Create Meaning And The Money Shall Follow

Create Meaning And The Money Shall Follow

Everyone has their own reasons for doing the things they do. You cannot act mechanically or absent-mindedly or else, you’ll basically become a robot.

This is true in everything we do. This is even especially crucial for people who deal with others, like online business owners and internet marketers for example.

Starting an online business requires a lot of purposefulness. This will set a direction for your business and at the same time, this will also help create a loyal following.

There are thousands of internet web sites out there. Without a definite purpose, it will easily go down the drain in the long run.

As such, it becomes a must to create meaning first in your internet marketing business. With this at hand, making lots of profits for your business will easily follow.

Why Is Meaning So Important?

Meaning is very important because this serves as the starting point where your customers will identify with you and your business. This is the point you’ll use in your online marketing.

This will also be the motivation and passion that keeps you trucking and working for more even if when times are rough.

The meaning also gives direction to your business.

If you want to make people happy, then your efforts will surely continue to satisfy their needs. If you want to make profits, then you will take the steps needed to generate that result.

How Do You Create Meaning?

To find the real meaning of your business, it is best to ask your self the real purpose why you started in the first place.

Why do you really want to start this business? Is it to simply make money? Is it to provide valuable products and services to people? Is it for the goal of sharing your creations and products to other people?

It may be one reason, or another, or a mixture of all of them. It really depends on you. However, it’s vital that you focus on the factor that really motivates you.

Some may easily find their reason. Some may have a bit of difficulty. Others may not even have reason at all. Maybe you’re off to a wrong start, maybe you’ve had an unstable start.

This should not keep you from starting over again to find the real meaning of your work.

If there is no deep reason for starting the business, then the whole effort may just go nowhere. It may be just a passing opportunity or something that you haven’t thought much about.

If this is the case, it is time to clarify things.

Ultimately, there must be some higher value that drives you. It must be something that people can identify with.

How Does Meaning Lead to Profits?

For the profits to follow, serious efforts must be made so the business will function effectively and efficiently.

Basically, the meaning you identify for your business shall also determine the message that you send across to your customers.

Having a great meaning will easily allow your customers to understand your message. It will also help people identify with you.

The meaning that you created will also help you to be respected by the people you interact with.

If you have a specific value that you work for passionately, people will regard that as a determination worthy of their support and rewards.

The meaning helps you grow as an individual. At the same time, it helps in giving the internet marketing business a strong direction.

So to sum it up, meaning is something that people really look for, it’s a part of human nature. It is also an achievement that will reflect to your online business, and ultimately to high profits.

About Jason Oickle

Jason Oickle is from Halifax, Canada, and has been a full-time Internet Marketer since 2006. He is also known as a Blogger, as well as a developer doing most of the development for his own membership sites and apps.

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  1. This is a good article with great content.


    • Excellent content Jason. What you have said in this post is very simply overlooked by so many people. Some of the major reasons for it I think are fears and distractions.. Focus is sooo important, yet we can’t focus on something that is not really there. After all is said and done it is this REASON that should get us out of bed each morning. Thanks for a great contribution.
      Denis Gibbon.

  2. Great article and a must read! Thanks man. I will pass this link to others.

  3. Elizabeth Allen


    this was a really useful topic. I’m glad someone is addressing this issue. It seems to me that many online businesses are hard to follow through on because they don’t seem to have much meaning-to the affiliate who then can’t provide meaning to potential buyers/customers. How meaningful is it to sell a website that does nothing?

    I’m trying to start a beading/jewelry shop..for me there is a lot of meaning in that. It is my work on the line. I have to do my best, learn to show it to its best, and show potential cust0mers how important this work is to me. If it means a lot to me, then customers will see that and have more interest in me AND my work.

    Unfortunately, this will take more money than I have now, so I’m still looking for something online to be involved in that will help bring in some money (particularly since I got laid off and have been out of work for a month now). Ideally I want to be a part of selling a product that is actually useful to people, that has some meaning-otherwise why would they spend their money? Value follows purpose and meaning.

    thanks for your post

    • John Gordon - The Infotainer [who makes the invisible visible]


      What I recommend you do is to find some products related to your beading / jewelry market. Then yopu can start to earn from immediate affiliate sales and at the same time build a list that won’t be ‘wasted’.

      See this list, the custimers, as future clients to your real business and start to nurture them now. That’ll also put meaning (and passion) into what you do now.

      Research and you will certainly find product – whether ready made on Clickbank (for example)or needing to be put together via PLR articles – and there is no reason why you cannot have Blogs and Lenses up tomorrow and start to build a fan club!

      Good luck

      ESPecially yours


  4. Hi Jason, i can relate to your article regarding purpose. I imagine it takes time though to build a business and identity on the internet. My purpose is to eventually make sales and earn money however in order to do that I have to understand what buyers want not necessarily want I think they need. In any case I get a kick out of creating my own sales pages containing videos and information products on internet marketing. This will suffice for now and then as techniques develop I should be able to create a long time self sustaining income. I have come to learn that money doesn’t grow on tree’s and rewards only come’s with effort on the internet.

  5. Awesome blog.Everything you say about meaning is so true.I think also you have to love what you do even when it gets tough.For me its tough right now but I’ll keep trucking.I have the passion for it.I know when it hits its going to be huge.
    I know its going to happen.

    Great Article

  6. Jason,
    I Remember The Purposed Driven Life book. After you have a meaning in all your activities, what is the top one as the intersection of a whole.

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