How to Brand Your Company Online With Blogging

How to Brand Your Company Online With Blogging

Name branding is an important aspect of choosing and keeping your company name. Branding is also important when considering how to package your next product, what name to give it, and how to market it.

The process of branding can be as simple as choosing between star and stellar when labeling a product. Or it can be as complex as choosing what colors can best convey the worth and mission of your company. If you play your cards right, your company image can stick indelibly to your prospective customers’ minds, and you can have them coming back for more.

Branding is a huge issue in Internet marketing, simply because the Internet is an environment driven by visual impressions. The most beautiful web sites gather the most visitors; the most informative web sites, even with all their authority and worth, can go unnoticed if they are not well-designed or easy to navigate. Even web site text has to be formatted in a customer-friendly manner. Non-serif texts are preferred over serif texts. Colors have to be matched against a background, with dark text over light backgrounds preferred, and text size has to be easy to read.

Branding your company can be easier if you use blog software, and if you maintain a blog. Blog software is used by individual web surfers to maintain online diaries, but it has also found use in designing simple web pages, creating online newsletters, and even keeping prospective customers updated about the activities, products, and services of a business. Keeping a blog also gives you the chance to reach out to customers. Many blog software packages include the ability to make comments or give instant feedback on a blog page, which can make your blog appear all the more people and customer-friendly.

If you are interested in using blogs to brand your company online, then you have to know your company thoroughly first. What are your goals? What is your mission and vision? Are you offering products that will last through the long term, or are you making products that will be updated regularly? Are you offering services that can be carried out only online, or are you offering services that will take place in your brick-and-mortar store? How much time and money are you willing to invest in updating your blog?

As soon as you have all this information, you can design your blog to fit your company’s needs, and to brand it online. The key to successful branding is to create an image that will be remembered, and that will allow easy recall. Use your prospective customers visual memory when designing your blog site and choosing your layout and colors. The first thing that customers will remember, along with your name, is your logo. Use your logo colors in your blog site, and design your upper banner line or masthead so that it contains your company logo and name.

The world of Web 2.0 is a paradigm that describes the interactivity of today’s Internet. People now go online not so much to do research, but to make their voices heard, and to interact with other people. Give your prospective customers a chance to have their say by installing communication software or programs on your blog, such as a guestbook, a testimony board, a forum, or comments boxes. This can allow your customers to voice their opinions, and to give you feedback about your products and services.

Interactivity, however, also comes with a price. You need to have such interactive environments moderated and guarded closely because they can easily be dominated by spammers or flamers, or anyone who wants to destroy your company. Farfetched as it may sound, online forums suffer from such people and have to be constantly watched so that other forum or group members are not offended. Do the same to your blog, let your customers have their say, but take out any post that seems to be malicious and not constructive in intention.

Although this can appear like censorship, you must remember that, as in the real world, internet communication has its limits. Slander and malice have no place on your site, so state your position clearly and make sure that your prospective customers understand if their comments are not accepted, or if they are banned. You can do this by posting editorial guidelines or a set of terms and conditions on your site, and by asking prospective customers to read them before making comments on your blog.

Lastly, update your blog constantly, and post information that can be important to your prospective customers. Do not stop at merely showcasing your products and services, or explaining your company name. If you are in the jewelry business, give daily tips on how to maintain the shine of silver jewelry. If you are in real estate, give daily tips on how to pick the best houses for a persons or family’s needs. Always show customers how much you care, and they will remember you for your consideration.

Branding is not a new concept, and it requires only a good understanding of people’s tastes and your market’s whims. That said, engage in branding only after you have studied your market thoroughly, and after you have truly determined and embraced your company’s aims and vision. If you can take advantage of the best of the blogging arena, you can brand your company online and see your profits soar.

About Jason Oickle

Jason Oickle is from Halifax, Canada, and has been a full-time Internet Marketer since 2006. He is also known as a Blogger, as well as a developer doing most of the development for his own membership sites and apps.

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