How to Take Advantage of Facebook Marketing for Free

How to Take Advantage of Facebook Marketing for Free

Social media networks have become huge online, and there is no sign of it slowing down…

Marketers are scrambling to gather up the latest online marketing ‘tools’ that are available to boost their sales, brand and image.

Many entrepreneurs are considering Facebook marketing to help them reach millions of people in no time at all. Facebook is one of the bigger social media platforms with millions of users all day every day…

So how can facebook be used by internet marketers to make money online for free?

Online Marketing Options

Savvy internet marketers can find many business options, these days it can be online or offline. Some people just have that ‘knack’ to start a new business from scratch and catapult it to success; others may be ‘copycat marketers’ trying to grab a slice of the pie whenever they can.

The truth is whatever you do, you can find greater success and a higher profit margin through free facebook marketing. It may not be something that you want to venture into right now, but it’s definitely something that you should consider.

Facebook has millions of users who are constantly connected online, and it’s easy to generate tons of viable connections from these hyper connected people. Just grabbing a small portion of these consumers could keep your business a float for some time.

Facebook is a very popular social networking platform with a high “Like” factor. There are even millions of mobile users connected to facebook to keep up with local and global news.

Facebook Fanpage

The first crucial step of your facebook marketing campaign is to create a fanpage for your business. This page serves as the personal profile of your online business which differs from the normal Facebook profile. Your fanpage represents your business, it’s purpose is to attract the right type of “fans” and potential customers.

These fans will “like” the content that you post regularly via blog posts, photos and videos that you poise to promote your products. Many people link their fanpages to their blogs to get updated content on a regular basis.

You can use your fanpages to engage your customers via discussions and get feedback that will benefit your entire business. A facebook fanpage is perfect to keep your customers in front of your business, you’ll build strong relationships that will strengthen your brand in return.

Generate More Traffic

One you have your facebook fanpage setup, the obvious next step is to drive traffic to it. It should be your goal to have a steadily increasing number of fans who will turn into customers for your products.

It’s possible to find certain target “groups” on facebook that could help you grow your business, but you need to take care to find other marketers that can help drive more traffic with their larger circle of influence. You can send a simple message to invite another marketer to a profitable arrangement for both parties, but the important thing to remember is that you have to build up a relationship with them first.

Although there are a ton of random groups on facebook, most are not a good fit for your business. An effective campaign requires choosing the right target groups, as targeting the wrong groups can potentially cripple your business, and you certainly don’t want to start spamming.

Write Quality Articles

Once you have your facebook account and fanpage setup, you need to start generating fresh relevant content that proves to be helpful for your readers. Soft selling is definitely the way to go on facebook as it’s a social media platform, not a business platform. So the personal relationship you build will far outweigh straight up promotions. However you can include affiliate or product links in your content so that visitors can get more information if they choose.

Remember, it’s important to build up your fan base, and one of the best ways to do that is to produce high quality content that people love, this will in turn bring more visitors to your websites. Articles that offer fresh tips, advice and solutions get far more attention than those that are ‘spun’ or copied, so don’t do that.

You should be posting high quality articles on a regular basis to be established as an expert in your chosen market. Once you’ve established yourself as the expert, it becomes much easier to introduce any related product to your loyal fans.


Social networking sites like Facebook are powerful marketing tools that you can use to market your business online. There are plenty of free marketing tools available, it takes time and effort to build genuine relationships before any marketing, let alone facebook marketing, can bring results.

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