How To Boost Your Video Marketing Efforts

How To Boost Your Video Marketing Efforts

This is a new era on the internet where videos are now king and text content falls secondary. Just take a look around and you’ll see that the influence of online video is getting bigger and bigger every day. So much so, could it actually a threat to the TV? Think about it… They say that the television killed the radio. So it’s not really a far stretch to think that in a few more years, we might just see the same thing happen to the TV – death by Internet!

Another fact proving that this is indeed happening right now, is the price to run a commercial on TV. It’s getting cheaper because TV viewership has also been falling. In fact, look at YouTube videos, you’ll notice that they are becoming filled with ads. This means that the big companies see this happening and they’re also moving towards the future of online videos.

There shouldn’t be any doubt in your mind that as internet marketers, we need to take this online video marketing revolution seriously. The good news is though, it’s not as hard as you may think!

Don’t create boring videos

You want to create a good video that gets results right? Then you better make sure your videos are interesting. The best way to learn about a successful video campaign is what has already been done. Go take a look at some of the more successful videos on YouTube, you’ll see that their videos are successful because they are very interesting and they don’t bore their viewers to death.

This is why you have to make your videos interesting. Another thing you’ll notice is that if the videos are boring or even annoying, they get a lot of negative responses from it. A good way to be safe before you publish your video is to show to a few people first and get their opinion. This way you’ll know if your videos sucks before you release it.

How long should your viewers stay?

The next thing you should do is to actually plan out how long your videos should be. Too long, and people will probably leave or get distracted. Too short you will have a hard time to get your message across. Another problem with a really long video is the file size. If it’s too big it might take a long time to load and this will kill your video’s viewership. So, this is why you’ll have to try and figure out the perfect length.

Look at some of the other popular videos online and check out the average time for those successful videos. Finding videos within your same niche would be perfect. Mimic their video length and try to plan it out on your script first before you even start your video. A well planned video will outperform a randomly made video especially if your content doesn’t bore your viewers like I mentioned.

Don’t go about creating random unplanned videos with no script or anything because this will only cause people to think your videos are unprofessional and a waste of time. The more effort you put into your video, the more people will like it. When that happens people will often share your video around which will get you some very good viral traffic without any extra work.

Publish your videos on multiple platforms

The obvious place to publish your videos is on YouTube… but you should also publish it on other platforms like Metacafe, Vimeo and all the other popular video sites you can find. The more you put your video out there, the more traffic you will get. Of course, it is a good idea to throttle this a little bit by uploading to YouTube first and monitor the results. Getting a good response from your video? Then go ahead and upload it to other video sites as well.

You should also remember to track and monitor the results from all your videos in all the video sharing sites. This way you’ll know whats working and it makes it easier to manage all the videos professionally.

Encourage sharing or subscriptions to your channels

Ask an you shall receive, right? That’s exactly what you should be doing in your videos too. Ask someone to share your video or subscribe to your channel and they’ll probably do it. You’ll definitely see a huge increase in the amount of shares and subscribers you’ll get when you ask nicely.

Make your title and description amazing

You’re only half way there when you have a good video. You need an eye grabbing title and a great description to get your viewers to click a link to your website. Only after you actually get the click will your video campaign be considered a success. Your videos title must be exciting and compelling. You should never be misleading because it just pisses people off, you’ll be asking for trouble and it will hurt your reputation.

Remember that these videos not only get you more traffic and sales, but they also help you build trust and your reputation. So you need to make sure that you’re crafting your title and descriptions in a way that you’ll see your video campaigns shine!

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