Get More Exposure With MySpace

Get More Exposure With MySpace

There are tons of websites on the Internet that are dedicated in meeting friends and basically giving everybody an opportunity to express themselves and exponentially increase their social base. One popular website that is created to let anybody from all corners of the world have a voice, which claims to have over 75 million users across the globe, is MySpace.

With tremendous amounts traffic everyday, this site can also be considered as an ideal venue to market and promote your products, online stores, websites and even blogs.

Since MySpace is considered as a casual social networking site, it is not really very easy to use it as a venue to promote your business. Moderators of the site are strict and will suspend you, or worse ban you, if they feel that you are using the site to further your business, product or services. If you want to use MySpace to increase awareness of your product or business, here are the things you might want to keep in mind first:

Do not create a profile solely for commercial use.

MySpace explicitly prohibits any form of unauthorized promotions, solicitations or commercial use of the website. Thus, if you want to tap the numerous potential customers in this site, you need to sign up as a casual user. Do not include obvious sales pitches in your profile. Be careful of the words that you use on the site because your profile, update, messages will automatically deleted once you break this cardinal rule.

What you need to do first is to create a huge social network. Make friends and add as many people as possible in your group or network. Once you have come up with the desired number of people, you can post invitations or messages on group bulletins. However, your message should not look like a spam mail. Members of your group can report you to authorities and can have you banned if they think that you are spamming them with unwanted ads.

Ensure that your profile is easy to access and load.

It is but natural for you to want your profile to look beautiful, with streaming pages and countless of images. However, if you want many people to find it easy to access your profile, it is advisable to just make it simple and just make use of fixed images.

Many Internet users across the globe are just using dial-up connections and computers that have limited capacity. Therefore, profiles with streaming videos and too much images will be difficult to download and view. Sometimes videos also require software that may not be readily available to some users. No matter how much other people want to view your profile, many would just close your profile because it is taking too much of their precious Internet time just to download the page.

Aside from making your profile simple, you also need to ascertain that your message is easy to view. Do not use font colors that will make it hard to decipher your message. Also, make sure that there are no images or captions that are blocking the view of your message. Internet users are usually busy people. There are too many web spaces to view, so they will not think twice in closing your profile if they cannot read it well.

Carefully choose words and phrases for your profile.

Since the site only provides a small space for your profile, it is wise to optimize the space available by making use of words and phrases that do not have too many adjectives and descriptions. Write an interesting, but concise and succinct profile. Utilize the blog spot available to further describe what you are offering or explain your point further.

Maintain cohesion and logical arrangement of thought.

Aside from ensuring that your profile is easy to navigate and visually appealing, you also have to make sure that the arrangement of words and thoughts in your MySpace profile are logical and cohesive. Do not simply stuff your precious space with seemingly disconnected and unrelated topics or ideas. Many get irked with sites that are not well thought of and carefully designed.

It might be wise to discuss the benefits of your products or services first, before you discuss further about your product. If you are offering an e-book, for example, you need to first tell people the benefits they can get from reading your e-book. Once they have learned of the numerous things that they can get from the book you are offering, they will be interested in knowing more about it.

About Jason Oickle

Jason Oickle is from Halifax, Canada, and has been a full-time Internet Marketer since 2006. He is also known as a Blogger, as well as a developer doing most of the development for his own membership sites and apps.


  1. Thanks for this helpful article, Jason. I’ve been hearing for months now about how social networking sites (including MySpace) are secret ways to:

    1) get more targeted traffic
    2) build my list
    3) make more sales

    And folks are apparently raking in tons of money telling people all this.

    But what I’d love to see are actual Web 2.0 sites that are making the money they claim, including why they work.

    Now THAT would be a secret worth revealing, wouldn’t you think?

    Any takers????

    I dare ya! I mean come on, either this stuff is pure BS or it’s not. Prove it. Show me.


  2. Myspace is great for more exposure for any product. We created a product that simply automates it a bit, helping to add friends, email etc. And your comment about not makeing your email sound to comercial is exatly that, don’t do it! they will simply delete your page. The best way we found was to join the groups that are similar to your product, then post away.
    Take care,

  3. this good stuff thank you.

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