10 Proven Ways to Send Targeted Traffic to Your Website

10 Proven Ways to Send Targeted Traffic to Your Website

It is truly a webmaster’s dream to get quality traffic to consistently come to their website.

You can pretty much do what you want with your visitors when you get good targeted traffic. You can test and track your conversion rate, do list building and click through’s just to name a few.

There are a variety of traffic sources you can pursue such as traffic from a search engine. It is not wise to rely solely on search engines for your traffic or from any one source for that matter. You need to diversify your tactics to create a well-rounded game plan in order to drive traffic to your site.

One thing you are going to need in order to satisfy the search engines and website visitors is content.  You know the saying, “Content is king!”  How will content bring traffic to your website?  When your visitors see that your website is a good and relevant source of information, other people will hear about your website by ‘word of mouth’.

The following is a list of 10 foolproof ways to drive traffic to your website using content.

1. Keyword Rich Articles

As you research popular keywords for your product or topic, you can place these words into the context of an article for your website. Websites need pages so the more the better.

In order to get your web pages ranked higher, you will have to utilize a number of strategies. For example, titles that are carefully written, a key-word rich body text, meta tags and many incoming links.  One very important thing that is overlooked is using keywords in your headings.  The name of your page or article is the most important heading on that page. This is different from the Title Tag that will show up on search engines.  If you don’t know what a heading is, it is the large font headline that tells you what is on a web page.

Websites that offer pages of real content will become a feeding frenzy for major search engines.

2. Newsletters

Approximately 80% of all sales take place after the initial contact.  That is why having a newsletter is a must for every website.  The percentage of sales increases with each contact. The highest percentage is realized after 5 to 7 contacts.  You have to be persistent in order to get a sale.  That is why an auto responder is a very beneficial tool to use.

You must have good content if you want to have a top notch newsletter.  Begin putting ideas together and start writing those newsletters.  You don’t want to have a hodge-podge of ideas.  Make the newsletter relevant to your website or the product or service you are offering.  Watch for follow-up traffic as your customers open their emails and soon return to your website.

3. Free Reports

If you offer free reports, this is a great way to attract subscribers to your newsletter.  It is best to create viral reports.

These reports can also be given away by other people on related websites by having a link to your website.  You provide these people something that they can give away to their customers for free and you, in turn, get a lot more traffic to your site.

4. Submissions to Relevant Websites

Another great way to use articles is to offer them directly to sites you would like to share an audience with.  You will gain much needed credibility for your topic, but this will provide useful hyperlinks all over the Internet.

5. Forums

Search for forums that are relevant to your website.

In most cases you will be able to post a link to your website in your signature, or you will be able to share information that arouses questions about your website from other posters.  In some forums, you will only be allowed to post articles.

6. Link Pages

You want something more than a bland list of “linking partners”.  You could be putting your links to better use by gaining more credibility and providing more content for search engines.

Create a separate page for every link category and then write a 200-400 word article on the corresponding subject.  Offering your recommended links at the end of your article will make you a source for information rather than just a catalog of links.

7. Press Releases

This should be an important marketing tool for you.  If you create a press release to announce a new product, a related news event or the results of a poll, you can get free advertising in the media.

8. Article Announcement Lists

These are similar to article directories.  Your article will be put before an audience of publishers and webmasters who may wish to use your article in their newsletters or on their websites.

9. Affiliate Programs

If you have affiliates, encourage them to drive traffic to your website by giving them reports or letters to put up on their websites or place in their newsletters.  Your affiliates will also need content from you in order to pass on to their customers.  If you are providing free content, they will be more successful in sending their visitors or subscribers your way.

10. Blogs

If you create a blog that is related to your niche or business, this will allow you to attract visitors who may not respond to a sales page.

Provide news and content about your topic with a hyperlink to your sales pages or articles.  This will indirectly send you more traffic.

You may not realize it but your content may be valuable to other bloggers who may have a rough time finding content to share with their customers. Allow others to syndicate your content through RSS feeds with a backlink to your website.

About Jason Oickle

Jason Oickle is from Halifax, Canada, and has been a full-time Internet Marketer since 2006. He is also known as a Blogger, as well as a developer doing most of the development for his own membership sites and apps.


  1. Hi, Jason

    I agree with everything you say – you really have to do ALL of these things to drive traffic. I wondered if you had come across the guy who is offering at the moment to get any website to no. 1 on Google and Yahoo and about 2,000 other search engines, for free, within 120 days? Do you think he can do it?

    Here’s hoping!


  2. Hello Jason,

    Everything that you wrote is so true.The hard part for most marketers is being committed to doing all these things to promote their business.

    Thanks for your support of good marketing practices,

    Joe Golson

  3. Just do it right and they will show up. That is all I did. I have so many links on google that I can hardly count them. I get 300 hits a day. That is 9,000 a month and most of the people who visit the blog bookmark the site and return daily. That is the majot difference between the turd wrestlers and providing basic valuable content

    I post new and original content daily to the blog I can write and opted not to post junk ads on my blog, not even Google adsense. There many people peddling junk even with google adwords and I have opted not to be part of the problem or be part of the con mans club

  4. Great stuff Jason!

    Now the trick would seem to be to put
    together a comprehensive plan to implement,
    and follow up on your suggestions…

    All the best,


  5. Great info, Jason. And all so true. Great blog also.

  6. Very informative Jason. I think all successful internet marketers use all, or at least some of those instruments to succeed.
    Best Regards,


  7. Hi Jason,

    You are right about traffic methods. Internet marketers use a plan to do it properly.

    Keep on the good job!


  8. Hi Jason,

    Thanks for this video and several articles I downloaded. Great stuff. Very practical. I find your significant shift away from the static website to blogging very interesting! MMMMMMM

    My quick check on my SEO analyser showed you paid me a visit. Thanks for browsing… See you again.


  9. Really good points. From my own experience I would say point 10 is the most effective of all.

  10. Catherine Ribblett

    Thank you for your clear and concise explanation of internet marketing and how to get traffic.

    I enjoy writing, and often use Wordtracker to research and use keywords for writing.

    If you had your choice, would you use websites and/or blogs to create your marketing portfolio, and why?

    This site was a pleasure to visit, and I hope to meet you someday.

    Cathy R

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