How To Build A Responsive List In Any Niche

How To Build A Responsive List In Any Niche

I want to talk to you a bit about building a responsive opt-in list. Building a list is a must, The money really is in the list.

The best thing about building a targeted list is that they can cost virtually nothing to build, they are highly targeted, and will give you instant credibility with your customers. They are in constant high demand by website owners.

Here are the top five methods for building a responsive opt-in list and how the will benefit you with your list building efforts.

1. Write special reports.

Special reports work amazing because they allow you to go into more detail about the topic or problem in question. Then it will lead to your products or services and how it can fix their problem.

Special reports give you credibility and it will build trust between you and your customer that you are an expert in your field. Besides, there are many website owners that are always looking for quality free stuff to give away or offer to their visitors or subscribers. This is where you can really cash in, especially if you make your special report rebrandable.

Your information will always remain intact, no matter what. As your report is spreading around the net, it will always lead your potential customer back to your site where they could sign-up for your product or service and read more about what you have to offer them.

Try to take a few hours each month and write something with useful information about your field that your customers will keep and pass around. Make sure your logo on the top so they can be reminded of you and your site when they see it.

You can use this material on your website as well, so it can be found by people searching for related words and topics through the search engines.

2. Put together an eBook.

Free eBooks work very well and have the some of the same benefits as a special report.

The only difference with using this approach is, you can create a free eBook in a lot less time then it would take to create your special report. That is because eBooks do not have to have your own content inside you can use someone else’s. Just be sure when you create your eBook, it has quality information inside.

3. Write articles.

In my opinion writing articles is one of the best and most effective ways to build a constant and steady flow of traffic to your website because there are tons of website owners that need fresh content to feed to their visitors and subscribers.

Using this method, you can target your traffic specifically. Imagine your article being picked up by a newsletter editor with a large list and a high traffic website. If they use your article in their publication, you can expect instant surge of targeted traffic overnight.

That is the reason for your resource box. It does not matter how much your article gets passed around, there will always be a link pointing back to your site.

4. Become active in the forums.

Forums are a great place to learn the problems of your market and potential customers. You can do this easily by scanning the posts and looking for active and the most common threads. Doing this you will know the solutions you can provide to that specific market.

5. Make use of an auto-responder.

This is the foundation for your list. You must have an auto-responder account setup before you create your mini-site. This is where your potential customers are going submit their name and email address. That way, you can start building a list to send your offers or related information to and watch your profits explode.

Internet marketers all have a very good reason for using these methods. They are the most effective and they work like crazy. Remember to stay in contact with your customers. Always understand their needs and be there if they need you again.

Always remain in contact with your customers, why build a list if it is just going to sit in the corner and collect dust.  Send your regulars Christmas cards, invite them to meet with you for lunch. Anything you can think of, and watch your profits soar.

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