Forget About Making A Sale, Get The Email!

Forget About Making A Sale, Get The Email!

Time is a very precious thing and there is a very good chance not everyone who passes by your virtual store’s and websites has enough time to fully appreciate what you have to offer.

Instead of wasting time trying to make a sale, get your visitors email addresses and be able to enjoy a more direct approach in selling your products.

With email marketing, there’s a very good chance your customer has time to spare to read what you have to offer because most people reserve a portion of their day just for reading their email.

The important thing to remember is to make sure that they do actually give you their email address and secondly, you must give them a good reason to open your email and read it.

Here are some tips on how to get that email.

The following tips will also help ensure your customers have enough incentive to open and read your messages as well.

Reserve a spot on your homepage where you offer your customers the chance to read your company’s newsletters, at no cost to them of course. Make sure you explain the benefits they’ll gain from your newsletters.

Offer a discount, even 5% would do – if they join your mailing list.

Tell them that sales alerts and other promotional materials will be provided if they give you their email address.

Tips for creating great content for your subscribers.

The Two Important Pronouns: “You” and “I”

Using “you” when talking to your readers will make your email seem more personalized copy rather than a mass-produced email ad.

Try to use the word “free” in your copy because it never fails to excite consumers and encourage them to visit your product or service. Be sure to deliver your promise, do not deceive your readers and don’t use the word free unless you actually have something to give them.

Say everything you have to say. If you need to use ten paragraphs to fully explain what you’re offering then use ten paragraphs.

Focus on the good things. Don’t hold back when talking about a product. Although it’s in bad form to be effusive, it’s certainly unproductive as well if you don’t give enough focus on the benefits consumers will enjoy when they use your product.

You must know your target market. What do they want? For example, if you are speaking to teenagers, you need to employ hip and simple terms to “connect” to them. Also use an appropriate layout and format.

Know the best time to send emails. Holidays mean vacation for almost everyone and that means taking a break from reading emails as well. Send your email on the time and days you feel your readers would be available to read them. Naturally, you will have to do some research to find the best time to send your emails.

Try to be convincing and use as many figures and facts as you can in order to convince your reader of all the benefits.

Avoid using exclamation marks because they have long lost its impact on readers. Instead of using exclamation marks, try to create the impact you desire with a short sentence that has a lot of punch. Let the words instead of the punctuation mark speak for its own.

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