The Death of Internet Marketing: Should You Panic?

The Death of Internet Marketing: Should You Panic?

I’m sure by now you’ve probably heard of Mike Filsaime’s ebook The Death of Internet Marketing. It has been spreading like a virus and it seems that everybody in the internet marketing circle is talking about it. But before you panic and worry, here is a bit of information on the free report:

The Pros

The internet marketing niche has been flooded with so many products and product launches recently that it’s almost impossible for some people to actually make money. This is a dangerous trend, since it impacts the business in a negative way. After all, the main reason why people actually went into an internet business is to make money.

The internet has been inundated in recent years by hit-and-run marketing pundits who pelt the market with fast-selling products and rake in all they can to take advantage of the most profits in the beginning. This group will need to innovate and come up with newer, brighter ideas that can offer real value for longer periods of time. This really is necessary in order for these internet marketers to survive.

Quick-withdrawing and one-hit wonder web sites will do little than clutter the internet with used up information. What people should actually do is to create sites with products and services that will do well in the long term. Sure, it will take time, but the money to be made will more than make up for it.

Another key topic included in the free report is the need for specialization and having multiple streams of income. Notice how the very successful internet marketers maintain different web sites catering to a different niche? This ensures that they are not left high and dry when one well dries up.

It is also emphasized that internet marketing gurus will do well by paying attention what people’s top interest are, and then using this to come up with a product that will meet a need that is already there. Sort of like a preemptive marketing, except that you already got tipped.

If you could see the future, you’ll probably find that standing on the rubble’s of unsteady and flimsy internet marketing practices are inventors and innovators. Those who refused to give in to guerrilla tactics just for the sake of making a lot. It is this act of looking beyond the ‘making-money’ concept of marketing that those involved in IM can actually hope to sustain their businesses.

The core message?  The same message that brought us from the sea and had us change our fins to a pair of legs: adapt. Internet marketing is far from kaput. Expect to have changes, some minor ones and some major ones, but it is far from dead. In fact, it’s not even comatose.

Mike Filsaime is considered a “guru” in internet marketing circles and he has a lot of followers who subscribe to his beliefs. He has a high credibility factor considering he’s had a lot of background experience in internet marketing and he has used this to pave the way to promote new ways of thinking. His free report could be a way to pump new life into this industry.

The Cons

There are also those that maintain that the “Death of Internet Marketing” is an overstatement and a rehash of Scott Boulch’s negative hype tactic. What is happening now is really just the nature of internet marketing following its course and that is, people will constantly enter and leave it and there’s no stopping them.  Internet marketing has always been a source of income and will remain so, as long as people involved are aware of the challenges facing it.

There are still other areas involved in internet marketing that are not at all included on major lists. Most of them don’t even know any of the internet marketing gurus and have little or no knowledge as to what Adsense is, contrary to what Filsaime says in his report that everyone is on everyone’s list.

With the kind of buzz that the “Death of Internet Marketing” has generated, some people claim that it won’t be long until Filsaime comes up with a new product to back up his claim, since a ‘rebirth’ is highly unlikely and downright embarrassing.

The “Death of Internet Marketing” is also free and Filsaime is paying $1 for every referral that is generated through the links that allow its download. Some form of altruistic generosity? Probably. But when a seasoned internet marketer like Filsaime gives away something for free or actually pays to have it spread, he must have a good reason to do so. Like, probably an intention to make money with it later on.

The man behind the hype.

Filsaime is a veteran internet marketer who’s had significant success in the industry. Born in Long Island, New York, he was involved in retail automotive for many years before reaching his current internet marketing guru status.

He first ventured into online marketing as a part-time business, purchasing Instant Internet Empires. He later released an ebook, The Butterfly Marketing about how to create successful product launches. This ebook became a huge success. His “The Death of Internet Marketing” free report seems to be following suit.

About Jason Oickle

Jason Oickle is from Halifax, Canada, and has been a full-time Internet Marketer since 2006. He is also known as a Blogger, as well as a developer doing most of the development for his own membership sites and apps.

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  1. Great job Jason… nice post…

    Good luck!
    Codrut Turcanu.

  2. Thanks Jason for the overview. It will be interesting to see what Mike comes up with next.
    I find that there is so much information coming to me that it is difficult to keep focussed.


  3. Hi Jason,

    I have to agree you can’t swing a dead cat
    around here and not hit a “Powered by Butterfly Marketing” site. Love him, or hate him, Mike is a “heavy hitter” and is way more successful than me, so it is up to me to take this information,
    and take action on it, right away. Long term
    planning seems to be the key. Mike has a knack for surveying, and coming up with products, that are ahead of the curve.

    So, Jason, should we be like Mike?

    Yes! Yes, be inovative like Mike!

    NO!Be yourself, brand yourself,
    and come up with your own innovations!

    Great looking blog, Jason!

    Merry Christmas!!

  4. Greetings Jason,

    Great post. It is certainly thought provoking.

    Michael Adul’Ali

  5. Good insight Jason.

    I hope people learn not to fall for this stuff. These aren’t the only marketers using this junk marketing strategy. Don’t leave out the King of Chaos – Henry Gold. Its not our marketing world that ending its theirs. The day of the sky is falling will be ending soon and they will be the ones still standing on the corner with the sign that says: Repent the end is near. This type of marketing just diminishes credibility. Don’t even look at this stuff. Look for the marketer with positive outlooks and learn to adapt and use the new technologies.

    Remember to follow and manifest the positive and stay away from from the negative marketer unless you want death and chaos to visit your future. Do you like being around people that always have something negative to say in your personal life. Why put up with it in your business world.

    This is just the beginning of internet marketing. It’s not going any where but up. If your just starting its a great time because the old dogs are going to have to learn the same tricks as you.

    Best regards and profits for all – even the old dogs – John Collins

  6. Great post Jason,

    I agree with the report and what you have to say. I’m trying to be in the IM game for the long run. I see a lot of sites around and I just know they’re not making any money and I knwo they will not last long. As for me, my business keeps getting better. I must be doing something right!

    Stuart Stirling 

  7. Hi Jason

    I’m sure you’ve got it right! Mike Filsaime’s bound to have some sort of related product up his sleeve that’ll be hyped to us in the not too distant future.

    I look forward to seeing what his affiliates will be offering us as incentives to buy throught their links.

    Keep up the good work
    Best Wishes for the holiday season

  8. Hey Jason!

    I want to start by telling you that you are one of the few marketers that I am likely to respond to in this fashion. I don’t give in to Hype Advertising, Sob Story Advertising, and the like and that it why most marketers won’t get a response from me. Don’t mean to be personal about it…that’s just the way I am.

    Now then…about The Death Of Internet Marketing…I begin to wonder how tired people are of hearing, “The DEATH Of…” Our industry seems to be becoming like a bunch of kids playing silly little games. What I mean by that is that we seem to have a “me too” aditude instead of a “me only” aditude when it come to making money. Example – the reacent feeding frenzy created by launch after launch after launch after…get the idea? Its “Hey! Me too! Me too! “If all of these guys are “millionaire gurus” then why are they messing with nickle and dime operators like (many of) us? It would seem to be a waste of time and resources when you consider that the survival rate in this industry isn’t very long for most new marketers.

    OK then…I didn’t set out to be so negative about this. I’m really not that way at all. I love Internet Marketing and my own website will be up soon. I just get a little flustered at the hype at times:) More Later.

  9. Love him or hate him including his tactics, he gets your attention either way. I think he made some thought provoking points but more importantly for him, he got “instant” publicity for his name again which is obviously still working for him because here we are still talking about it.

    The fact is, no matter what product Mike creates or endorses, he will always make a mint on it. Why? Because of his name recognition. He knows that to stay on top of his game he must keep his name in front of his audience. That one simple tactic will always keep the money flowing in to him.

    We tend to get lost in the hype and the things a particular guru says rather than take a deeper look at why they said it. To me, that is the key.

    I think there are changes coming in IM. However, nothing stays the same. Everything changes. I don’t think we needed Mike’s report to tell us that. It’s obvious the landscape is different now than it was even a year ago. It will also be different a year from now. The key is to figure out how to be ready for whatever changes dome down the road.

  10. I’m joining this thread kinda late – “the Death of…” is all but dead itself! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what Filsaime was doing with this – expanding his list! It was all about lead generation! If you had the kind of resources he has, wouldn’t it make sense to pay $1.00 for a lead who not only goes to work gathering still more leads for you, but then becomes a candidate for “drip” marketing for various affiliate programs that generate hundreds on the front end, and who knows how much on the back end?
    I’ll admit that I initially fell for it myself. But then, I realized that I was selling for one lousy dollar – the lead I was providing him was one that I could have used myself to build my OWN business! Instead, Filsaime and his JV partners will realize on average upward of 20 to 30 dollars from it over the “life” of their affiliation.
    I expect a paradigm shift very soon that will make this all moot. The world is overflowing with affiliate programs like a Mentos in a bottle of Coke. With everybody touting “mine is best” and “new and improved” everybody loses credibility when the fad fizzles only to be replaced by the next one. I think the saturation level is rapidly approaching, and when the paradigm shift occurs, you can be sure that the affiliate program gurus will try to jump on that too, and ride on the backs of their affiliates as far as it will take them.

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