there too. I went full time with the internet Jan 8, 2008. I have not made any money at all until this month, Feb 2009. I made my first $54.00 with Affiliate Marketing. I just started this program on Feb 12 and made the $54 through Feb 24th, today. The problem is it has cost me $400 in PPC Adwords. I am fine tuning but I don’t believe fast enough. Now that I have run up the big adwords bill I am struggling again. I hope your program will help.

  313. hello Jason

    Thanks for the warm welcome. Not much to say, I’m from Finland and although I know a bit about computers, I know nothing about making money with them (except by selling the whole machine and going back to using pen and paper instead). I’ve joined a few affiliate programs and Tracking exchanges and what have you, and although some have seen interesting, I never figured out the money making part. Well, talk to you again soon! 🙂

  314. Hello Jason

    Thanks for the welcome, I’m from Brunei small country in Broneo Island

  315. Thank you Jason for welcoming me to the family, I need to let you know that i am so new at this network marketing thing, just trying to find a way to make so extra money or should i say a second income. I’ve spent money on a few thing however nothing panned out. Hope the money that i see around you is money that you’re making or money you’ve made.

  316. Hello Jason
    Thankyou so much for your email and also for
    putting me in your customer list.
    I hope we shall be friends for a long time to come.
    I am quite new to Internet Marketing. Trying to make some money but since I started I am just buying, no chance of selling things.
    Actually my IT skills are a little limited and I get stuck on basic things due to lack of understanding some terms and instructions.
    I have joined Aweber but I have not been able to set it up despite their videos.
    Do you think someone can set it up for me
    for a little charge. I am stuck because of that one limitation.
    I too am a fan of music. When I am tired then I play one of my instrumments to relax.
    Talk to you later.

  317. Jason … thanks for the invite … things look good and I’ll be including a link to your site in my training materials … this looks like a good place to refer people … from the Deep South, Alabama, to a long and mutually satisfying relationship … best regards … Ken

  318. Abdelhak Benrouhou

    Hi Jason

    First my english is poor
    I’m from morocco
    I have over 10 sites and I want to make money
    from them, so please can you give any ideas for that????
    Thank you

  319. I am a newbie. Since last August when I quit my security job, I have been checking out the web. But since Christmas day I have been trying to learn as much as I can and in the process I now have six sites. And I am now working on the marketing and traffic of them. And thanks to you I have a better idea of direction, from Private label Rights, to Viral Ads and to other sites you have recommended. I wish to thank you and please keep up the good work in building and keeping trust with your visitors. Oh and by the way I am soon to be 55, live in Oklahoma City and have five grown children with four grandchildren (three of which live next door).

  320. Jason,
    My name is Thomas Johnson.I have been on the Internet now for close to ten years. I have made a little money from PPC ( Just enough to cover PPC expenses.) I am married to a Philippina, We have 2 young daughters. We live in Cebu, have a home in town, Daanbantayan, We also have a farm on the ocean front that we are trying to develop.Needless to say I need to develop a small income stream from the Internet.
    I’ve been jumping around from program to program and never earning any substantial amount. I am nearly broke now and my wife has put her foot down. “No more Internet Spending!” I hope that List Bandit will help me make some sales. Any suggestions to help me get started would be welcome
    Thomas Johnson

  321. Hi Jason, before I introduce myself, I would like to say thanks for the useful information that you share to everyone. Anyway, Im Fe, recently living in the Philippines. I’m a teacher before but I quit my job because of LOVE. he he…well if your curious then you can drop by my blog. One of my passion is writing, I love to write especially things that I experience in life, that’s the reason why I make my own blog about my journey, then I can share to everyone the things that I experience. My blog still 2 months but I posted many already.I just enjoy it 😉 I heard from a friend of mine that you can earned money through blogging, but i dont have any idea how to do that..maybe you can help me that, only if you have time 🙂


  322. Hi Jason,

    My name is Shane Purcell and I just recently joined your “Platinum list” I am a Law of Attraction & Network Marketing Coach and believe that helping others is the best way to build my business online. I am looking forward to learning ways that work online from you, thanks for all you do!

    Shane Purcell

  323. Hi! Jason, how are you?

    My name is Thelma, I am an English teacher at a primary school. I live in Limon, Costa Rica. I am married and have two daughters. I am recently a member of GDI, I really hope it work for me and others working here on the net. I didn’t think I was going to try anything like this in my life before, but I do believe in learning something new every day and put it in practice.

    I thank you in advance for the help you will give me to learn to build my own list and to do anything else you know I need to work on the internet.

    God bless you and your family.

    Speak to you soon, bye.

  324. Valdemar Gonzalez SR.

    HI Jason,

    I am disabled and retired. I also love to tinker with compu6ters,I built two from scartch, mother board, video card, graphics card, modem, new hard drive, reformatted drive and installed wiindow,disk cleaned, and defregged drive. stop doing it as windows software is expensive, and people do notwant to pay,. and if you include your labior,they will not pay.

    my pc has crashed ten times, and I start from scratch, reformat partition, and restore all dell drivers, and download all software programs, annd install nd continue online.

    I am a 32 degree mason, blue lodge, scottish rites, York Rites, Shriner, Master Mason and Night Templar. LOVE IT MUCH!

    And also a Past master of the Phoenix Rosicrucian Lodge A.M.O.C
    I am stilll tryingto log into yahoo, trying to reset old passord sent, which does not work, But I am not a quiter, I will get in if I have to be on the PC all day till 12:00P.M. or later. I have one fractured wrist, and a broken bone that connectes to the wrist on the other arm, but stll trucking in opain.

    Thank You MUCH!

  325. Hi Jason, Got your email to come over to read about you and leave a comment so here it is I have never seen a Post so long ever before WOW! I can tell you’ve been at this awhile. Anyway I joined one of your programs must have something to do with traffic generation cause that’s what I’m into right now like everyone else I guess. Anyhow have a good one, later, Joseph

  326. Barbara Buckley

    Hi Jason,
    I’m a newbie affiliate marketer who has to stay home to take care of my boyfriend- he has MS and needs a lot of care. I’m on a State pittance so really need to make money online to help us on to a better life.
    We live in Bristol, England but I want to take him with me to my old stone house in the mountains of Portugal to live a more natural way of life and try out lots of alternative health products and etc… Of course I need quite a lot of money to do these things. My old house needs about £50,000 for starters.
    I love to learn and teach, so I am ready to spend as much time as I can squeeze out of a day on it.
    Thanks in advance for your help Barbie B

  327. Hi Jason;
    Nice to meet you Halifax is a great place I would not leave it too. I started online Marketing in 2008. it has been a tough road with a lot of mistakes and money. I also want to make sure people do not do the same thing I did. I am still on the learning curve and would appreciate any help;
    Take care Wendy

  328. Hi Jason,

    Thanks for the welcome. I am very much looking forward to work with you and continue to grow my business. I am looking to retire in about 10 years, however I would love to develop my marketing business to a level that would allow my to do so sooner.

    I have been involved in MLM for over a year. During that time I have continued to develop my affiliate marketing business, as well as setting up my own sites and blogs.

    My attention is shifting from MLM and now more focused on the Internet Marketing approach. I find it a much more rewarding and captivating venture. My current job made it extremely hard to have time to make the necessary phone calls required to be successful with MLM.

    People that I have followed and focused on their teachings: Ewen Chia, Stone Evans, Dave Guindon, Edmond Loh, Gary Bacchetti, Liz Tomey, Russell Brunson and Alvin Phang, to name a few.

    But, I must say a specials thanks to Mike Filsaime, Jeff Dedrick, Mike Steup and Michael Rasmussen, with my apologies to everyone that I left off.

    And now I can certainly add Jason Oickle, thanks for the guidance and the opportunity to live my dream.

    To Your Continued Success
    Gary Houk

  329. Hi,

    I’m a retired IT businessman sharing my time between Amsterdam, NL, and Silvarouvres, F, and I’m a Brit. I’m using the internet as a “business/hobby”, being an old programmer I love to do things “technical”.

    My life has travelled through many geographical areas, Wales, England, Scotland, Ireland, Yemen (Aden), Africa, Germany, Nehterlands and France.

    My works has also travelled: RAF technician, ‘Pirate-Radio’ DJ, computer operator, programmer (Assembler & Cobol), manager and director.

    My hobbies (have) include(d) painting, photography, cooking, gardening, singing, acting, etc., etc.

    My site gives lots more info.

    Hope to hear from some of you. Twitter – MikePJHayes



    PS Jason, where does your surname come from?

  330. Hi Jason.
    I am Hj.Harith, a pensioner since 8 years ago.I write this after reading
    about your experiences which are of interest for me. Maybe you could of great help in my online cruiser. There are hundred online marketers sending information seemed interesting but I got confused. Only to downloaded thousand of ebooks, artciles etc which I intent to sell, giveaway, as bonusees etc soon after I know how.
    I knew most of the marketers you mentioned and this encouraged me to know more from you.

  331. Hi Jason,
    Here is a newbie – I need to learn everything from scratch. After years of daily work as a linguist and language teacher and tourleader all over the world, I’m now retired. I’m in good health both physically and mentally and have discovered online business – and intend to make money from home. My goal is to earn appr 5000 Euro or more per month. I am teachable – but technically I am “illiterate”: meaning no good – therefore I need help! The English vocabulary online is quite a challenge. I thought I knew English, but alas – I do not understand the words’ meaning in that context. English is not my mother tung, I live in Oslo / Norway and we speak Norwegian here. Do you know of any “online” dictionary, Jason? That would be wonderful. I know of Wikipedia, but not all the words are covered there.
    With the money I’ll earn, I don’t want to buy or own maaterial things like houses, properties, cars, but I would like to use the money to travel and most of all I would like to have my own butler… I also have a project in Africa to help orphans and poor villagers to live a better life.
    As you say: “If I can do it, everyone can do it!” I trust your words that it’s easy, Jason, and look forward to your help and support. You can be sure that I’ll have a lot of “silly” questions.

    Best regards
    Trudy from Oslo

  332. Hi Jason, my name is Ian and I’m from Malaysia. I started out in internet marketing as a newbie and is currently still struggling to make money online. Hopefully can be successful soon. Thanks for your help.

  333. Willie Plasencia

    My name is Willie and I have been online for about a year and a half.I understand the importance of investing in yourself and your online business and have made the sacrifice of time and money towards the ultimate goal of online success. As of this writing I must say that I becoming less and less of a believer of achieving this goal.

    Competition is fierce and I am becoming more and more dismayed with what is being promoted online. In essence I have lost my “why”. The saturation online of people promoting and selling the same thing is a sign to me that I am just a grain of sand on a beach.

    If I could give you any advice…do your due diligence and truly find your “why” and your true purpose for being online. Most of all…stray from the herd.Be yourself.

  334. Hi Jason,

    First of all, I would like to thank you for Traffic Secrets Unleashed. I am new to affiliate marketing and know very little about generating traffic. The knowledge and experience you have given freely will be a tremendous help. I am a retired teacher and counselor, married for 38 years to the same wonderful man. We have one son who is a 1st Lieutenant in the Marines who is married to a nurse and has one eleven month old daughter and another baby on the way. My husband and I are very happy to finally be grandparents and only wish we lived closer to Shawn and Becky. We live near a lake in the country where my husband was raised. He is working full time and building our retirement home on the lake by himself. I would love to be successful in affiliate marketing so I could help with the expenses involved in building a house. Thank you again for your guidance.

  335. Hellow to you all, I see that many people have been at this type of thing for a long period. I am a very newbee and have seen many promises come into my email, some I have tried and failed through a distinct lack of knowledge for the internet marketing arena. I am 51 and am now into a situation where younger and more computer savey boys are doing what I used to do as a machinist traids person in half the time. I am looking to start a internet business to allow me to get out of the way of the younger generation and still earn enough money to pay the bills for my still young family. I think that Australia is the best place on earth with even daylight and not too cold. I am now looking forward to working with you Jason to learn as much as I can to have an internet buisness. I do not sit comfortably in the middle of the herd but am not that confident to strick out on my own if I have no understanding of where what and how.
    Looking forward to what you have to pass on. Thanks.

  336. Hi, i am new to the enternet and do not have autoresponder or a list, your step require. I do not have a lot of money to start with. I need to know where to go and what to do to get the most traffic to my site. I do not know a lot about computers nor terms used. Tring to work it out, but need some help, to understand what it takes to make money, without spending a lot. Nothing would be nice for now. Hope your system will work for me.

  337. Reading the above testimonials I feel like a dunce to making money online, so far all I have done is searched and when I paid for something it blew back in my face, so am still looking and wondering if I can really make some money online some help to help me make my first Dollar will really be appreciated.

    Hoping to get a reponse.



  338. Hi Jason,
    My name is Ian and I live in Edinburgh, “Bonnie Scotland!” I am married and we are blessed with two wonderful young daughters.
    I have been trying to “break free” and earn enough online to support my family’s needs since Oct. 2008. I have had sporadic success, of a minor nature and have built up a small opt-in list. I have a number of websites, but I don’t think they are properly setup or monetized in any way. I have invested a lot in “useless systems” and false promises to date and can only hope that I have found, in you, a more honourable person, who will try to give me some honest help to enable me to make my online business a real success!
    I found your introduction very interesting and my uncle lived in North Vancouver, Canada, for most of his life.
    Looking forward to our developing friendship and new business relationship.
    All The Very Best from Ian.

  339. Couldn’t resist saying hello to a fellow Canadian – hello from Kamloops BC

  340. Psychic Hotlines


    Just found your blog on Technorati & Digg upcomming news feeds and read a few of your other posts.
    ISeems good contents,Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.


  341. Jason:
    I am very new to the internet and all that it entails, including marketing. I am a widow, 71 years young. My late husband, Bruce, passed away of dementia on 3/1;/08. I was his 24/7 caregiver for a long time. As a result, I had been out of touch with the world. With some time on my hand, I started to write my “story” of being a caregiver. I have not finished it as yet, as I realize that I have to earn a living, so here I am trying to learn. I have learned a lot, but still need to fill in some pieces, and I hope with your help, and that of your staff, I may finally get to do some affiliate marketing.

    I use to love to do ceramics, and actually taught that hobby for a while. I now find that I am reading a lot, not only for pleasure, but for knowledge to have my own business on the net.

    I live alone, so I do have the time.

    I live in the United States, in the State of Illinois, just 60 miles Northwest of Chicago, in a small town near the Wisconsin border. I was born in Chicago, Illinois, and have lived almost my whole life in Illinois, except for 3 brief years in Indiana.

    I am looking forward to reading TRAFFIC SECRETS UNLEASHED, as I am sure it will help me with my new business on the web. Come and visit.

    Again, I am glad to be aboard.
    Talk Later,
    Judy Wright

  342. Hi Jason,

    Charles Toney here! I live in San Francisco, One of
    coolest cities on the planet. It’s nice to know you!
    If you have not visited San Francisco you must come
    over some time. I was born in New Orleans which is a
    pretty cool place, also. I have two adult sons and 3
    grand kids. My second wifw and I were married on the
    Island of Barbados in 2001. That was very memorable.

    Like a few of your other subscribers, I am a what-a-
    be internet marketer also. I have been floundering
    around with it for a couple of years since I retired
    early from Toyota Motor Corporation.

    I do not have a computer background or a marketing
    background, so, my learning curve has been verticle
    pretty much. Until I am able to create a product of
    my own, I am limited tocP marketing other peoples stuff.
    I would really like to breakthrough into something of
    my own and a membership site.

    The most recent kind of leap that I have made in my
    development, has been realizing that if I want to
    create a sustainable online presence, I need to create
    a systematic process — not just one big hit. Lately I
    have been looking into CPA networks.

    Well I am kind of rambling now… I had better cut it
    here. It’s time for dinner, anyway…

    Talk to ya later. Take caer!



  343. Hi, Jason. It was interesting to read all about you. My bio would not be so interesting. I am a beginner at affiliate marketing. I am having a terrible time getting started. I keep hoping someone will jump in and offer to help me but no luck so far. Best of Wishes. Darlene

    • Rhonda Tardif (From Jason Oickle site)

      Hi Darelene: I see you left your reply in Sept/09. I started online in August/09, along with running my Specail Care Home. It certainly is difficult to get things figured out.

      I’m wondering how and what you’re doing at this point. I think I’m finally on the right track, and hoping to see some results soon. I’m going through a little training course with Liz Tomey. I’ve been following her for quite awhile and have some of her stuff, but have never actually done a course. I’ve got so distracted, so easily, in the past, but I’m committed to finishing this one.

      I’d like to hear from you.

      Rhonda Tardif




  345. Hi Jason,
    I’m a Newbie from Singapore. I’m glad to be your subscriber. Hopefully I can learn a thing or two about Internet Marketing, Traffic and SEO. To earn some passive income.
    Keep up the good work.

    Every Successful Internet Marketer Has
    A Sincere Mentor.
    I Hope You Can Do It, As I Can’t Do It Alone


  346. Hi Jason

    My name is Tammy and I am married to a great and wonderful guy. Between the both of us we have 5 kids,6 grandchildern. We live in Southern California as we meet on the internet before getting married now just celebrated our 9 yrs. together. We have 4 boys which the 2 older ones are serving our country in the Army stationed in Germany. They both recently this last Dec. got married in the Philipian and both are daddies. Also have a daughter in Oregon with 4 childern.
    Husband and I have tried several different Home base business and spent so much it flopped. Another one we did we became Supervisors and stayed in 3 years but couldn’t get past Supervisor postion and wasn’t making any money, so we quite. Now I am into the Jewelry business doing better then the lastone. But we are also Affiliated with a couple of others and learning different things. Still not getting want we need to get business completely going but maybe we can get some good advise and learn from you.

  347. Jason,
    I have had a desire to work from home in my own internet marketing business for a very long time. Actually, I had the dream before the internet became popular. I have spent thousands of dollars down through the years and I have tons of stuff sitting on my desktop that I have not looked at yet. This is mainly because I am not sure what to do first. I have ordered programs that claimed to help me but it was mostly hype or either too involved for me.
    What I do realize is that I must have unique, quality content for my website(s) and I felt that I could not pass up your deal. I know good, professional quality when I see it. I am a full time non-traditional college student in Ohio and I will be finished with my Bachelors degree by the summer of 2010.
    I have faith that your products will bring me some clarity and understanding and I plan on having my sites up and running within the next 7-14 days. Thank you!


  348. Hello Jason,
    My name is Pamela. I have been tinkering around the internet and trying to make money since April of this year. I get a little distracted and join too many programs. I need someone to guide the way for me around the internet and tell me the ins and outs. I lost my job in April and am presently in school. I am getting my Ph. D. in Public Policy and Nonprofit Organizations.
    However, I do not think I want to ever have another 9-5 job. If I could combine my degree with the internet business I would be set! Well, I depending on you to show me the way. I will talk to you soon. I love your blog!

    • Hi Pamela
      Don’t give Up!
      Your Dreams May Be Closer
      Than You Think!
      There may be times when you feel
      as if you have taken a million steps towards
      your dreams, and acted on your plans, only to find
      yourself in the same place that you began from.
      At times like this, you must not give up.
      You must continue on. Though you may feel
      lost, bewildered, and alone, continue to believe
      in yourself. Do not allow discouragement and
      doubt to blur your vision and wash away
      your dreams. Visualize your way beyond the
      detours, standstills, and obstacles.
      You will realize your dreams. You have
      worked hard and taken so many productive
      steps in a positive direction that you are bound
      to succeed. Whatever the hurt of the moment
      may be, it will pass. Tomorrow is always a
      new dawn. Today, you must pause, rest, catch
      your breath, and then look ahead. Each step
      will bring you closer to your dreams. The
      rainbows and the love that you deserve are in
      sight. Happiness is just around the next turn
      have a great day.

  349. Hello Jason Oickle,
    I would like to say thanks you to invite you to be part of your family. This is great news for me. Since i have been thru same shoes as you did it from past. I just fed up with too many hype internet marketing out there or scam website that promise us to make money. However , they just take something out of our money and disappear. I hate it mostly. That why i tend to avoid those websites that look like too good to be true.. Anyway, My name is Ricco and only 34 years old. I currently RIT student which will be fourth year. However, i just on leave due my mother got cancer. I decide to do something and i just lost my car due repo since i still support my mother than keep car payment. That why i am trying to make money on internet as full time. I tend to be on internet all day and all hours to figure out how to make money. It is better than doing nothing at home. I have to do something and keep my motivate up. I just join profusion x and got leads. However, only one sale so far. I kept wonder if it is bullshit or else. I dont know.. Anyway, I decide to try to find something simple and can make sale. I found “my money fish” and it is cheaper ever i see and it keeps say i can make few hundred dollars. I have not make any money at all. I gotta to do something and i plan to set up my own cash gift and make money for them. So they can join my program. I need to figure out how they success with it. So i can make money and able to support my mother’s needs. So i can get my car of my dream back and able to drive again. I hope you guys feel me. Thanks for accept me to be part of your family. I gotta to ask you to contact me and help me out to MAKE MONEY..I mean real thing.. I dont want to take any bulls…waste my time.. I willing to take it for real thing to make money. I will stay on that level and make sure that i can make REAL MONEY and finally make it.

  350. Hi, I live in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. I have been marketing now for a number of months and really enjoy it. It’s nice to meet different people who share the same interests in this industry. Thanks for the service you are providing.

  351. Hey Jason, Roger Taylor here with a little info about myself. I am a 49yr. old white male living in the Beautiful Ozarks, just outside of Branson,Mo.. I’ve been a carpenter all my life. Was diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer in Dec. of ’04. Went into remission in July of ’05. Became permenantly disabled because of a tumor(baseball sized) in my spine which hurniated lower back disc 3,4 and 5. I bought a laptop computer about 5 month’s ago to pursue income from the internet as my SSI check is only $640. a month! Anyway I have yet to make ANY money from my efforts on the net. I spend ALOT of time on the net since I can’t do much of anything else. I can’t even give Free stuff away. I can’t tell you how many e-mails I’ve sent out(several million)to give away quality products, and not one single response! Hope you can help me figure that out Jason. Sincerely, Roger Taylor

  352. Hey,
    I am very much interested in internet marketing.

  353. Hi jason

    I moved to England 5 years ago after marriage as new in country not very good with english and I am also new to Internet business trying to learn how to make money as out of job tried some ptc sites but but not really helpful are they so just looking around came to ur site I hope you will help me with this thanks a lot for supporting.

  354. Hi jason

    I am new in this world, I’ve tried a few internet marketing programs, but until now has not produced anything apa.Setiap program I attended more and more to make me more confused and I have to offer follow to make money.
    I hope you can show me the world of internet marketing really can work making money step by step without the cost burden is too heavy.
    I’ve quit that job a year ago and now only work part-time with little income to support my family.
    I hope you can point the way for me to change my life and family.
    I will provide full time, if indeed it can change my life and family.

    May we always be a family and succeed together.

    Seta Pambudi

  355. Jason – I will be downloading your book when I finish this comment. I like what you are saying and will subscribe to anything you have.

    I would like to speak to your followers. I too have been slapped by the “gurus” who promised riches overnite. Then I would jump from one program to another and another because there were “keywords” that caught my eye, or the graphics or there was a new promise of riches promised. Now I have come full circle to some of the simpler sites that take time but will answer the income needs I need. I stopped midway through my “riches quest” to only seek out FREE sites, FREE information FREE FREE FREE!! You can begin to make money by spending very little money. I am 62 years old not that computer literate, even after 2 years(at least I believe that). Now at this point in my life I am still pretty active and have no desire to slow down. I used to work in the entertainment industry for $32 an hour. I’ve been out of work for 2 years, my insurance lapsed last June 2009 and my unemployment extension is running low. I have one money making site that has brought me $100 per month for the last 10 months. Now I have purchased a domain name and will be online in a couple of weeks(I am taking my time and want to get it right). My birthday is in May and am allowing myself that amount of time to see an outcome. There is a lot of work involved but the work is no more than what I’d do any way but with the promise of much more income. Things I will be doing include: Articles, Free Classified Ads, SEO Submission, Blogs, Positive Comments, Forums, Cross Promotions, Flyers, Emails and Whatever else I can find to do. I got most of my information from sites like this one. I am sure I will find positive information here and I am writing this prior to reading Jason’s book. In the future weeks I will report back and let you know of what I read in Jason’s book and how well I am doing. Don’t keep hopping from program to program. Find a small ‘guru’ like Jason who is willing to share information. Be loyal to that. Don’t forget to pay your tithes. God Bless YOU in all your endeavors.

    William Jackson

  356. Hi: Jason. I live in Langley,B.C. Canada. I’m new to the whole idea of internet marketing. I set up a drop ship site about this time last year. I thought that I had it set up quite well but apparently not. When I finally got a sale about 10 months later I was unable to deliver the product as the drop shipper had gone out of business. Since then I have not found another drop shipper with the products that I think would sell so my site sits there closed. I hope to be able to get my head around what you are teaching so that I might be able to at least recoup the large sum that I spent on my last venture. Looking foreword to working with you and to our shared success.All the best Udo.

  357. I am a newbie also, but my goal would be to recieve as many nice comments as you do! I want to take in every ounce of information to learn this business. Thank you for giving me help!

  358. Well jason,Tony here.
    I have been studying the internet and how it works for two years solid now,10-14 hours a day, i can tell you i have seen myfair share of scams (ect,ect), my aim is to be one of the most honest person’s on the internet(I hear you laugh from here), I will only ever tell people anbout thing’s that i believe will benefit or profit them in a good way. There are to many get rich scams out there, and in order for me to stand out from the crowd, and what better way to stand outr and be recognised but as beimg one of the most honest regarded people out there, come see my blog i put together and you will see what i mean about being honest and tell me i’m going in the correct direction?
    All i will ever advertise is what i deam to be worth it…
    my moto: ” Alway’s be honest straight to the point and be 110% upfront ”
    good luck…
    Regards Tony Brown…..

  359. My website I listed is still not ready to launch. I’m getting closer every day.

    I quit my job to live with my Mom who has dementia. I was not ready to retire. I have been without an income for about 2 years now and began studing affilate marketing about 6 months ago. It is difficult to concentrate with my Mom always there needing help. She is like a small child about many things.

    The multitude of tasks to learn in launching a website, as well as learning a new concept have been at times too much.

    What ever help you give to expedite my earning some money will be appreciated.

    If others can succeed then surely I will.

    Many thanks. Looking forward to the information you send.


  360. Benjamin Wahing

    Hello Jason Oickle,
    I would like to say thanks you to invite me to be part of your family. This is great news for me. The same as you are, I also love studying on how things work. I am a graduate of Electronic Technician. I also want to study on computer repair so I take a National Certificate II for Computer and Hardware Servicing. And now I enjoy myself on internet marketing. I love this.I have a lot things to learn. I know being a part of your family can help me a lot. Thank you and more power!

  361. Just saw Bullet for my Valentine at Ramshead Live in Baltimore, MD! Thanks for inviting me here. I’ve been working on some internet opportunities myself and once I see what’s working then I intend to share that with others. I too have lost time and money in scams or programs that simply don’t work. My philosophy is; If we all work together to help each other then we can all succeed.

  362. Hi Jason. I have joined the club just yesterday. I am new to this business, though I know how to post banners and other things on my website. Please do make it clear to me how do I get started. I mean how do I start making money now.. Thanx

  363. Hi Jason,
    I will try to make this as brief as possible 🙂 I am a 57 yrs young single lady from Melaka, Malaysia. I had quit working a long time ago and about a year ago, I was presented with this pc and an internet connection by a doting niece. Eversince, like a little child with a new toy, I surf the internet daily, spending hours at a time sometimes. In December 2009, I began to learn about Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing etc. But like any newbie, I made all the classic mistakes and so I got burned time and time again. I am learning a little each time though, painfully 🙁 Looking back, it really amazed me to note what had actually kept me going….
    It is not a nice feeling staring at a depleted and almost gone savings, and there is no short term possibility that I will make an income online soon. Yet, I still refuse to give up. I do not believe that there is nothing that I can do online that will bring a good income. I do not believe that there is no Successful Marketer that is NOT willing to Teach, Guide and be my Mentor. I hv this stubborn streak inherited from my father, and I don’t fickle around when I’ve made up my mind!
    So, you can imagine how delighted I was when I read your email in my inbox a few days ago. But, I will be very honest with you, Jason… I confess that there are things I can do and there are things that I still am laboring to do on this pc. I will disclose all my shortcomings in an email to you if you wish to know. But I can understand instructions in English and I can write in English too, so if you are patient with me, I think I can follow all instructions in English 😉
    Thank you for giving me a chance to prove to myself that all those failures in the past have NOT been in vain. But most of all, I need to make an income soon, before all recurring payments are due and my debit card hits zero!!!
    We at least share one common (uncommon???) denomination. Both of us seem to fall in love with the place we grow up in and will not move elsewhere for whatever reason. Have an awesome Good Day….

  364. Hi Jason,
    I live in Mount Gambier, South Australia. I am married to John and have two daughters attending University. I am new to internet marketing and have to admit I’m a bit of a technophobe. I have a website that sells ebooks and am still trying to get it up and running. I have to agree with some of the previous comments, I feel as though I am constantly emptying my pockets rather than filling them. I plan to turn this around soon. Looking forward to working with you.

  365. Hi Jason: I’ve been working with computers since I was in college back in the 80’s and the internet was strictly a military thing ;-o I’ve been involved with several MLM’s and have done some internet marketing with mixed success, the most current program being the most successful because it offers not only earning potential; but, tremendous savings on things people are already buying too. Looking forward to working with you to generate some business here! Rockie

  366. June 24, 2010

    Hi Jason,

    I have been witing this simple getting to know you blog post, now for the 3rd time. I had been rejected twice already and I think I am irritated but, wow, this is part of my learning process. At my senior age, I am still have an office job as a Compliance Officer in a bank in the Philippines. I fell in love with the internet beginning some years back. I begun with social organizations like multiply, facebook, my space, webpage with friends. I write blogs in Blogger.com, BeRichPinoy.ning.com, and also in My Space. I also wrote but had to drop in Word Press. I felt fully occupied so I had to lie low a little bit. Then my friend encouraged me to join the hunt for money in the internet. I am now barely a rookie so to speak. I think I am too aggressive because I am now maintaining more than ten websites, which do not sell as I wanted to be. I felt discouraged by this turn of events. With so much investments, every now and then, I think I have to think wisely, now. Perhaps with great help from you people in the knowhow, I cannot fold-up now!

    Regrets, I should have kept silent with my predicaments. I hope to wake up in the near term, I have to!

    Jason, thank you very much for considering me as one of your premium customer. I will consider this as a wake up call. Regards to the family.

  367. Hello Jason

    I am a retired doctor from Sweden. I am proud to be a part of the “family”.
    Thanks for the welcome.
    I am sure that your site will be a very help for me.I don´t have my own website but I believe in the future and who knows…
    Thanks again.

  368. Gordon Halverson

    Gordon Halverson here from the Northern part of America, called Canada.

    My career in social welfare, has been very fulfilling and rewarding for the last 25 years, very recently my passion for my work has caused me problems and currently receiving disability payments monthly, looked after everyone else, I forgot about myself.?

    Some of my past history revolves around internet marketing for approximately nine years, being very dependent can create barriers for anyone trying to enter the realm of Internet entrepreneurship and all it has to offer. This is not proactive.

    Having explored endless opportunities available in cyber space and thus amounting to exactly nil in profits, only just recently I have reviewed and opened my barriers holding me back from benefiting from my dream, my desire, my goals, my belief in the Internet marketing system, through training myself for the past years, this was the piece missing for my own betterment.

    A widower from my first very short marriage, of which I was blessed with two children, now adults, from then to present, with my second wife (Brenda) of twenty nine (29) years, we have four boys, three are adults and our baby is fifteen years old. I enjoy my life, my children, my grandchildren (16), my friends, helping others. During my works days, volunteering came very easy to me, something I enjoy because of my nature, many organizations provided recognition for my volunteering, bless them.

    Well, a book can be written about my life.

    That’s me. Look forward to reading your material.

  369. Hi, Jason
    I am a New Zealander living in China. I’ve been here two years, teaching English and being a good husband to my Chinese wife. I am really a copywriter, not a teacher, and I tried doing some copywriting between classes. But doing business in China is too damned hard so I have turned to the internet.

    I have heaps of spare time for such things, but computers did not exist when I went to school so the technical terms used by the gurus inevitably slow me down. What is an oikle for instance? Is it bigger or smaller than a google?

    I have tried internet marketing for about six months, mucking around with affiliate marketing, and not made a dollar so far. I find writing articles easy, but where are the floods of cash? According to my latest guru I should be making $5000 every five minutes, but not so far.

    I am just now writing the content for five websites,the first of which is on renewable energy (i.e. solar and wind energy). Maybe a few dimes will come rolling my way. Actually a little American money would go a long way here in the Middle Kingdom.

    I have a son in Canada. His name is Jason too, maybe you know him. The Canadian cold seems to have frozen his fingers because I get no emails. Maybe he was eaten by a polar bear.

    Do they have polar bears in Canada, or am I getting Canada mixed up with Alaska? I know one is a state of the USA but I can never remember which one. All these American places names ending with “a” are so confusing. Alabama, Arizona, California, Georgia and Florida are hot, I believe, and Alaska and Canada are not.

    Keep up the good work,

    Mike Edgar

  370. Hi Jason,

    I’m your new member and I can’t explain how I truly wanted to meet search for somebody like you and starting from now I’ll consider you to be my mentor in my online marketing I’m a newbie trying to earn my first dollar online and like you I’ve been a victim with different scam program but having met you I know this is the start of everything good.

    By the way, I haven’t introduced my self yet I was carried away the excitement to let you know that I’m thankful so here, I marjun lagmay 24 from the Philippines. I’m not currently working right now but have a job waiting for me, as much as possible I don’t want to work for others anymore but I don’t have trying to earn money online seemed like a far fetch goal for me but I know now I have somebody to lean on as a mentor but you even let me felt like a family.

    From the newbie marketer of 7,107 island Philippines

  371. Hi Jason,

    Im your new member, I just wanted to thank you for accepting me as part of the family i really felt I am, I was able to connect with your story before but I’m happy to see where you are now it makes me still believe that being successful online is not a far fetch reality.

    After all those scam I tried I learned my lesson and not having to trust every people who sends me a bulk of messages everyday hoping to make me fall for their program but I won’t anymore.I still haven’t earned my single dollar online but not giving up and I’m happy to find your membership site I can’t wait to tell my friends of this great site of yours.That’s all for now.

    From the newbie marketer of 7,107 island Philippines

    P.S Sorry if I in case had two entries there was a glitch in my connection a while a back that’s why created a new one. Peace..

  372. Aloha Jason,

    Mahalo (thank you) for letting me into your O’hana (family). Long story short….grandfather passed on 12/2005, mom got cancer 12/2006 (she is doing fine, but her weight worries me), the economy crashed and my happiness went backwards.

    29 years with government and I got another 8 years. Got the years but not the age. I’m ready to get out but financially can’t do it.

    Mom and I have 3 mortgages and a total nightmare. I keep her above water because she is elderly and sickly, but my life is going under and above water, but I can still recover…..for how long, yikes!

    Okay, free list, but can’t make much until I upgrade. Okay, then they offer that 1 special deal which cost money and can’t understand why you won’t take the deal. “Free” is what got me to sign up. Well if it wasn’t for the nightmares I wouldn’t sign up for a free list. Need a autoresponder but they’ll give me everything else. And… Then you don’t need a website, but it would be better… Offers help then nothing.

    Sorry for venting, my angle is here….. so where and how do we get a nightmare to look as good as the sunsets in Hawaii?

    Mahalo ;0)

  373. Hello Jason,
    I’m Badie Marso live in Morocco
    good run I will like to do the same
    being a beginner, and low English
    I’m afraid not to succeed

  374. Hi Jason,
    I am a total newbie to the online marketing scene. I am a Nigerian and I have realized that things are changing and the online marketing scene is taking a key position. I want to be equipped for this change and I need all the help I can get. Will you help me?

  375. Greetings Jason How are You?
    Thank You for sharing yourself with us. I have been a part of your circle for quite sometime and I have enjoyed being a part of your Network Thank You!

    God Bless,

  376. Hi Jason, I’m originally fro Detroit but live just outside of Chicago now. I am 2 month newbie trying to find my niche. It’s a process I understand and the learning curve is not as big as it was 2 months ago. Looking forward to much success in this business. You have a great service and I hpe to learn a few things from you.

  377. Hello Jason

    I want to thank you for taking a few minutes of your very valuable time to read this short letter, as I would like to very briefly tell you a little of my background and the reason why I have decided to try to set up a Business in the Internet Marketing World.

    My current situation is that I am 69 year of age and still in reasonably good health. In my earlier life, I had been successfully self-employed since I was 25 years of age, until, a little over 10 years ago, when my life took a turn for the worst. Firstly, I lost my Daughter and then 12 months later, my Wife, both to cancer. At that stage, I chose to sell up my Business Interests to allow me the necessary time and money to look after and rear my Daughter’s 4 Children (my Grand-Children) as their Father was not in a position to take them on.

    As the Children have now grown older and are able to help out around the house, I have spare time on my hands and decided that I would like to look at the possibility of starting up my own Business once again, working from my home office, in order to earn myself a much needed income, as I am currently running very low in my cash reserves.

    Around March this year (2010), I started searching the Internet, looking for possible Job Opportunities and finally made the decision to try myself out in the Internet Marketing, as I have had many years of experience as a personal representative in Sales and Marketing with my own Businesses. However, regrettably because I have had absolutely no prior knowledge or training whatsoever of the Methods and Production Requirements needed to design, produce, set-up and launch Blogs and Web Sites onto the Internet, I followed the procedure that I had previously done when setting up my other Businesses in the past and I began purchasing many of the hundreds of various Training eBooks, Tools and Systems, that were being offered to me by the supposed “Gurus” on the Internet, in the hope of acquiring the knowledge and equipment that I thought I needed to set up my New Business.

    This did three things for me. Firstly: It cost me a great deal of money (which I really could not afford) and Secondly: I became completely confused as to how to apply all of the Material and Information etc. that I had stupidly purchased and furthermore, I regret to tell you, that I am still no closer to being able to set-up and launch my first Professional Blog and Web-Site, than I was when I first started, and Thirdly: I finally came to the realization that I had completely wasted my time and decided to cut my losses and put aside everything I had purchased to date, and seriously start searching the internet in the hope that I could find someone already established and successful in the Internet Marketing Field, who was prepared to take on a complete Newbie like myself and teach me the essential steps of starting up my own Internet Marketing Business.

    I know my prayers have finally been answered now that I have made your acquaintance and I will be honored to have you as my mentor and I promise that your help will be gratefully appreciated and I can assure you that I will be an excellent student and not waste your valuable time.

    Thank you.

  378. Hi Jason,
    I’m John from the Highlands and Islands of the Scottish west coast,a small fishing town called Oban.I am very much a country boy at heart with a passion for writing and photography and have had several success’s with photo articles published in national magazines.[fishing and wildlife]
    I have an interest in marketing through the internet and very new to all this I would dearly love to have more time to myself and in particular work from home !
    Have learned to do most things ..a little html..and ftp etc,but not how to make a wage !! but hey it’s a learning curve and I am determined as a dog with a bone to succeed.

    To everyone’s success
    Thank you

  379. Thank you my friend for the invite I am a 59 years old grand-pa and I am a sfi affiliate I advertise affiliate program I am sure that with your help I might get there faster have a great day! Gaston from montreal Canada

  380. Hi Jason,
    Whew!! took me a long time to get way down here to the comment section. Lots of folks had a lot to say about and to you. All of it good.(So Far)
    I love your PLR site, and just joined today. Looking forward to a long
    and fruitful relationship….I am 73 years young. Besides the internet, I
    enjoy riding my 1985 Honda Gold Wing motorcycle….
    Keep up the good work.

  381. hello. my name is Cecil. I am excited about the opportunity to get the PLR downloads and to make money being an affiliate. i think it is a great offer to make some cash. I hope to be a great Affiliate

  382. Dear Jason thanks for your email i would really like to succeed on line and plan for my retirement My husband recently was made redundant and I could really do with some extra income working from home thanks eleanor

  383. Hi Jason and everyone,
    I was born in Toronto, Ontario and live part of my life there and in British Columbia. Now I’m in North Carolina. For now.
    I have had an ecommerce site since 2005.
    I’ve been affiliate marketing for the past 1 1/2 years. I’m doing okay, and could do better. I know what I need to do, and I’m beginning to put that plan into action. Too much going on and have been distracted.
    I am fortunate that I have found the right people to trust and follow with their products. I am grateful. The rest is up to me.
    I have just found you here, and am impressed so far.
    Thank you.

  384. Hi Jason,-
    I live in Penetanguishene, Ontario and it is nice to hear from another Canadian. I am a retired RN and have bought into many many programs on the internet for almost two years. However I have not made a cent as I find it hard to figure out what to do on these programs and I don’t know anyone with the knowledge to help me. I hope I can learn from you. Thanks for being there.

  385. Well Jason,

    My name is Manuel Gonzales, burn and living on Dominican Republic I wish for the rest of my life. As latin people, my primary language is spanish, so I apologize because I´m immproving my english as part of my effort to be an internet entrepreneur.

    I´m closer of my 50th burn anniversary. I´m a medical doctor with and MPH (master on public health) and since 1984 I became an computer using lover (my first “computer” was a COMMODORO 64k).

    As one of the early pioneers non-informatic professional using computers on my country I became an early internet users but, untill now, I did not made any effort to earn money through the internet. As a newbie I am making a lot of mistakes, but I learning of them.

    I love music, but just romantic music. I like to be in home.

    I like to learn and I think I´m an easier learner. As such, I´ll be waiting to hear aobut you and your experience.


  386. Hello Jason,
    My name is Sharon aka mysharona. I am married and have 2 daughters and a granddaughter. I am not exactly new to internet marketing, but have had very little success. I look forward to listening and learning from you. I am currently unemployed and really would love to be able to work from home. Thank you for being an inspiration.

  387. I am proud to be associated with such a fine person as Jason, by the way I am from Ottawa, Ontario, good to be in company with a fellow Canadian, that goes a long way; trust is big on the internet, cheers to you my good man!

  388. Hi Jason,
    I am a reletiively new student to Internet Marketing and have been going thru the same difficulties as many others I find Myself to be very disorganized, but getting better as a late comer to computers. I am a retiree, and probably a lot older then many of your subscribers. I don’t think that is why I am slow in My ability to pick up the pace, I think it is My lack of knowledge, as it concerns computers, I hope with the support of People such as Yourself! I feel that I will get there soon! I have a vast amount of Information and I think I am ready to begin in ernest. I am finally coming to the point where I recognize what is needed to succeed.
    I live in a very small but beatiful area, Homosassa, Florida. I guess My hobby has become computers, I have even built a few.
    Let me say, that I think Your way of doing business, as in the straight foward style You have adapted has added a refreshing note. As to most of the entrapenours that populate the WEB I think they need a lot of training in Marketing in general………..So You see I have learned quite a bit from You during our short aquaintence. I will be positively Your future student……………………….Thank You, Lou

  389. It will be good to learn form you and especially because you went through the rough patches to become what you are; I now have a couple of months learning and trying this and that and I have spent a couple thousands of dollars I am a bit cautious now I want to take things step by step; I am inspired by my passion of business and I have hope that this shall be working soon…

  390. Hi Jason,

    I am a retired Airline Sales Manager. Now I spend my time trying to make money online and managing an airline training institute. I am also a natural health enthusiast and hence my health website.

    I hope to use your content service to improve my business.

  391. Jason !

    I First touched Computer after My Retirement, and kept in touch of Friends & Family by “E-Mails” At that time I was in ATLANTA (GA), Now I am in ‘UK’, and came across many Mouth-Watering offers on LINE, to Earn Quick,and I LOST good amount of MONEY,

    Being over 75, it takes LONGER to LEARN new things, & I never used
    TYPE WRITER too, But determined to See the WORLD with EARNING Good amount of MONEY on Internet, by My 80th YEAR.(NOT Over night).

    Jason ! You may know “WHO EARNED Good Amount of Money at nearly Age of 80 Yrs, (What is the RECORD ?)

  392. Hey Jason,
    Thank you. My Name is Wilsecs, and I live On Australia’s Premier Holiday/Vacation destination, The Gold Coast where the sun shines at least 250 days a year.
    I have been on the net off and on for 5 years, and have made zilch money, except for the Site in my reply Website address, and even then, it’s not cash money yet. Have spent a considerable amount of money trying to educate myself and on “Must have software”.
    A problem I have is trying to work out WordPress, but I seem to have a blank where thats concerned.
    Do I hate the internet: No. Do I hate IM: No. Im just happy to be able to do, and I will get on top, ONE DAY!!, and I do like what I see here!!


  393. Hello Jason, my name is Anton, I live in Russia. I am new to internet marketing, and I will be very interesting to read your entries.

  394. Hello Jason.

    I am from Northern Ontario, Canada. I found you through doing my due diligence before I venture into Internet Marketing. I am in my 50s now. I am disabled due to MS. Before the MS I was working in the IT business, first as a senior computer support specialist performing repairs and installations for several high profile accounts. I then decided to work for a school board doing the same type of work. I also have a background in computer programming and teaching Network Communications etc.

    There is the bit about myself. I want to thank you for what you are doing to help others get in Internet Marketing. From what I have been able to discover you are an honest man with integrity. I believe those who have commented above my own will be well served here. I wish you the best with your endeavours and may they bring you wealth and happiness.

    Warmest Regards,


  395. Hi Jason,
    Thank you for asking for me to join your family.
    Well I am a newbie at the moment and been getting ripped off by all these get rich scenes,I have paid out a lot and not maid a penny up to now. But I am going to keep going and see if I can make a success of this affiliate marketing. So looking out to see what advise I can get from you in the near future,So thank you again and hope to here your advise.

  396. Dear Mr. Oickle:

    I am very interested in selling our tackle products we have been manufacturing since 1960. I closed in 1980 due to the recession at that time and now, I am 75 years old, lost my only son in 1999 and now I like to sell
    the tackle again but I do not know how to work on the computer system since I have no knowledge about it.

    Your suggestions are very welcome

    Louis Baum

  397. Hello Jason
    I’m from northern France “Wattrelos”
    I am tech computer system / network and internet
    I work on my account since October 2009 in IT support and web development, there are over work but less money coming in which made my wife from the house …
    In short, I’m on several system affiliate marketing … the last two months, but I do not see yet returned “resources = money” may be it takes longer …
    but I hope for the future and I intend to fight again to get there
    and I count on your guide to get there or we will all go to earn enough to pay our bills and still live comfortably.
    thank you jason

  398. Hello Jason,

    We have something very unique in common. I was born in Halifax. However I moved to Ontario when very young and have never been back. I look forward to the time when I can go back and visit the place of my birth.

    I have been dabbling in Internet Marketing for about 4 years but have not been able to make a big success of it yet. But I am not giving up yet, I am looking forward to trying your products as I am getting into more of the niche blogging market. I really want to make a success of this and am very hopeful that your products will give me that extra edge.



  399. Hi Jason: I was excited to see you’re from Halifax, NS. I’m from Fredericton area, NB. And glad to see you’ve figured it out.

    I’ve been online a little over a year and wasted a lot of time and money, like so many others, I guess. I think I finally am on the right track. I own and operate a Special Care Home, so don’t spend as much time as I’d like to online.

    I look forward to hearing more from you.

    Rhonda Tardif

  400. G’day Jason

    I’m a newbie and I’ve been researching this whole thing for about 18 months now, and launching in January ’11. This looked tooooooooo good to pass up because it really looks like it’s going to add another string to my bow by allowing me to offer people the best products, physical and digital, that are on the web. I really think this is going to be awesome and I’m looking forward to seeing how this partnership develops.

    BTW, have a great Xmas and New Year.

  401. hi , i am amira from constantine algeria , i wanted to join your group but unfortunatly where i live we don’t have an online tool to pay ,so go forward and be the best i hope

  402. Hey Jason,
    I am Josiah Francis by name, a young Nigerian studying Accounting in the University.
    I really had passion for this but i really don’t know how to go about it

  403. Hi Jason. I am a 44 year old woman from south central N.Y. state. I work in a linemans manufacturing factory 2nd shift. It is a complete drag. I have been trying to learn affiliate/internet marketing for 3 years now and I still don’t understand much. No one has helped me because I can’t afford to pay shitloads of money to learn. I am desperate to learn. I need a coach, a mentor. I am also into metal. I listen to progressive metal like Dream Theatre, Queensryche, and Fates Warning. It’s so awesome to see that someone else who is into metal is also an internet marketing success. It really gives me hope. I really need some guideance and some step by step video tutorials. If you can help me I would be so gratefull. Thanks, Taylor

  404. Hi, I am from Sabah, Malaysia, making a full time income from the internet. I help local businesses establish a presence on the internet, and have been doing it full-time for the last 6 months. It is thanks to marketers like Jason Oickle (and many more, too many to name really) for sharing what they know.

    I would also like to extend an invitation to anyone who wants to get in touch with me. We are in this together and we can all benefit if anyone wants to discuss this.

  405. Hello Jason,
    I’m here in Springfield,mo and I am 46 orginally started out working offline with mail order it got to being to costly for me and found it wasn’t for me and have made many mistakes with my offline programs and online well I got more knowledge on that and now I work on the internet throughout the day doing affiliate marketing and found it to be more successful for me and a real eye opener and getting very educated from all the tools and ways of going about marketing my own products and helping others to market there’s and It has become a big part of my life to be successful in being in the affiliate marketing business and I have beeen doing this online since 2005 and enjoy it on a daily basis and appreciate having you as my coach in helping me to become more successful thankyou julie Cramblit

  406. Hi Jason, I have been trying to make money online for a while now
    with no success, mabe now things will change. Look forward to working
    with you .

  407. hi Jason,
    I thank you for invited and accepted into the family. I am a beginner in internet marketing, need a lot to learn especially from you. certainly as a beginner I am still looking for the best prospects that I can get a free course, why because as a beginner I wanted to prove all of it is real. finally back I thank you and await your guidance.

  408. Hi!I am a freelance writer from Indi. Felt good to read about you. I want to do something good and make money helping others.
    Thank you!

  409. Hi there not much to said about me. i live in morrilton,ar. i am marrie have
    two living kid one gril,she married has two dauther My two grandauthers
    has each got a boy.
    My younger son live with me and his Stepfather.He will soon be 41 years old,the 29 of this month. I lose my oldest son back in May of 2010 he would have been 45 if he had live unto the 28 of may. I am 70 years old.
    L have live in Morrilton must of my life.

  410. Thank you for being willing to share your knowledge.

    I have been using a home P.C for several years, even before I connected to the internet.
    Like most people I attempted to find something that I could do to earn money using.
    There are way too many sites offering a supposed easy way to earn a fantastic living!
    Being naive I bought too many systems or software or other packages, in vain hope of making money, moved on later to setting up a website with World Profit.
    Which seemed to ideal system, with quite an assortment of features within the member’s area, unfortunately auto responder was optional extra
    But even though I log in most days and sent out newsletters as instructed and put links all over the internet, I never made any money or even recruit any new members.
    I was so disgruntled, with paying a monthly fee and getting nothing in return for my efforts, I cancelled my membership, so one of their founder members took over my site as their own.

  411. Hey Jason,

    I have liveed in Florida most of my life, Love to sail and play cards.
    Installed marble for 35 years and became disable in 2001 so started to teach myself to use a computer to play cards, then relized there was more
    there then I started out to do. I have been learning marketing for a while now and could use alot of help. I have spent a small fortune thinking
    I could put a quarter in the front of the machine and take a million dollar
    check out of the back. Well it’s not that easy.

  412. Hello Jason First of all i would like to say thank you it is always lovely to know something about someone; but i have to say i became disappointed and very sad when i saw your two choices of [what you consider to be metal!!!]

    LOL only kidding but seriouly if you consider yourself to be a true metal monster…GGGRRrrrrr….

    Anyhoo’s i have only just started to get into the internet marketing business. It has been about 6 or 7 months. I gave up my career so my wife could go back to study and also because i wanted to be with our two daughters more. I was working and commuting from 06:00 am to 19:00 pm and then if we had a big project on i could be hom around 22:00 or 23:00 pm. Not fun i can tell you. Hey this is sounding like a sales page. Hah! i’ve obviously been scanning SO many that i even started scripting like one.

    So to cut a long sty short i am home trying to make ends meet and when i am not at the computer my two daughters take up my time.

    It’s just really nice to know you 🙂 Peace Out!

  413. Hi Jason,,,I am Naomi but usually called Mimie,I am now retired from several multi national companies operating in my lovely country Indonesia.Now I am joining a health product online marketing system.Main ingredient is mangosteen juice,which should be promoted via internet.
    Since I am new ,my question is,,Is it possible to sell the products with your system?
    Or,, I am only allowed to build up my network as your affiliate?
    thank you Jason!

  414. Hi Jason,

    I live on Camano Island in Washington State with my wife and our son. I am new to marketing in any fashion however, I feel this would be a great beginning for me.

    Although I currently work for Boeing I am a writer at heart. This is why I am here. It is my hope to build a list, a group of people that enjoy my articles. I think I am a little different in that way because I simply hope people like what they are reading.

    With that said it is my hope one day that I am able to be the full time writer.

    I think it is important for us writers to market ourselves just as much as it is for the business person.

    Since no one has ever said to me “you can’t do that” I simply ask the question “why not?”

    With all of that said, thank you for helping me get my start.

  415. Well I will say I was very pleasantly surprised when I read you ar from and living In Halifax. I spent a lot of time there over the years and I now live in Ontario. I am from Cape Breton Island, lived in New Brunswick for 20 years. I played hockey for the Saint John Moosehead Seniors a long time ago. I am a relative newbie to the internet. I started just 3 or 4 months ago as I am on disability for the remainder of my days unless I ever start to turn a dollar on the net. If you have any ideas on how I might see the odd dollar coming my way instead of away from me. It is great to hear of a Canadian doing well on the net – I always hear of the guys as being from the US but then again there is a lot more of them than of us.
    Thanks and take care.

  416. hi jason,
    my name is amr wageh I was work since 1987 in garment factories. in octobre 2010 I left my job(quality control manager).I was married since 1992 I have 2 kids( boy,girl) from the first of 2011 I was try to learn how to make money on line but until now I don’t earn any penny .
    I hope to learn me how I can earn money on line.

  417. Hi Jason, glad to meet you. My Name is Ron. I live in Kansas, USA. I’ve been into online marketing for a few years, making a little money but wish it was more 😉 I’m also into music (Mudvayne also one of my favorites!) and I work at a print shop at this time. My goal is to do well enough on line that I can do it full time. I have four kids and 9 grandkids and a dog that loves to play frisbee LOL.

  418. Hello Jason,

    As I looked at your the above replies, I can’t help wondering why nothing for over a year. Also, you don’t seem to be actively involved on your Twitter or Facebook accounts.

    I pray that all is OK with you and your family.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the information available at your ‘PLR Dealer’ site. When I initially attempted to log in with my new id and password, it didn’t work. I’m sure customer service will be able to solve the problem.

    About 20 years ago,I got to visit Halifax, when the ship I was stationed on stopped there. I guess I didn’t much more that the areas that tourists go to. I did enjoy Peggy’s Cove and what I believe was a botanical garden. The was a road race, people running a measured course (10K) on the streets of Halifax, when at the time and the local people who organized the race invited the crew of my ship to enter. I remember that at the last minute the decided to make it easier for the people of the US Navy ship by adding mile markers; however, in their rush, they didn’t get positioned correctly. It was fun anyway.

  419. Dear Jason Oickle,
    first of all i am thanksful to you for giving this information.. today i create my account & now i am waiting for your responce because i have no acknowledegement how to use this website & how to make money… dear brother i am a single student .. please help me.. also pls tell me via my email address. Thanks!

  420. Hi Jason I was going through my emails when I spotted your web.I am a complete newbie looking for information on the Internet.From the beginning I only took up computer to keep abreast of development in the business world.Nowadays almost everybody is talking computer or Internet and if I don’t start learning something today I willl be left very far behind.Before you know it I have fallen in love with the computer.One thing leads to another and I am introduced to the Internet.It was then I discovered there is a vast potential to be tapped on the Internet.I started exploring and was awed by all the secrets and revelations disclosed by the so called Gurus and the enormous income they derived from their business.But alas,my limited knowledge and technical skills has prevented me from advancing any further.I have difficulty conjuring up a squeeze page and could not get anywhere with the programs I hhave bought( all purchased outside Pay Pal/Click Banks web site).My visa debit card suffered a technical problem on Pay Pal/Click Bank web site.It’s three months since I started my interest on the internet and I am still grouping in the dark.Tough and difficult as it may be I am not giving up.It’s my my interest,my passion,my love.Nothing is going to stand in the way,be it GURUS or scammers.I definitely welcome friends offering their outstreched hands of assistance.Looking forward to a long and lasting friendship.

  421. Hi Jason,

    I appreciate the fact that you introduce yourself. I am an affiliate marketer, blogger and article publisher. I am always looking for content and that’s how I ended up at your site. I am a singer/songwriter with my own band, we play mostly private events, weddings, etc. and when I am not working with my band I am on the internet – love it :].
    I look forward to receiving content. Thanks for the invite.

  422. My name is Len Kochberg I live in Toronto Canada I have been Internet Marketing for a few years and trying many programmes over this period of time. My goal has been to get as much experince as one could get and learn about different programmes those that have a lot of success and of course those that are failures right from the start. Why? One day I will start my own business and my goal is to help people to achieve success. I like what a strong internet Business can do for a persons income, security and peace of mind.I am well travelled educated and I enjoy a peaceful life.

  423. I am a 75 year old simi-retired Entrepreneur. I have founded several companies in my career. I am an expert in sales, marketing and customer relations and still learning. My current passion is the Internet. From this interest, business associates and my fellow YES network members have dubbed me Research Analyst. I spend 5-6 hrs per day doing research on the Internet for friends and clients. If you have a subject you would like researched contact me, I am beginning to blog, I am very interested in the social media, Internet marketing and affiliate marketing. I have three websites but haven’t made a penny yet. I hope that will change soon:)

    I’m interested in music, reading, travel, art and anything new and interesting.

    My family is the dearest thing on earth to me. They love me unconditionally, warts and all. Thank you girls & guys…

  424. Hi Jason,

    Even a blind rooster can find some corn… I was glad to find your website. This site let me not sleep at night!

    But First Things First!

    I like to tell you that I’m not a robot. I’m a living person with the common dreams.
    My name is Reggie Engdahl I living on the top of the globe, in Sweden.

    Our small country (9 million) on the Scandinavian Peninsula is an old kingdom with democracy.

    In our history I mention only three things, the Vikings and the former ambassador Raoul Wallenberg diplomat in Budapest. He was helping many Jewish people from Nazi deportation. In January 1945 he was arrested by Russian military and have not been heard of after that.

    And one other brave Swedish person the “chief” for UN Dag Hammarskjold. He act independently for peace and he was killed in an air crash when his plane was shoot down under a UN commission in Africa.

    In the Viking era 800 – 1000th our countrymen travel for business and sometimes war.

    An crumb from our old history, our neighbors in Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland out in the Atlantic Ocean was also involved in the Viking Time.

    The biggest trade city in Sweden at this time was Birka on the island Bjorko in lake Malaren. The Swedish Viking tradesman gone to England in west.
    But most of the Swedish trade was build on travels along the rivers in the East.

    The Swedish Viking chief “Rorik” was founder of Novgorod in Russia. Other Vikings build trade places in the Baltic and some in Germany. Mostly they was founded and fortified as links in the trade chain.

    The trade was big along the Volga and Dnepr rivers all the way down to Caspian Sea and Black Sea. The trade with silver in Istanbul and Baghdad was important.
    From historical sources we know that the lifeguard for the Caliph was carried of “Svear” Swedish Vikings, because they was trustworthy.

    I live with my wife Ulla-Britt in a small town named Strangnas South of Stockholm.
    I follow in the Viking tradition and are a tradesman. I’m experienced as salesman, sales manager, marketing manager and consultant. To’day I act as owner of some Internet business for the purpose to helping other that want to have success with there own online business. So we travel by the sea of www nowadays.

    Nothing grow by nothing but with a good guide the success can be yours.

    Reggie Engdahl

  425. I am a Nigerian living in Nigeria. I am relatively new in IM Business. I am passionate about working from home. Although I am presently in a paid employment, I look forward to retiring into Online home business soonest. I have high hopes that I will be a beneficiary of your wealth of experience as a full time online business man. I have keen interest in affiliate marketing, product creation, blogging etc.

  426. Hello Jason, I live in Stone Mountain, GA. I am a newbie in this industry. I am working on creating a residual income for my retirement since I have lost so much from this economy. I found something that is helping me become debt free and also helping me maintain good health. My goal is to sharing this wonderful opportunity to as many people as possible so they too can be debt free. Joyce

  427. Hello Jason my name is johnny shull and I live in west columbia south carolina I have been online for almost a year now when I first came online I was a for real newbie.I just turned 51 this month and am learning to use a computer see I resisted this for many years I guess I was a little intimidated by it all. I wish I had known how easy it was I’d have started in the 80’s when I still had a good job and the funds needed to upgrade in a few traffic exchanges however that has not discouraged me in any way at this time I spend about 17 hours a day on my computer I have made a dollar or two but not much at least its enough to keep my domain active I may be doing it the hard way but I’m lovin every minute of it. It’s challenge but I don’t give up easily

  428. Hi Jason, I am from Logan, Utah and I’m a relative newcomer to Internet and Affiliate Marketing and I’m quite sure that I’m among the many thousands that have purchased endless items and wound up with very little in the end.
    I will be looking forward to knowing you and who knows maybe one day we both can benefit from each others experiences.

    Warm Regards

  429. Hey Jason thanks for the welcome. Don’t know what I am doing here yet. Have a private addiction rehab in Palm Springs CA. Trying to get it going but marketing is too expensive at the moment. But I figure its not what you know its who? Or a combination Right? So I figure better take advantage of any and all network opportunities. We are also willing to profit share for anyone who can help us get out there! Peace and Blessings Laurence-Anew Rehab Services Palm Springs CA 92264 (800)358-9902

  430. Hi Jason,
    My name is Louis and I worked 34 years for GMC and am now retired.
    Over 24 years and have started working for GDI.Now not that I need the money, but just want to do something.I use to play games on line but got sick of that. So here I am trying to prove something to my self, that I can make money on line. Now I just got in to this and I have 2 in my down line. Not bad for a old 80 year man, would you say?
    To Your Future

  431. Damian Kulczynski

    Hello Jason,

    First, I appreciate the fact that you introduced yourself.

    My name is Damian Kulczynski and I am 48 yrs old.

    Now, I am really getting into internet marketing these days as I have just become disabled and let me tell you that you really can’t live off of what the US Government expects one to live off of.

    For some time now, I have known that I could make a great living off of my computer and have tried but, I didn’t really make anything to speak of.

    Plus, to boot, I like many have also been scammed and I do believe that you will show me the ropes. Even though I have been scammed… I keep trying as I have no other means to make the kind of income I know I am worthy of.

    Maybe one day we will be able to call each other and discuss more.

    Till then have fun and thanks for being there.



  432. Jason,
    G’day from downunder. My name is stuart but an working at trying to get myself ‘branded’ as stubizly. I am 61, a retired math teacher. My retirement was kinda forced on me by my health. It took me 12 months to decide to become an online enterpreneur. I have read a lot of BS stuff, bought into several hyped up guru programs. Finally decided to give affiliate marketing a ‘red hot go’ as we say down here orstralia. Still searching but reckon I’m getting closer to the payoff.

    You have obvious street cred here judging by all the comments. Hope we can swap stories as time goes by.
    take care, have fun,

  433. Hi Jason, nice to know you.
    Totally, Full Time, amazing!.
    Guess your hobby is same with this one, right?

    Please help me to find some idea without ‘The Great Pretender’.
    I look forward to receiving your next brilliant ideas.

    Thanks a lot


  434. Hello Jason,

    12/02/2008 was when I first signed up/opt in to your list.
    The membership I was signing up for this morning I did not finish becausr it told me the username was already used which tole me I am already a member. I have joined a lot of memberships but never made a list with all of then on it. Have also signed up for some with different addresses for the same reason.

    To many emails and don’t know what I have already signed up for has caused my being on the same list on more than one address. I am working on it but because of the amount of emails everyday it has been slow.

    @Damian, Sorry about you becoming disabled and you are right about the you really can’t live off of what the US Government expects one to live off of. I was older than you when my check was cut in more than half but I am on full retirement now and it is still half or more less than I made a month. I have been on here since 2006 and the funds has been a big problem for me and for the last 4 years for one grandson and almost 4 years for the other grandson and granddaughter My wife and I have provided the housr ,utilities ,most of the food, their school supplies and clothes with no help or very,very little help from the two sons and 1 daughter in law.

    Jason thanks for the information and help you have provided all these years.


  435. Hi Jason,

    I live in Henderson, Nevada. Rite next door to Las Vegas, Nevada (I’m sure you may have hesrd of it.

    I moved here in 2001, 2 weeks before 911. Love it, couldn’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be.

    From the time I was in high school I have been interested in repairing things, mostly houses. For the last 40 years I have been buying and fixing houses. I had a house fixing business professionally for 20 + years.

    I have been fixing and breaking and fixing websites for the last 6 or 8 months. I am sure that I will get the hang of it if I can just keep my resistance up for the scheisters out there and boy do they come in the dozens.

    Don’t have much to say at this time except if I get more than 2 emails from you per week I will drop you like a hot potato. I just don’t have time for all that poening the mal crap.

    Until then


  436. Hey Jason

    My name is Lui and ive just started affiliate/internet marketing a few weeks ago. So im a complete newbie.

    Im 26 years old and live in Brisbane, Australia.

    Love playin footy, poker an all that kinda stuff.

    Looking to earn my freedom online and get out of the rat race, help my family out as well.

    Ive joined an affiliate programme already but dont really know what im doing.

    You sound like the real deal so im looking forward to learning off ya.


  437. I am a newbie even then I try a lot of those programs the says is so easy I never understend why you paid some amount of money and in the followin pages they start asking to buy this and that. I think those are scams so I try to get out of those as fast I can. I don’t work because I am sick but I need money because I have a son who is going to the university and I like to be a little more comfortable in my home so thats why I’m sending this coment.
    Thanks Gabriela

  438. Hello Jason, first i want to thank you for giving me this chance. i’m very new to online business my first attempt has already cost me 3,000.00 dollars as im disabled u can guess im on a fixed income so it really upset me that for 3 months i haven’t made one cent and no help from the company so i’m very scared to try this but im willing to try 1 more time . enough of that. im married to a wonderful woman for 38 yrs with 5 kids and 7 grandkids we live in tampa fl my friends online line call me the undertaker. lol yes like the wwe superstar im very much looking forward to working with you.

  439. Hi Jason,
    My name is Rudi but everyone calls me Rudy. I live in Indonesia, Long Island, a city called Medan. I am rather new on the internet. I did a lot of surfing to join multiple email ENT SOLD mlm companies and they make money but I do not. so I gave my back to while.Now. I am a born again Christian and other Christian hosts who made ??me my mentoring. I’m still in school but the economic situation of people sma tuakau I dropped out of school I beg you Jason for helping me make money on the internet.

  440. George M Poteet Sr

    Hello Jasion:
    my frinds call me George, my grand kid’s call me poppy or pa pa. i am 71 and loving it. i’m a disable vet, and retired computer eng. i served with the USAF for six years as a comunication tech. i have travel extensivly, going around the world twice. internet marketing is knew to me, and i hope to make enuff to get my outstanding bills paid-off. hope to hear from yo soon.

  441. Hi Jason,

    I am from the Philippines and a new beginner on online marketing. I cannot share so much right now because I was really confused on what’s working or not on driving traffic to a website. This maybe due to information overload. I hope that you can educate me on this area.

  442. I would like to tell you a little about myself. I grow up in the state of Mississippi. I life was spent on a farm until I was 19 years old. Then I went to a Trade School and learned how to be a printer. When I finished the course I got a job with a daily newspaper in Greenwood, MS.
    this was back in 1955. I’m sure it was before you were born, since I am 77 years. Back in the 50s the government drafted young men into the Army. My Dad call me and said i would
    be called the next month and if I wanted to go in another branch of the service I’m should do it before the end of the month. So I joined the Air Force and I like the service so I stayed in for 26years.
    When I got out I was on 43 years old and decided I would continue work if I could find a job.
    I decided to stay in the state so I started in Jackson. MS and I took Test for several State Government jobs. I received several calls to come in for a interview. After the first interview I was offered a job and I took it. I worked until I was 58 years old and was eligible to retire again, and I retired for good that time and moved to Florida because we had lived there for 12 years when I was in the service and we liked the area and we are still here. I have be trying to make money on the internet for about 2 or 3 years. Have only made very little money and with the cost of living going every day I am working with 3 different system on the internet. I am just hoping one will make enough money for my wife and me to live comfortable with enough money to enjoy ourselves to enjoy going out sometimes and have no bills…

  443. John Fergusson-Batte

    Hi Jason
    My name is John. I am married to a beautiful women called Jodie and we have a gorgeous little 2 year old boy. I smile much more than I used to since he’s been born. I have been struggling with making money inline for a few months now. I often surf looking for the quick fix, but have realized there is no such thing.
    I live in Daylesford, Australia, but I am originally from the UK, and have been here since 93 with no intentions of going back.
    I just joined up today and am looking forward to learning from you.
    I would appreciate any comments you have about my site. That includes everyone who has posted here by the way, good or bad, I will accept them all with an open mind.
    Look forward to interacting with you all in the future
    Golf Fanatic

  444. how u doing first of all i want to thank you for given me the time to read what i have to say, i been looking for a way to make money online i see alot comercial i sing my self to it so i could find out the real stepts on how to make money on line, yea it seem easy but its not tell me about ive been working on this and still no income yet i quit my jod to do this because this is what i realy like and i would realy apreciated if i could get anny keys so i could find my path thank u for ur time,
    sincerity jeanp 357

  445. Hello Jason, Internet marketers!
    My name is Billy. I live in Smyrna, Tn. Just outside of Nashville.

    I am a retired police officer of 35 years and since retiring in 2008,
    I have bit the bug and started my online experience in internet marketing.

    Last count (11) of programs and direct business opportunties, but like they
    say , 95 failure rate. What a shame!

    The only guru I would trust with my bank account online is Charlie Page
    owner of DOE. Not a plug, just true statement.
    If you can deliver just 1% of what he delivers, I will hang around to
    the cows come home! No pun intended(**-**)

  446. I have spent so much money over the last few years! I feel really stupid and gullible. Every program I have purchased has some important part missing for a newbie. Have given up several times but keep being guided to “try again”.
    I am retired and am now pushing myself to make something work. I give thanks that I have been able to hang on but what to help not only myself but my wonderful family and others who are having a hard time.
    My wonderful family and I love stained glass and we work together every Sat. creating beautiful pieces of art. I am working on a website showcasting our stained glass jewelry, slumped, fused, and large window creations, My son and grandsons (teenagers into metal music–uggh) are all great artists. I tolerate the music because we have such a great time together. Our website is bwstainedglass.com and I’ll let you know how it is going.
    I will read your material and hopefully be able to have success. I want to be able to contribute more to life. We have the love and compassion but money is a real component of life to enjoy also. Thanks for listening.

  447. Hi Jason, I do not have a website as yet, just getting started. I need to learn everyting about making money online. I have to learn how to build a website as well, hope I can learn here. Thanks

  448. Hi Jason,

    Just like you, I love tinkering with computers. Five years ago, I put together my own desktop PC (bought all the bits and pieces). I’m a technical person by nature. Before I retired, I used to be involved in big projects such as building hydropower stations.

    During the last 2 years, I’ve been trying to do online marketing…joined different programs & bought various systems including MLMs but made very little money. Hopefully, with your help, online success is not just a dream but a reality.

  449. Hey Jason, nice to know about you. I am from India and was in corporate field as an HR Manager, worked some times in the defence forces too. Now, for the past two years taken up marketing. I intend to be a full time online marketeer. Though, I am not a technical person but have the ability to learn things quickly, so hope to do well online. once again nice to know about you….

  450. Hi Jason.
    As u asked for some info about me, I have been doing building work for the past 25 years. I have enjoyed it immensely & found it very satisfying.
    Now, for more than 4 months I have been unable to work due to lower back pain. At the begining I believed I would be well soon but but after 2 months I began to think I should look for a new source of income. The internet seemed perect for the freedom it could offer. I would dearly love to travel. After 1 month of reasearch I joined an affiliate program & have made a grand total of zilch, nada, nothing.

    On a more personal note my passion is dancing. I mainly do latin street dancing but also enjoy conteprorary, tango & learning any new styles.
    My back problem has prevented me dancing & I am totally frustrated by not being able to persue my passion.

    Well, that’s longer than I thought even tho it’s of course only a tiny part of my story.

    Regards Gerry.

  451. Recently I get layoff, I am always interested to learn IM business to make a living. I would appreciate if you can share your technique or starting point to do that.

  452. Hello, I am 50 years old, and i live with my elderly parents, who are in wheelchairs. I have to be here with them all the time so i can’t get out and get a job. I need to find a way to start making some money, We live from month to month instead of week to week. We struggle with money problems every month. I have no money comming in at all. I want to make things better for my parents and myself. I have tried other things on here ,but, i have not made any money at all. If i do get a little money I try and put it in to a business where i can start making the money i need to help my parents and myself. i want to buy me a car and i want to get health insurance and i want to get dental insurance.I sure hope this works.

  453. Hello Jason,
    Thank you for the WELCOME…
    Emil from Bau,Sarawak,Malaysia.I live at a village at Bau and working as a farmer. I have been trying my luck with IM for 1 year.I have tried some different types of product but all make my credit card empty.You know as a farmer the income is not much and fixed.I have promoted my website with Google Adsense and You Tube but my account was suspended already. Also all my websites with Brainhost was suspended too and i don’t know the reason why.With you by my side i hope my life will change. I really need help for my debts are all around.

  454. Hi Jason,

    I am new to Online Marketing, i am working on creating a residual income online full time, about two weeks ago i started Affiliate Marketing,and i am still learning. Thanks for the welcome. Juanetta

  455. Good afternoon Jason,

    I am a newbie and want to try to venture in an online business and when I read your email regarding the opportunity available for PLR affiliationship am interested and want to learn about it in more detail.
    Thank you and wish you all the best.

  456. Thankyou Jason. About me is a long story. So I resume.
    46 years person with an accident during 2007, back to my country, after 19 years livind in differents places and countries. Since 2008 I am here, so I think I took enough holydays.

  457. My name is Guy and I work as a sales representative supplying goods and services to retailers in the outdoor and adventure industries. My interests are outdoors , family pursuits, reading, sport and many other diverse topics. I have a great interest in the potential of the internet and its marketing strength. I enjoy blogging and niche marketing and have become an Empower Network tragic – for which I make no apologies. In another life I used to be a farmer and just recently moved back to the district that I spent the fist 20 years of my life. It is a town called Mudgee in New South Wales Australia. Mudgee is a beautiful country town about three and a half hours drive North West of Sydney. Mudgee is a mixed farming community with enterprises such as livestock, vegetable, cropping and wine grapes being the main Agricultural pursuits. It has also become a service hub for mining requirements for coal mining some forty minutes away. If you are visiting from overseas please contact me if you wish to see a beautiful part of Australia.

  458. Hi Jason – apologies for not addressing you on my previous post


  459. Hello Jasion:
    Thank you for your message to me. Treat them with great care. A few words about myself. He came to Israel from Ukraine, Lviv. He received a good education. He graduated from the three institutions. He received advanced degrees in various disciplines. Worked as Head of Alternative Medicine Clinic. Dr.prof. Vladimir Klein.
        Madly carried away Internet. Over three years. The result is low. But do not lose hope. Probrel Bole 1580000 files to the hard disk. But the action to be decided on does not work. I am confident that the case will help me. For many years I was meditating and I know that if there is a student, is sure to be a teacher.
       With great respect dr.prof. V.Klein.

  460. Hi Jason thank u for welcoming me to thé family,Jason i am sorry but i have never heard of u before,I read what u send me but after that? I first came across making money on line about a year ago,try few web sites that was pure trash got my money back haven’t try another one since,some of these site don’t worth the paper they are written on,and I am not computer savvy,u send me something I am not even sure what it is as yet, but if u can teach me to make money on line I would appreciate it very much, there is a lot of people send me s lot of things on line but I haven’t the time to check them out,the ones that I brought on line I have never made any money with them.but if u can hold my hand and help me,let me see how good u really are,I know the basis on computer that all,u are wondering where to start the beginning would be fine thanks again, I have nothing no web site no hosting nothing sl where.do we go from here I have some project I will be getting shortly and making money on line will come in handy.

  461. Ji Jason, my name is Eduard. I’m from Valencia (Spain). I have started marketing books online as a hobbie but, as I get more and more involved, I find online marketing more exciting. Having a full-time job does not leave me too much free time but I do want to continue learning and promoting online. Thanks for your warm welcome to the family and looking forward to being in touch.

  462. Hi I am James Cook, I’m a pensioner living in South Africa. I’ve tried to earn money on the internet but have failed in a big way. Everything I’ve tried failed, everyone just wants money from me, which I just don’t have. So I don’t know what to do anymore. I am not very good on a computer. Well that’s me and my story.
    Hope you can help me. I really do need to make extra money even if I don’t become rich over night.

  463. Hi Jason,
    We are quite new in this kind of business (I said “we” cuz we’re different people handling a site). So yeah. We’re from different places but we greatly help each other to be successful. Hoping you could help us if we ask help from you. Thanks!

  464. Hi Jason,

    Thanks to your warm welcome message. I enjoyed reading your history story. I could relate to your story because I’ve been through it, As you said we learn from our mistakes and I did make a lot of it but also helped me gained experience form it too.

    I could see that because no one really was mentoring me before. Where I gained my skills now, how to do business online is through surfing. Surfing the ad is very important because you get a lot of different ideas from people’s sites. Advertisements leads you to your path to find a real mentor.

    My first connection was with Ewan Chia , then Anthony Morrison, then came Vick Strizheus then George Kosh. I do love Vick’s and George’ presentations. They are both my ideal mentors.

    Thanks to George who introduced me to you..I hope this connection would be real and successful.

    Talking about Computers, I guess, we were the first students who used the Apple Computer’s in the early 80’s. I did Intorduction to Basic Programming and Database Programming using Apple computer. Games at that time were PACMAN and TIC TAC TOE….I was not really good at them but could remember we played these games during break time at school (Uni).

    By the way I live in Sydney Austrlia..

    Grace Gale

  465. Hi Jason.I’m from Iran.It’s a long time that follow online bussiness.
    The most of them are scam or I donnot find anything of them.
    I’m so happy to find you and your system.
    But I should study more about it, and need exprience and your help.

  466. Hello Jason and everybody out there. It seems we have all a lot in common, trying to find way at increasing present take home pay!. It’s nice to have stumbled upon your site. Oh, I am Joseph Reolalas of the Philippines, and just like everybody else tried every nook and cranny of the internet marketing, and yes spend a lot on poo. I’m crossing my fingers just as everybody else at the sincerity with which you introduce yourself and hope to make some honest buck with you!

  467. Hey Jason, Im so glad Ive came across you and your PLR products today! Im loving the journey of becoming a successful internet marketer …there is so much to learn….its a new world out there in this industry and I love learning new skills. I look forward to your training!

  468. Jason, thank you. I look forward ti greater success with your undeniable proven success. You Rock!

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