How To Build A Large List As An Affiliate Marketer

How To Build A Large List As An Affiliate Marketer

So, how do you quickly build a highly profitable opt-in list as an affiliate marketer?

An opt-in list is the absolute most effective marketing tool available on the Internet. Not only do you get a direct line of communication with your customers, but you can also develop a trusting relationship with your subscribers.

For the affiliate marketer, the key to using an opt-in list effectively is to grow a large subscriber base. Not just that but also a list of targeted potential customers.

Although an opt-in list is an important part of your online success, the quality of the emails you send is even more important.

One of the easiest ways to quickly build an opt-in list is to provide your potential subscribers with an incentive.

There is a lot of competition on the Internet. You no longer can simply tell your visitors what your publication will provide and expect a large percentage to subscribe. It simply would not work. You must give your visitors a reason to subscribe.


Using incentives is a very effective method of gaining new subscribers. However, your incentive must be of value and be of interest to your target audience.

Some popular incentives are:

1. Exclusive eBooks that provide valuable information.
2. Exclusive and special reports.
3. Special software programs.
4. Provide access to a “members only” area of your website.
5. Provide a service that will be valuable to them.
6. List their website within your Directory or Search Engine.

Pop-up windows.

Although pop windows can be annoying if not used properly, they are a very effective way to obtain new subscribers. The best way to use pop-ups is to combine them with your incentives.

Now that you know how to grow a large subscriber list, how do you keep them?

Growing a large subscriber base is the easy part, however, keeping them can be a little more difficult.

The key to is to provide quality content that teaches or informs your subscribers. You must provide your readers with unique content that cannot be found anywhere else.

Providing unique content can be a lot of work but it’s worth the effort. Not only will it provide your readers with unique content, but you will also build your credibility and gain your readers trust.

Although providing some original content is the most important part, it’s also acceptable to run articles written by other people.

Editor’s Note.

Another vital part of a successful publication is an Editor’s Note section. This section will help you talk to your readers and develop a trusting relationship with them.

Also, you can use this section to give recommendations. There is no better way to develop a relationship with your readers than by including an Editor’s Note section.


A great way to increase sales with your publication is to run sponsor ads. Not a list of classified ads like you see in many publications, run five or six sponsor ads depending on the size of your publication, instead.

These sponsor ads can be ads promoting your products, your affiliate or even ad space you sell. Place one ad at the top of your publication, one in the middle, and one at the bottom. Try not to go crazy here.

Sponsor ads should be clearly marked and only promote related products and services.

It does not matter how many subscribers you can acquire, the key to a successful opt-in list is keeping them. The relationship you build with your subscribers will ultimately determine your success.

Above all, you absolutely must provide your readers with quality unique content. They subscribed to your list for a reason. If it does not live up to their expectations, they will simply unsubscribe and find another one that does.

Once you have a trusting relationship with your readers, your personal recommendations will be a very effective way of closing sales.

It is very important that you only recommend a product or service that you truly believe in and that you have tried yourself. Your reputation and the success of your lists depends on it.

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