PLR Dealer Site Upgrades

PLR Dealer Site Upgrades

You may or may not have noticed that PLR Dealer has undergone a huge makeover 🙂

I have spent the last month re-building the entire site on a brand new platform.

There are a number of reasons I have chosen to do this, but mainly because the old platform was getting extremely slow, and regular management options that I need in the admin area just didn’t exist… It was becoming a total nightmare.

Anyway, I made the new platform live the other day, and it is just pure awesome!

What You Need To Do

That depends if you’re a free member or an elite member…


Unfortunately I was unable to export the free member database from the old system, yep it was that bad lol…

So unfortunately free members will have to create their account again, and I apologize.

Re-create your free account here.


I WAS able to export all elite member database and it has been successfully imported into the new system.

So elite members, just go to the new login page and use your email address as your username and use your existing password.

If you forgot your password you can use the forgot password link below the login form.

If you have any questions you can contact me at the help desk.

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